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Part of USS Denver: Mission 4: Can’t Come Home Again

A Return Home

Nalam Cabin, Northern Canada
March 24, 2374 10:00
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Riandri materialized into several feet of snow outside a modest log cabin and barn high in the mountains in northern British Columbia, kilometres away from the nearest town. She stumbled as she gained her footing in the snow and took a long deep breath of the cold air that sent a shiver down her spine.

She crossed her arms across her chest pulling her coat tight as she began to walk up to the cabin. A moment later she stepped onto the porch and stomped the snow off her feet before opening the door. Stepping into the cabin the tension she had been carrying for months faded away. 

“It’s nice to be home,” she said aloud as she swung the bag off her back and onto the floor before she kicked off her shoes and walked into the kitchen. Even with modern insulation, the house was cold so given the deep winter outside. She stepped up to the small replicator, “Green tea, hot,” she said before picking up the mug and pulling it close to her chest, smiling as the warmth radiated through her while she made her way to the central fireplace. Kneeling down she quickly built a small fire which soon began to crackle and roar heating up the main room of the house.

She sat back on the large soft sofa that faced the fire and without looking grabbed the heavy knitted fleece blanket that was right where it was meant to be and pulled it around her before taking a long sip of the tea. She stared at the fire for what seemed like hours as she began the process of cataloguing and processing all she had been through for later reflection since the last time she was here over a year ago; just before the borg incursion was detected. 

She was roused from her thoughts when there was a knock at the door. She looked over her shoulder and a faint smile crossed her face when she saw who was there. She stood up, realizing for the first time that the Green Tea had gone cold as she went to the door and opened it. She was greeted by the face of her neighbour, a, now, elderly man named Stephen Menzanie.

Before she could even welcome him in he stepped into the house and gave her a hug, “I thought it had to be you. No one else ever comes up this way.” He said as he released her from the hug and moved past her to the kitchen and began pulling out a couple bowls and a pot.  “As we discussed I have been up and every couple weeks to check on the place,” he rambled as he began to boil some water. “Figure you are hungry, knowing you you got back and didn’t eat so lets get some food into you. Porridge will do the trick.”

Riandri smiled, a familiar routine beginning. “Steve, you don’t need to do this. Check in on me. I am an adult after all and well older than you.” 

“Yeah, yeah, I won’t forget that you know. You are still one of my earliest memories after all. The one constant in my life so of course I do this.” He said as he mixed the oats in. “Now sit, I want to hear all about what you have been doing in star fleet and the war. We hear the fleet is mobilising.”


Riandri paused at that and looked at him and odd feeling creeping over her but she shook it off. She smiled and sat down at the table and began to tell him about what she could of the last year since they had spoken last leaving out the classified details.

He brought over the bowls and set them in from of her and sat down beside her. “Eat up.”

“Thanks,” she said with a smile, hoping it hid the sadness behind it. Whenever she looked at Steve the last few years she couldn’t avoid the thought that one year he may not be here when she came back. “You ok? You seem worried?”

Steve laughter, “Well I think everyone is a bit, there is a war on after all.” He said before eating a spoonful of food. “But with you out there It makes me feel better but I do worry about you.”

Riandri smiled, “That is understandable, but try not to worry about me,” to which Steve smiled.

They ate the rest of their food in silence before Steve stood, “I need to get home, Stacey will wonder why I have been gone so long. You will come by for dinner tonight, yes? Fresh food is better than that replicator.” 

“I will see, not sure how long I will be here sadly but I will try.” A few minutes later she stood on her porch and watched Steve get into his vehicle and drive down the road. She stood there for a few minutes before turning and heading inside.