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To Meet and Report

EOS Station , Main Operations
August 2400
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Granth made his way towards the commanding officer’s office. He felt he should deliver his report for engineering progress in person. Due to suddenly getting swept in a massive pile of work from the moment he stepped onto the station, he neglected actually meeting Captain Abernathy. He needed to change that. Krajj stopped outside his office and pressed the door chime, and waited.

From the other side of the door, Robert had been attempting to leave his office for several minutes, only to be met with a very uncooperative door. He switched his coffee into his left hand as he kicked the door, “you stupid piece of…” he failed to realize that the door had finally opened. Before Robert could catch himself, he’d slipped mid-kick and landed on a figure standing opposite the door. He’d tried to get his coffee, but it was too late. Before he’d landed on the floor, he noticed the hot liquid beverage landed in the middle of his Engineering Chief’s chest. 

“Lieutenant,” he blushed, wishing he could start this all over again, “I swear that door wasn’t moving,” he could feel the heat burning in his face as the embarrassment swept over him. 

Granth’s eyes widen, and he let out a hiss of pain as the hot liquid seeps through his uniform. He didn’t give it much thought as the man who once held the coffee came hurtling towards him after it. With a clatter, he dropped his PADD to the ground and moved to catch Robert, “Are you alright, sir? Good thing I am here. I’ll fix that door.” 

“That’s very humble, Lieutenant, but it’s ok to be pissed off,” Robert pulled himself to a standing position, “I didn’t, after all, empty a 24-ounce cup of hot coffee on you.”  Robert turned to head back into his office as the Engineer picked up the padd from the floor, “Replicator is right over there, and I am sure you have more pressing matters than a temperamental door.” 

“And what brings you to my office,” he looked at the PADD, “a list of good news, I hope.” His voice hinted at a pleading tone; he was tired of the growing list of bad news. 

Granth shook his head, “Nah, I’m not pissed off. If spilled coffee is the only thing that goes wrong, then it’s a good day.” He added in good humor, “I just didn’t expect anyone to be literally falling for me!” He gave a crooked smile of amusement at his own joke.

Granth glanced over at the door momentarily before he looked back, ” I may as well fix it while I’m here. Saves a work order being put in and lost.” He brushed some coffee off the PADD and turned it on, making sure it worked. He strode forward and held it out towards Robert, “Report so far, sir. Decided to deliver it in person and check in with you. I got a little occupied and forgot to do so after my arrival.” As he spoke, he pulled his engineering tricorder off his belt and glanced it over. He really did not seem bothered by the coffee now. It was likely the least offensive thing he’s been covered in lately.

“Our station has been lacking serious upgrades for some time,” he glanced at the report, “I worry that tossing all those upgrades at a station this old will only cause more problems as we update things too fast.’  He had to admit, ”And if we are honest, Engineering is not my strongest skill. Therefore I will be relying on you a lot while we get through this.”

“And a personal request, and not a pirority,” Robert looked at the man, “I’d like a kitchen at some point installed in my quarters. Mama Abernathy made sure all of us kids could cook, and it helped with stress levels. It’s a minor request I know we have more pressing issues, but as long as it’s on your radar. In time I hope to have a work-dinner meeting in my quarters weekly for the Senior Staff. I feel they accomplish more than a stuffy briefing room.”

Granth nodded a bit, “So I’ve noticed, sir. At this rate, we will have an entirely new station with all the needed base upgrades to support any other upgrades.” He gave Robert a reassuring smile, “I would be more than happy to help you where I can. Feel free to call me when you need.”

Krajj regards his next words, “That can be arranged. I’ll make that my personal project in between work order if that is alright? I’m only speaking for myself, but I am sure others are easily placated and convinced to a meeting with food.”

“When you get time, and I know it’s a big task, I would like a rundown of all of the repairs needed on the station,” he smiled, “it’s a large task, but it will help me prioritize resources in your direction. On, and our new XO will be assigned to assign you in whatever you need.”

Granth bit his lip then exhaled sharply, “Easier said than done, sir. There is a lot, and it’s constantly growing and changing. I can either make a generalized list or give you access to all my work orders. I think a shorter, easier task would be what doesn’t need to be repaired.”

“The last thing I want to do is make your job harder, whatever works best,” Robert added, “just keep us in the loop so we know where resources are needed best.” Robert looked at the man; he almost felt sorry for him. “Eos is a station operating out of a different time, and we select few have the task of bringing her into a modern age,” he looked at the man, “I don’t envy you for the next few weeks, month.” He walked over to the door where the Engineer was just wrapping things up, “if there is anything I can do to make your job easier, please let me know.” 

Granth nodded at that, “Of course, I’ll keep you in the loop on what is or isn’t needed.” He paused for a moment, “It’s trying; I won’t deny that. Especially with staffing issues.” He straightened up as Robert approached him with a tired smile. “I appreciate it, sir.”

Robert watched as the man turned and left, “not the best first impression, but I am sure it won’t be the worse.”  He turned and head back to work.  He wasn’t going to get anything accomplished standing here doing nothing.