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Part of USS Sitacus: Cold as Ice

A Surprise Indeed

Various, Andoria
Day 2
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Kachiko had noted that her proximity sensors AND movement sensors were warning her that there was someone inside of the munitions depot with the quantum torpedoes. Connecting remotely to the Depots security computer,she accessed internal surveillance cameras just in time to see someone’s back before they dematerialized in a transporter beam, with one torpedo now missing from the rack beyond where the mystery individual stood.

Now that it had been moved, the tracker Kachiko had installed began to keep Kachiko updated. The pale woman blanched when she noted that the torpedo was now near the center of the Andorian Capitol City. Inside a closed warehouse. A warehouse Kachiko had been inside of several times, the building serving as a temporary training facility when Mars was unavailable. The large labyrinthine structure had served well for structure clearance training. She was amused that the thief had chosen her old haunts for their secret hideout. This should prove easier than anticipated.

-50 Minutes Later-

Kachiko crept slowly through the dim interior of the warehouse, freezing in place as she swore in her head, certain that there was a sentry just three meters in front of her, the persons back to the petite infiltration specialist. The apparent woman had her back to the Commander. Very slowly and silently, Kachiko’s combat knife slid from its leather sheath as she seemed to glide across the deck up to behind the seated woman. One hand suddenly snatched the woman’s long hair before yanking her head back hard, blade pressing to the woman’s exposed throat.

Kachiko’s eyes widened as they met the eyes of the other woman. It was enough of a surprise that it stayed her knife bearing hand.

“Rita?” Kachiko asked in a whisper.

“Who the f%#£ are you!?” the human woman growled, not recognizing her assailant for all of the face paint obscuring her features.

“It’s Chiko,” Kachiko replied.

“¡por Dios! Commander!” Senior Chief Rita Sevilla-Hernandez exclaimed. “I can’t hear for s€%t right now and you scared the hell out of me!”

“What are you doing here?” Kachiko asked. Rita shook her head, “I have been tracking weapons smugglers for the last three weeks. This is apparently where they decided to move things.”

“I’m all alone wasn’t sure I could handle all four of them myself, so I’m glad that you’re here, boss,” Rita offered the tiny officer an exhausted grin.

Kachiko shook her head, “I’m just here to establish the who and what. There’s a lot more at play here. These are just the bag men, not the people Starfleet is after.”

“Really?” Rita breathed out.

“Not here,” Kachiko held a finger to her lips. Then Kachiko crept forward to look down through the one-way transparent aluminum. An Andorian man, and a pair of Cardassians. Then a human stepped into view, which proved to be a woman. Then the woman became animated, looking like she was berating the other three.

Then the woman turned her back to the men, allowing Kachiko to see her face.

“Why I haven’t seen you in years,” Kachiko remarked. “Last I heard, you were dead.”

Rita asked, “Who?”

“I have her image stored on my internal drive unit,” Kachiko replied, keeping her eyes on the target. “Let’s not talk about it here.”

“You went ahead and had that done?”

“Yeah. With the corneal recording and heads up display implant as well,” Kachiko backed away from the one-way transparent aluminum pane, “You’re under my command now, Senior. Let’s get out of here.”

Turning her wrist over, she tapped at a wristwatch like display, “Ready?”

Rita nodded and the pair disappeared in a haze of light.