Part of USS Jaxartes: Into the heart of the Storm

Lets shake on it

USS Jaxartes - Bridge
February - 2394
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The USS Jaxartes flew into the orbit of the newly found planet, hidden from the rest of the galaxy within a dangerous nebula. It was quite the scientific find for the crew as they found a newly born star being the cause of the nebula and the hiding of this world. But there were still many other questions that got their attention, who were they? How did they get here? Mostly, they wished to understand this new culture.

“Captain Mo’sam” Sazra smiled at the screen, looking at the screen where the Captain of the Hu’rastish sat in his chair, “Thank you so much for bringing us here. We are trying to take in what we are seeing here right now. It is such a beautiful place in yet a violent location” 

Mo’sam nodded, “This is our sanctum, our sacred lands, as we are praised by the mother’s protection of any invading hostile forces outside there. Our people have been exploring the ways of the path for more than a century now, and we only feel that we understand a grasp of what it means” He was pretty impressed by his home location and what it had to offer.

“That is an understatement as we are trying to understand the universe by itself, and we are far from understanding that” Sazra smiled at that idea. “But the fact is, we are here, and meeting your people is in our books as a first contact event. So it piques my interest to know who you are and to learn your culture” Sazra leans a bit back in her chair as she looks at her fellow Captain.

“That is a valid interest, Captain. My people are also known as…what is best to describe it. Valley of the Heart is one way to describe our people. We are nomads in a sense, as we started on this world. Born, raised, and ventured into the big unknown of what the galaxy offers. Our people are not bound to material or such. We believe in sharing and caring for each other. We do not seek to amplify acts of crime, but rather learn from our mistakes” Mo’sam nodded to that himself. “Your gesture of offering help was an insight we were trying to confirm ourselves. Are there other species that have the same values as ours?” 

Sazra gave the nod to that as Silina spoke up, “It was already a welcoming experience to meet with your crew and the hospitality that you have shown our away team while we did our best to help you in the conditions you were placed,” Silina smiled at him “We were honored to be on your ship and make the first steps to understanding each other”.

“The measure of technology insight I gained from our meeting has given me a new perspective of respect. Your ship is functioning quite well in a hostile area, where Jaxartes is struggling to hold it together. Your navigation systems are built to pass through these kinds of nebulas” Adrián smiled, also sharing his experience from his brief visit to the Hu’rastish.

“It has been an honor having you both on the ship, and it has given us the motivation and spirit to continue to travel back home” Mo’sam was delighted with the experience himself.

Sazra took a deep breath, “Then let this day be the first of many where we share our experiences and get to know each other. There is a vast and whole new space by itself out there that can be both welcoming and hostile to you. But we gladly help you throughout these areas as we learn from each other” The two ships were embarking on a new-found relationship that had helped them further, and in Sazra books, this mission was more than a success than she had expected.