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A beer? Give me stronger!

Eos Station - McCreery Bar
September 2400
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Rubbing her head a bit after a tense day, Arwa admits that she had not slept well the last few days. The people in this station are more than she as a single person could handle, “Was that the reason that the previous left?” Arwa muttered and shook the idea or temptation away as she enters a bar and walked to its bar. Sitting down, she placed her arms so that she could lean her head on them. 

McCreery sprang up next to the patron with a smile “What can I help you with on this fine afternoon? It looks like you need something to help alleviate your stresses of the day. Is there anything you prefer?” He said as he pulled a menu over to her spot. He took another puff of his cigar and waited.  

Looking at him “Something strong, that hit the spot but doesn’t leave a nasty hangover” Arwa was quite specific knowing she had another shift soon “If that is even possible” She smiled and looked at the man “You are new here right?”

Haggis immediately snatched a bottle behind him of Belvedere ‘Smogory Forest’ Single Estate Rye Vodka and poured a tall glass for the newcomer. “This should help with the most minimal hangover. Also, I am newer yes, but that seems to be besides the point right now. Looks like you need some help.” He said as he handed her the glass.

“I need help” She smirks at that and shakes slightly her head as she took the glass and one-shots it as she placed it onto the bar “Oef….nice kick to it…” Arwa approved it, “Well, I think in the overall estimated time that I have processed throughout this base thus far. I can conclude that the people on this base require this more than you think” She pointed at the glass “The station had not received a replacement counselor for more than a few years….well, records got vague about it anyway. I now understand that Starfleet neglected its duties here that I need to clean up”

McCreery knew very little regarding counselors or their exact job, but he knew it had a stress of itself “The best advice I can give you is what my dear old pappy used to say. Just give it your best and you will never be disappointed. I am sure you know your stuff or you wouldn’t have been asked to take this assignment. Would you like another drink?” He said as he waited to see what the counselor would reply.

“That would be lovely” Pushing her glass to the man “And for the record, your ….pappy is a wise man to say that” Arwa gave a smile to McCreery “But it is more what this station will offer in the extended stretch of its revival. Will it be a phoenix that we all desire it to be, or just a pile of burned wood”

He poured another glass for the woman and smirked “Who cares when you have alcohol to help you through?” He said as he poured a glass for himself and took a sip.

Grabbing the glass as she lifts it “I cheer to that, just don’t tell the Captain I said that” Arwa spoke taking another shot of the glass “Mmm where were you the last few years” She enjoyed that sip and felt that she needed it “What is your story, why are you here on the edge of….this” 

McCreery smiled “I have a huge empire of stores throughout the galaxy, but I realized even a station on the fringes needs something to lift their spirits. So I decided to open this establishment and come out here to lift the spirits of all the people here.”

“A huge empire of stores, are you bragging mister McCreery” Pushing the empty glass to him, “Because you just piqued my interest. What kind of other stores do you own? And where is your best store to be found?” Arwa was quite interested in the venture of what he had to offer. 

McCreery chuckled for a moment “I own a huge empire of alcohol stores in fact I am surprised you have never heard of it before, In most places my name is quite popular. I can’t say any store is better than another because I have tried to make them all equal, but my starting location in San Francisco is the most popular.”

“Well I do admit, your drinks do hit the home run” Awra got the next glass and now took a sip to enjoy the flavor “That does mean you have the connections to obtain a certain amount of ….rather rare alcohol out there right?” Arwa leans a bit forward, looking at him more curiously. 

McCreery looked at her suspicious “I can, but I have to follow the right regulations in any merchandise I go to obtain.” He said as he lit one of his cigars.

She nods to that “Make sense…what about the rather not-so-legal way” Arwa said a bit cryptic and leaning a bit more to him as she took another sip of the drink “God this a great drink”

“What are you getting at?” He asked as he was getting curious as to what the counselor was trying to get at. He smiled and nodded “ I am glad you approve! I try to make sure my customers are happy.”

“Well” She rose her glass at him feeling the alcohol kick in which make her rethink her words for a second, “Romulan Ale of specific worlds are rather rare and …far from legal. I was wondering if I could have a bottle of one by your raw talent of exploration”

McCreery looked at her for a moment with a grin. “I may be able to help. I have a friend who is a Romulan and I am able to get Ale through him. I keep that under wraps for specific reasons.” He went under the bar and came back up with a bottle of light blue liquid and handed it to the counselor.

A tear of joy came to Arwa as she grabs the bottle, “Oh my….” She looked at the familiar liquid in it “I got so many fond memories when it comes to this. It is such a delight to be able to have it in my hands again” Thought her face become more serious “How much are you asking…and what world did this come from?”

McCreery thought for a moment “Consider this a gift, but do not think the rest will be free, as to the world. I cannot say for sure, but I have never been told anything bad regarding it so it must be pretty good.”

If sparkles could be added, it would be in Arwa eyes as she was overjoyed “Thank you so much for your kindness I really appreciate it. But if I would like to acquire more, how does that go into the works?” Arwa spoke curiously wondering how it would go down.  

McCreery shook his head “No need to worry about the technicalities. Just suffice it to say that I will be able to acquire what you want albeit maybe not quite as quickly as some of my other product but I can assure the best for my customers.”

“Sounds like you are taking that extra mile with your customers” Arwa smiled at him “I appreciate the extra care quite a bit. Maybe I will make this my to-go bar after my shifts” She laughed a bit

McCreery smiled and looked around “Hey now don’t go spreading around I am some nice guy I have a reputation to uphold.” He said before laughing heartily. “I am always here if you need somewhere to get away.” He handed the counselor the schedule for the tavern. “Just don’t come when I’m closed or you’ll be sorely disappointed, which I don’t want.” He said as he puffed his cigar once again the smoke covering his face for a minute.

Taking the last shot of the glass and making that sound of being pleased by that taste “Your secret is safe with me sir” Arwa looked back at him “You know that cigars are not that healthy for you right?”

McCreery smirked “That hasn’t stopped me for years. If they don’t kill me the consumption of so much alcohol over the years will.”

She slaps both her hands onto the counter “And there you are completely right in dear old sir” Arwa smiled at him as she gets up from her chair and looked at him “I should be getting some sleep, I need to get some rest after all” She grabs the bottle “This will definitely help me sleep, good night” Arwa winks at him and makes her way to the exit.