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Part of USS Jaxartes: Into the heart of the Storm

We extend our hand

USS Jaxartes - Bridge
February - 2394
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The ship named Hu’rastish was pulled free with careful navigation of the Jaxartes to freedom out of the dangerous claws of the Nebula. The crew had performed emergency repairs and medical aid to the crew of the Hu’rastish, and Doctor Ruslanovna clarified that everyone was stable. It was a relief for Sazra that the crew of the alien vessel was in no danger, and she gave the nod to the returning crew, “Good work out there. I got a status report from the Hu’rastish that they are close to activating their engines” Sazra smiled at Adrián.

“The engineering and technical aspect of that ship is quite familiar ground. Their controls work almost identical to what we are using,” Adrián spoke while getting behind his console, “I was skeptical at first that we were able to pull such a dangerous maneuver out. But we did it without any damage to both ships”

“The Hu’rastish is hailing us” Rami looked at Sazra, awaiting her command.

“On the screen,” She replied, returning her gaze towards the screen and waiting for the other bridge to appear. Sazra smiled when she saw “Captain it is a pleasure to see you on the screen” 

The man looked a bit roughed up by the whole experience of what the Hu’rastish had experienced during their trip in the Nebula “The honor is ours ,Captain, we are much graceful for the assistance you have provided and letting your specialists help in our desperate time. I have no, yet proper, introduced myself to you, but my name is Mo’sam, and I am the Captain of the science vessel Hu’rastish. We travel through this nebula to investigate rare anomalies and rarely venture outside into the black night” 

Sazra gave a nod, “You are welcome, Captain Mo’sam. We are glad to help you and would do it anytime if you require so. Actually, we are here for the very same reason. Our crew is investigating the violent nature of this nebula, and we didn’t expect anyone to be traveling inside. It is unbelievable to be inside of it ourselves right now” Sazra was getting the scans that T’Path was doing while they were doing the rescue. She blinks for a second, “You said the black night?” 

The man nods in confirmation, “The black night is what is outside this nebula. I believe your engineer specialist told me you named it space” 

Giving a slight look at Adrián, who didn’t pay attention as her focus got back onto Mo’sam. “Yes, we travel between the stars, exploring the unknown and meeting new people” She waved her hand to Mo’sam. “But if you travel within the nebula, does that mean you are also living in it?” Sazra tried to puzzle the connection to each other.

“Ah, yes, we do. Our home world is surrounded by the lights and warmth of what this nebula gave to it” Mo’sam looked at his fellow bridge crew members and continued, “We would like to extend our hand to you and make you see our world”

Surprised by the offer and the news that there is a world inside a violent nebula, “I would be honored to see your home. We of the Jaxartes accept your offer,” Sazra almost immediately responded. 

“Then please follow our ship through the nebula to our home. We rather not have you get stuck like we did” Mo’sam smiled and gave a bow as the screen turned back to the nebula when they cut off the communication. 

“Helm, follow the Hu’rastish into the nebula. Engineering keeps a keen eye on our hull and shield systems. Rami do me a favor and help me with the gathering of all the sensor scans of this nebula and the inside of it” Everyone acknowledge the orders as the Jaxartes followed the Hu’rastish deeper into the nebula.