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Its okay to say your not okay

Eos Station - Security Deck
September 2400
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The week so far has been fabulous, meant in the most sarcastic way, Arwa had been dealing with damage control mostly throughout the base as it has seen neglecting not only on the engineering side of things. The next on her list was the avoiding Chief Security, that always seemed too busy to incline an appointment with her. Was there a certain hatred for counselors in general? Arwa shrugs as she enters the office and notices a civilian being roughly taken to the brig, yelling being innocent by two security officers, “Lovely start…” She mutters, looking around.  

“Morning counselor, is there anything we can help you with. We have to take this one to brig to see the Lieutenant “ the security crewmen nods at the civilian between them. “But we can call someone if you need help with anything.” 

“Well, got nothing security related” Seeing that it was calming down”I am looking for your chief, Lieutenant Yatokii if I pronounce it correctly”

“He is probably in his office ma’am if he’s not up in the ops center.” he reached down and hit a button on one of the consoles and the door into the back area opened. His office is down the right corridor second door on the left ma’am.”

Giving a nod to the officer, “Thank you for your time, I will leave you to your work” Arwa smiled softly and then walked to the destination that was given by them. She pressed the chime at the side of the door, “Lieutenant, do you have a moment?”  

Yatokii looked up as her heard the door chime announce that someone was requesting to enter. “Come on in, ahhhh counselor. How are you today? Is there anything I can help you with? “ as he stood and offered his hand to the lieutenant. 

Walking into the office and looking at the Chief, “Good day Lieutenant, I am doing good, it has been quite a busy day. But here actually for you” She reached out and shook his hand “I am here for the evaluation for your medical records. It has been a while since I saw” Arwa lets go of his hand and stood there at ease looking at him. 

Yatokii raises an “eyebrow” “ since you saw a saurian or? “ flashed a smile. “ Hmmmm, guess your right it has been awhile since of done a psych update for my records. Can’t say that your predecessor tried or even scheduled me for one upon my arrival.” shrugs his shoulders “oh well, your here now and that’s all that matters. So what would you like to know? “ motioned towards the two recliners set in the corner of his office. “Please, these are here for when I need to take a moment to think or when some of importance needs to talk about security precations or plans.”

Hearing about her predecessor, she shrugs a bit, “That was two years ago since the last counselor was here…. I believe she transferred” Arwa tried to think back to that. “But before we start with the common questions, how are you doing? You have been present at this base for quite some time now, at least longer than us” Following Yatokii into the office. 

“Well Doc, I could bore you with the tactical situation on the EOS or I could tell you some stories about what hornets nests I’m kicking up since I took over security. But for the time, I’m doing ok. Though it is getting close to that time of the year” he shrugs his shoulders much like a human would when they are dealing with a sunburn that is starting to peel. “Yaaa, about a week may be two before I need to seclude myself for a few days.” he takes a seat in one of the recliners and steeples his fingers as he looked at the counselor. “ I find my time in the dojo each morning, practicing my forms taking in the silence helps to center myself for the day.” 

Nodding to the medical issue, “That is quite okay, I believe that is more doctor Longfellow department than my own” Arwa continued to listen to what the Lieutenant had to say “Mmm, that is good that you find a way to centralize the focus of a day and take it with you along your work. So I have read your profile and there is nothing significant that I would say that would tip the balance of your focus, though I did wonder about your ship life. Your youth was not that easy, right? You overcame that with ..ehmm” Arwa shrugs a bit while thinking, “Aik aik…what was the name of it again”

Yatokii laughed at the idea of doctor Longfellow helping him during his yearly shed. “Sorry doc, I’m not laughing at you just have at the picture of doctor longfellow helping me. I think you misunderstood Saurians go through a yearly shedding the of our skin, much like snakes and some lizards do on earth. I’m just getting close to that time.” Takes a sip from his glass of iced coffee. “ Aikido is the word your looking for and yes it helped, it helped in many ways through the years.”

She points at him briefly “Yes Aikido that’s what I read, good that it works” Arwa nodded “But have you …dealt with your past insecurities?”Arwa felt that the conversation was going in circles, and it was best to take the offensive approach, “If the file is not lying, you had some bullying problem at a young age?”

Yatokii looked towards the ceiling and blinked a few times. “Yes, yes I did. Had to think about it for a second. Honestly doc yes and no. I have found that those insecurities are always there, always just under the surface. The  practice of aikido has helped me learn that sometimes you have to flow with what is happening around you. Yes, it helps me keep centered and focused but those insecurities are always there always waiting to try and show themselves. “ he looked at the doc blinking his eyes with a slight head tilt as if thinking on what he just said or thinking on the memories that the question brought up.

“Interesting” Arwa spoke a bit softly, “Well I don’t often hear people say that. It mostly comes from an experienced counselor to speak about it like you just did” Nodding to that as she thinks a bit “So you are saying you can live with it, it doesn’t impact the choices of your duties?”

Yatokii tilts his head “Not the first time I’ve been asked that question doc. So I’ve had time to realize and confirm the answer as I’ve looked at myself and confronted my own thoughts and feelings over the last couple years. Doc, I’m not going to lie it’s tough and there are times that I have to take a step back during situations and adjust my thoughts before taking action. So far those insecurities have not impacted my decisions and at this time I can say that yes I am living with it. However, if it’s ok with you having a helpful doc around is always a benefit and I wouldn’t say no to a friendly conversation from time to time to help talk things out.”

Arwa had her hands over each other on her lap as she calmly looked at Yatokii “That is my duty Lieutenant, I am almost always available for those that require a peaceful conversation”  Her voice was rather soothing and calm “But keep in mind that if you find yourself in a position where you have become the bully, do take your own words to heart and step out of the situation or if you allow me, I will stop you”

“Doc, that’s one thing I strive to do every time I go out this office. I hope you would doc, if I can’t take that step back before I cross that line than you have my permission to make sure I don’t. That’s a line I do not want to cross.” 

“Noted Chief” Arwa spoke “So is there anything else you wish to discuss with me right now?”  

“Not at this time, at least as far as what would be considered your field of specialty. Lots of things going on around this station if it’s ok I may call on you to give us insight on how to deal with certain issues that we have going on,  especially if you could help us with profiling certain folks that we are investigating.”

Giving a slight nod “Sounds good to me” Arwa stood slowly up hearing about the profiling “Well I’m a simple-minded counselor chief, my profession is not the best at doubt your work. But if I can help, I don’t mind” 

“That will work for me doc. Please let me know if there is anything security or myself can do to help you out at second anytime.” Yatokii stood and offered a hand as he escorted the same counselor out.

Shaking his hand “I will” With that Arwa took off and was curious how well this station would develop now that she was here.