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Part of Starbase Bravo: Q3 2400

A Trip to the Counselor’s Office

Counselor's Office
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S’Lone shifted his weight from foot to foot in an effort to drain off some of his nervous energy.  He avoided Counselors.  It was all his unresolved family issues.  No it was seeing his ri’nanov (Mother) at his Academy Graduation ceremony.  Why did he not seek her out after the proceedings were concluded?

He inhaled deeply then let out a long breathe calming his emotions.  He was here because it was an item to be ticked off in his joining a new command to do list.  That’s it.

S’Lone touched the chime at the Counselors hatch.

From within the counselor’s office, a voice said, “Come.”

The hatch slid aside, revealing the source of the voice as Elegy Weld.  Standing behind one of the arm chairs in the comfortably furnished office, Elegy was plainly as tall as S’Lone, but his frame looked a bit more gaunt and gangly in a Starfleet uniform.  Elegy stepped out from behind the chair and he swept an arm to indicate the other chaises and sofas that were positioned around the office in an irregular pattern.  For all the sitting furniture, there was distinctly no desk.

“Please make yourself comfortable,” Elegy said. “I’m Lieutenant Elegy Weld, the Deputy Director of Psychiatry on Starbase Bravo. Before we begin, can I get you anything to drink?”

Moving towards one of the couches facing Elegy S’Lone replied, “No thank you, I’m good.” Settling onto the couch he passed the PADD he was carrying that contained his service record and background info to Elegy.“Thanks for making the time, Doctor.  I just needed a moment of your time to get your sign-off on my Clearance. It’s been a while since my last, err, session.”

With a smile behind his eyes, Elegy accepted the PADD that was proffered to him and he took a step back. Elegy settled himself into his favourite arm chair and he began to swipe through the data that had already been prepared on the PADD. “Hmm,” was all Elegy said at first. Without looking up, Elegy asked, “A sign-off, huh? Is that how it works?”

S’Lone kept any emotion off his face and realized that this might not go as easily as he first hoped. S’Lone deflected, “I would hate to take up your valuable time.”

Elegy waggled a finger at a line of data on the PADD. “I see your last counseling session was in your time as a cadet at Starfleet Academy,” Elegy said. He spoke slowly, plainly distracted by the next thing he was reading on the PADD. Elegy looked up at he met S’Lone’s eyes. “You had multiple discussions with your last counselor about fitting in with your peers. How do you feel about that lately?”

“Fitting in? Apart from some side glances from folks who are not fans of Romulans, pretty well,” S’Lone replied. “There are lots of folks with amped-up feelings. I tend to keep looking straight ahead and piloting forward when I hit turbulence. My time at Starfleet academy was complicated by the fact I was a 60 year old with 45 years of work history surrounded by 20 year olds with no life experience.”

Nodding gently, Elegy tapped at the PADD to access his own notes, rather than S’Lone’s medical records. Perhaps pointedly, Elegy asked, “How many friends do you have on Starbase Bravo?”

S’Lone pondered for a moment then smiled, “I pulled a duty assignment last week with a LT. Cynddle Oin’Sun. We bonded over a malfunctioning Quantum Torp.  We actually met for a drink after shift end yesterday.

“That’s a comrade in arms certainly.  Friendships take more time.”  

Nodding at that, Elegy remarked, “Sounds like a good start.”  After taking a breath, Elegy asked, “How are your routines aboard the starbase otherwise?  Are you sleeping well?”

S’Lone responded, “Full night’s rest. No issues there. In terms of routines, I try to run each day before my shift begins. My duties as Deck Officer are varied.  I am looking forward to a permanent duty posting in intel.  I am also a pretty decent chef who specializes in Molecular Gastronomy and uses ‘Cook ins’ as a conduit for bonding.”

“A cook-in sounds delightful if rustic,” Elegy said. Any subtle double-meaning to the word rustic was largely paved over by the enthusiasm in Elegy’s timbre. He tapped a quick note on his PADD and after he had done so, he made eye-contact with S’Lone again. “I’m not familiar with molecular gastronomy. What’s the last dish you’ve prepared?” Elegy asked.

“Let me think. Umm, S’Lone pondered. “Transparent ravioli. Basically round, thin edible film discs consisting of potato starch and soy lecithin in order to create transparent “ravioli.” Then filled with diced dried cherries and finely chopped walnuts topped with honey mead foam.”

S’Lone offered, “I will save you a spot when I put together my next cook-in?  It’s normally 5 small courses with matching drink pairings. All offerings are non replicated so it takes me a few months to wrangle the necessary ingredients. Would love to have you if you are game.”

Elegy replied, “I’m always game to try some transparent ravioli.”

“Unless there is something else, I have to see a Dockmaster about a new ship.” S’Lone concluded.

Nodding suddenly, Elegy rose to his feet and clapped his hands together.  “We can continue this conversation another time,” Elegy said.  “Good fortune with your new ship!”

They exchanged pleasantries with a promise to meet again at S’Lone’s next cool-in.