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No such thing as routine . Chap 7

Aug 2400
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USS Osiris – Cairo Briefing Room

1000  – 8 Aug 22400


Skagath stood before the viewing panels in the Cairo briefing room watching as the Osiris flew through space on the edge of the badlands. He took a sip from his mug and walked over to look at the lineage busts. Running a hand through his beard while he stared at the three early earth submarines to carry the name. “What is it? seeing these old earth ships tickles something in the back of my mind about the badlands.” 

“Computer, history check. Badlands, sensors, submarines?”

=^= Affirmative Lieutenant Skagath. During the Cardassian occupation of Bajor, the Bajoran resistance used a form of echolocation to navigate the badlands and find and identify other ships. Echolocation is used by several species on earth, bats are a prime example of its use, a form of echolocation, called sonar, was used by many of the earth’s naval forces during the 20th and 21st centuries. =^= 

Skagath snapped his fingers “yes, that’s it. It was tickling the back of the old noggin.” he tapped his combadge “Lt Mathisson and LT. Tazzeth, Lt Skagath. Could you two meet me in the Cairo briefing room? I think I might have come up with an answer for navigating and searching the badlands.”

“On my way from engineering.”

“I’ll be there in a couple of seconds lieutenant, finishing up with the last sensor sweep data.”

“I was standing in here drinking my coffee when I started looking at these busts and something started tickling my ol’ noggin. I started to remember something about the badlands and the Bajorans. So asking the old computer here a couple of questions, it hit me. The Bajoran resistance used echolocation to help them navigate and find both friends and foes within the badlands.” He looked over at Lt. Mathisson.” Chief, could we add something like this to our sensor suite.” 

Eric started to look up information on the console at the seat he was in and ran a hand through his beard. “Yes I think we could, it may take a day or two to put things in place but I don’t think it would be anything too serious to add this to the system. Lt. Tazzeth would this help in the badlands?” Tazzeth pulled up the information onto the main view screen so they all could see it. “ Yes, it will help greatly. I just sent a message to the Bajoran government and military asking for any information and data that they could share with us. I specifically asked for data that pertains to how to identify nebulas, plasma storms, planets, moons, ships, stations, and how they will look to us on our consoles.”

Lt. Mathisson taped on his combadge. “Chief Stimeck, I’m sending you plans, configurations, and specs on an update to the sensor system. These updates are now the highest priority on our list. Get crews putting them together and installing them as soon as possible.”

“Yes sir, just got them.”


USS Osiris – Bridge

1200 – 8 Aug 2400

Lt. Talibah sits back in the center chair. “Afternoon ladies and Gents, I have the conn as the captain, he will be taking care of paperwork and reports for the rest of the day. So what do we have, anything new?”

“Skagath, good thinking on that echolocation that the Bajoran resistance used. Not sure why that wasn’t already thought of with the Task Force moving into the expanse. Lt Mathisson, what’s the status of those upgrades? And Tazzeth, the captain was wondering if we could get an overlay for those reading on the main screen as he feels it may help if we get into certain situations for everyone to be able to see the information in real-time.”

“Ma’am, engineering is replicating the needed components. I expect installations to begin within the next hour. It’ll require us to take sensors offline as the new pieces are added but we will have enough coverage from the other sensors to compensate. Each one should be down for approximately 30 mins, that time could lower as the installation crews get used to the needed work.” Mathisson said from the chief engineer’s console. “That’s why I’m up here. I sent two of the bridge engineers on duty to help out.”

“Noted Lieutenant.” she looked over at him and nodded

“Number one, My team is working on that right now. I’ve asked them for something that will be easy and quick to read and understand. Wanted them to set it up with the most amount of information available for the various roles on the bridge.” Tazzeth said as he looked at his console going over the latest sensor data. “Nothing new from the sensors, the long-range sensors are not reading much deeper into the badlands even with the additional power allocated to them. 

Talibah nodded towards Tazzeth “ Thank you, lieutenant, hopefully, these sensor upgrades help out with those situations, time will tell what information we can pull from it.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Chief Kaha turned and faced Lieutenant Talibah in the center chair. “ Ma’am we are getting a priority message from Captain Fontana of the USS Edinburgh. He wants us to meet the Edinburgh at Dozaria Prime as soon as possible.”

Lt. Talibah looked over at the captain’s ready room door, thought for a second and let out a half smile. ”Let’s let the captain catch up on the pile of paperwork on his desk, shall we? Lt. Darame plot a new course for Dozaria Prime warp 8. Chief, please confirm and acknowledge.”  Lt. Talibah taps on the comms button on the chair. “Sir, we are changing course. Captain Fontana sent a priority message for us to meet them at Dozaria Prime.”

“Thank you number one.”

“Ma’am, Dozaria Prime is laid in. All systems showing green across the board”

Lt. Talibah sat back in the center chair. “Lt. Darame, light the fires.”