Part of Starbase Bravo: Q3 2400

Clearance Required

Starbase Bravo - Personal Quarters
September 2400
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Darion awoke the next morning not feeling nearly as refreshed as he had hoped he would. It had always taken a few days for Darion to become accustomed to new surroundings, the continuous emotional background noise was both a blessing and a curse to him depending on his mood and right now it was beginning to dial up to a niggling level.

Glancing over at his PADD he groaned inwardly as he noticed that there was an outstanding new notification. Reaching over lazily he gripped the very corner of PADD with his outstretched fingers awkwardly pinching it to bring it closer.

He sat up though as he read the short message in its entirety.

Cadet Hayes,

Your orders are to report to the following departments for clearance to continue your training onboard Starbase Bravo. You are to report to Medical for a full physical screening. You are to report to Medical for a full mental wellbeing screening. Upon clearance for duty your file shall be updated, and further orders shall be instructed.

Training and Development Department

A mild flow of adrenaline flared through his veins as the realisation struck that he was almost ready for duty on a legitimate assignment mixed with the anxiety of needing to pass a few more final tests before he could do so. Throwing back his covers Darion swung himself out of bed and onto his feet. The cold floor was quite a shock to his bare feet, he bared the mild discomfort as he walked across to the sonic shower. Though far more efficient the sonic showers never gave Darion the same satisfying clean feel than a traditional water shower. It wasn’t really an option when in space resources were precious, even on a station.After ten minutes Darion found himself staring at his reflection in the mirror wall admiring his uniform as if it was his first time, it wasn’t but it was still fresh in his memory enough that the sensation of pride that he had finally got to wear the uniform still hadn’t yet worn off.

Taking his leave of his quarters Darion began to navigate his way through the depths of the space station and find his way to the medical section. Even with turbo lifts, navigating the station took a fair bit of time and Darion did not wish to be deemed tardy for his appointments.