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The Gumption to Succeed

Lt. S'Lone tr'Khellian's Quarters
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S’Lone was reviewing his next Deck Officer assignment on his PADD while taking a sip of his Deka Tea.  He inhaled the dusky aroma of the brackish colored liquid, “Ahhhh.” He had grown fond of this tea during his time in the Bajoran System.

Returning his attention to the PADD S’Lone grinned.  It seems because his clearance level was sufficiently high his new Deck Officer assignment was to act as a physical liaison-conduit between the Fleet Operations Command Staff and the Signals Intelligence Section.  What that meant his job was running a physical copy of selected signal intercepts back and forth that were too sensitive to be entered into the Main Computer for security and compartmentalization reasons.

After finishing his tea and scones, S’Lone brushed the errant crumbs off his red collared uniform and made his way to his new posting.

Arriving at the hatch to the Intelligence Sanctum he entered in his access code.  “Woooosh,” the hatch opened on to a large “C”shaped room, the muted sounds of consoles busy at work kept time with the blinking of a symphony of lights.  12 large view screens each standing sentinel over an ongoing process collected and categorized salient inputs, providing rich data.

S’Lone scanned the room seeking the ranking Officer in Charge.  S’Lone’s eyes met with those of an Andorian Commander who nodded in acknowledgment. S’Lone walked up and offered his PADD containing his orders to the Commander who scanned them with a probative focus.  The Commander looked up, “Looks like you are my new Runner. Think you have the gumption to handle this duty?”

S’Lone was a bit condused by the question and opened his mouth to reply when the Andorian cut him off, “That was rhetorical Lieutenant. Take up your post,” nodding toward an empty console nearby with a sign that read, “Run, Forest, Run!”