Part of USS Denver: Mission 4: Can’t Come Home Again

We Interrupt this Program

March 25, 2374 18:00
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All over the Federation monitors switched to a news anchor sitting behind a desk.  He wore a civilian suit and tie, with his black hair slicked back. “We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast to report on breaking news from the front line.  FNN reporter Diane Jennings reports from Starbase 375”

The camera switched to a field reporter standing in front of one of many windows looking out from the station.  “Today marks a momentous day for the Federation.  The Second and Fifth Fleets with help from our Klingon allies attacked Dominion forces in the Bajoran sector.   After nearly eight hours of fighting the Dominion fleet protecting Deep Space Nine has been defeated.”

The screen switched to a feed from Deep Space Nine showing Captain Sisko and General Martok stepping foot onto the station to cheers of the Civilians present.  In a voice-over, Diane continued,  “As you can see here Captain Sisko and General Martok have returned to DS9.  FNN has requested comments from the two commanders, but as of right now they have yet to respond.  Admiral Ross here on Starbase 375 said, and quote, ‘Our people fought bravely today. Early reports said that there was a sizable Dominion fleet on the Gamma Quadrant side of the wormhole.  Without their dedication and the help of our allies on Qo’noS this war would have ended today’.”

“Early reports are indicating several key losses including the USS Sitak and Majestic, as well as at least three Klingon Birds of Prey.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to those families that have lost loved ones in this battle. “

“As far as Dominion losses those numbers are still largely unknown,  but an unsubstantiated report suggests that the aliens that live in the Bajoran Wormhole somehow eliminated over two-thousand ships.  While we cannot celebrate such loss of life I believe I can speak for trillions here in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants that we can breathe a sigh of relief that they are no longer a threat.  For FNN, onboard Starbase 375 this is Diane Jennings reporting.”