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Part of Eos Station: Mission 1: Rule 34 War is Good for Business

Rule 177

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“Sir, I’m sorry to report that we have not been able to relieve the station of the items that you have sold in the recent auction. It would seem that Starfleet has brought in a new crew during these most profitable times.” a hunched over almost cowering younger ferengi stated on the view screen. “They were not able to procure the captain’s chair either, our people on the station said that the new security chief has been snooping around and that he and the new captain have added more crew making it harder to procure the item at the agreed upon rate.”

“ You tell that Hu-Man that a contract is a contract, remind them of the penalty for defaulting on a contract from a ferengi. I want that chair, the owner is of great importance to us. They will bring me much business which means more profits for our, well my, wallet. 

“Rule 227, yes yes i will tell them that.” the younger Ferengi typed something on his console.

“Good, I will be deducting 5 percent, hmmm no 10 percent of your share from this sale for bringing me such news. You’re lucky I’m in a good mood this morning. A woman who knows how to work the lobes is always a good thing to have around.”  

“Yes sir, oh thank you sir for being so kind.” the view screen goes black.

The Ferengi tapped on the large wooden desk in front of him. “Sister! Come to my office, I have a job for you.”

“Yes brother.”

“ No, not you, the other one. The smarter one”

“Why did my parents only have females after me, how is a ferengi supposed to run a business with females?” 

“You called for me, Rottoka”

“ Yes Tiaba, I did. Find out all you can about his new security chief and captain on the station, they are cutting into our profits.” Tiaba took notes on her PADD.

“Rule 177 brother?”

Rottoka tapped on the desk “ hmmmmm, maybe. They will have to rebuild that old bucket of bolts won’t they? Why couldn’t you have been born a male Tiaba? We could have made so much together. Oh well,  you have a job to do. Now go.” he waved her off as he went back to  watching the view screen