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Welcome Aboard!

USS Sitacus
Day 3
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“Rita!” Reiko squealed, the young physicians arms wrapping around the much taller Hispanic woman’s neck after Rita and Kachiko rematerialized on the transporter pad.

Rita grinned and returned the physical gesture, “I missed you too, Ensign!”

With those words, Reiko reluctantly withdrew, “Sorry, Commander. I’m still getting used to this officer thing, especially being around all of you.”

Kachiko sighed silently, “I understand, Reiko-chan. Start working on your appropriate decorum. Use this as an opportunity to practice it, before you get assigned somewhere normal in the fleet. Rita will be in charge of your discipline, under my command. You did well in the Academy, but you need real experience and it’s better to get it here before you ship out to the fleet.”

“I expect the best from you, Ensign Bayushi. As your commanding officer and your mother. Right, Senior Chief?” Kachiko looked to Hernandez.

“Aye, Commander,” Rita smirked briefly.”I won’t interfere with your work as a doctor, Ensign, but we’ll have a discussion after you’ve finished treating a patient if I catch something amiss. As much as I love you, little one, we’re shipmates now. You’re an officer and I’m enlisted. It’s probably best you refer to me as Senior Chief or just Senior, for now.”

“But I do admit that I am very happy to see you again, Ensign. You sure aren’t the little girl I used to know.”

“You’re definitely taller than your mom now, Reiko,” Lyn had just joined the contingent, which had migrated to the communal dining and recreation room. Then the green woman continued, “Commander, we are in orbit around the moon now. The Starfleet outpost has hailed us and is requesting assistance.”

“I will take it on the bridge, Commander,” Kachiko nodded at Lyn. “Please take your posts, everyone. Senior, I need you at the Security and Tactical station. Let’s look alive for Captain Sh’iqaalran, shall we?”


“The transmission is secure, Lyn?” To which the half-Orion nodded fervently.

“=/\=Greetings Sitacus. I am Captain Saro Sh’iqaalran of Starfleet Outpost Andoria Three and I…”

“Reiko?” Saro breathed, looking surprised on the Sitacus main viewer.

Kachiko smiled, “Good evening, Captain. My name is Commander Bayushi Kachiko, Starfleet Intelligence. I apologize for the deception, Captain, but I am on an assignment that I can not disclose even over this secure communique. We will need to speak in person. Preferably tomorrow morning?”

“In the morning it is, Commander Kachiko…”

“Commander Bayushi, ma’am. Kachiko is my given name.”

“Of course. How does Oh Eight Hundred sound?”

Kachiko nodded with a smile, “Give us a holler at that time, Captain and we’ll beam you aboard.”

“Confirmed. Andoria Three out.”

Lyn then chirped up,”I saw how she looked at you, Kachiko. You should explore those feelings.”

“Too soon, Commander Lyn,” Reiko said from the mission operations station. “We’re only nine months since Rio died. Mom might not be ready to move on yet.”

“I can speak for myself, kids,” Kachiko grumbled.  “Besides, you all do realize that I have spent a fair few hours with the woman in her office. And that I can read her mind? I’m well aware of her attractions and her physical desires for me. I also realize that we would be a great match. Only problem is that I have a job to do and I can’t afford any distractions right now.”

“Maybe once we’re done here,” Kachiko conceded. She acknowledged that they had a point. But the uniform had to take precedence, no matter what.

“Well, I’m glad you’re here, Senior Chief. Welcome aboard. Commander,” Kachiko addressed the half-Orion helmswoman. “Command already authorized you as my First and you have had your permissions adjusted on the computer. If you could get our new Security Chief authorized in our systems, I would greatly appreciate it. I need to take a nap.”

“You have the conn, Commander Lylyl-Llytherraias.”