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Part of USS Jaxartes: Arrival and USS Jaxartes: Arrival

Mellstoxx III: Arrival

Mellstoxx III
26th Sept 2399
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Arrival Part I

As the Apollo class transport vessel Chaffee dropped out of Warp above the planet Mellstoxx III after its long journey from Earth, one young man in particular had a lot on his mind.

Jason Devron sat on the edge of his bed, wearing just his pale blue shorts and t-shirt he’d slept in. It had been an uneasy sleep.  He wasn’t troubled by the fact he would be soon setting foot on an alien planet, the first time he’d ever be doing so.  Nor was it the fact that he was there to commence his third year of training in the Starfleet Academy.

No, the biggest issue on his mind was the fact that up until 6 months ago, Jason Devron did not exist.   He had no idea as to the time and effort it must have taken to create this new identity for him.  Or why in fact someone had even bothered going to all that trouble. What debt did he owe them and how and when would he be required to pay it back. They’d chosen to protect and hide him from those he’d betrayed at such a young age.  People who he’d felt a connection with, and trusted.  All Jason knew was that the man he had once been; was dead.  Heck, they’d even managed to magic up a body.  It had been on the national news.  Local restaurant destroyed and seven killed in anti-alien violence.

Despite being born around six years after the Dominion War had come to a conclusion.  Events within it had still helped shape his life.  He’d grown up seeing the haunted look on his mother’s face though for years he never understood why. When the news came, letting her know that her younger sister had been killed when the USS Valley Forge was destroyed.  People said she seemed to age a decade overnight.  She became totally withdrawn from friends and society in general.  His birth had been meant to help heal her wounds, but that never happened. A woman who had herself never left planet Earth, having already lost her wonderful sister in war light years away would eventually lose her husband to a new job far out in space.  At first he’d wanted revenge, to get into the Starfleet Academy and make someone pay, for not only destroying his mother’s life but killing his aunt who he’d only seen in photos and holo-vids.  However things had changed dramatically in the universe before he reached the age of 16 and could join the Starfleet Academy. His mother pasted away in October of 2397 not long after he’d been accepted.  Leaving him alone in the world.

Having done brilliantly in the exams and practical side of the Entrance Exam, he’d only just scraped through on the psychological examination. It was at this point in his life having been singled out by the very man who’d conducted his evaluation he found himself mixed up with a group of Earth separatists.  ‘Earth First’, they called themselves and boasted about how their movement was growing in strength across Europe and parts of Asia. People who’d grown sick of the Earth always getting itself mixed up in the problems of other races. They were more than happy to see him join Starfleet and help them with their aims of getting aliens off the planet, and giving Earth the freedom they felt it deserved.  Claiming they already had others working within the Federation.  Which having already met with one, he was more than ready to believe.

When the time came he joined the campus based at Cambridge, in the UK.  Known as a seat of learning for centuries, it had become an additional Starfleet Campus to deal with increased number wishing to join up. He studied and worked hard like any other of the two hundred plus Cadets based there.

It was during his second year when he discovered the group he was with planned to plant a bomb inside a local restaurant used by many of the training personnel, and he would be placing the device.  He knew he couldn’t let something as horrific as this happen. He felt ashamed of himself for even getting mixed up in all this. Having formed a kind of friendship with a pair of Grazerites, on Earth as part of an exchange program, this young man had started to realise how his feeling towards aliens in general had been twisted and manipulated.  But as he came forward to reveal what the plan was, he felt his involvement would see him locked up for life.  However someone had other ideas.  The bomb would be planted as instructed, but would detonate prematurely, supposedly killing him and some of the staff working there.  The building would in fact be empty when these events would unfold.

They made sure at least one body was pulled from the rubble and the body identified using the DNA acquired from two of his own teeth.   Security teams would be on standby to track down and arrest those involved.

Some four months later a cadet by the name of Jason Devron arrived at the Starfleet Academy located in Marin County San Francisco to complete his second year of cadet training prior to transferring to Mellstoxx III where he would start his third.


  • A wonderful start of the resumed adventures of the USS Jaxartes! Well the ship has not been introduced yet but it is a great introduction of Jason Devron who is fresh in his second year of the academy. I look forward to the development of his and see where the story goes!

    January 8, 2023