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Part of USS Jaxartes: Double-edge Knife

This is not the end…

Outpost RETS-054
September 2400
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The fighting continued as Adrián and Sazra tried their best to move toward the inner core of the outpost. It may be possible to gain access to the communication relay and submit an SOS signal to Deep Space 17.  But the enemy vessel kept throwing everything it had on that station, both in the station and space. “I think I lost count on the number of shitheads I already shot down. Plus, I have not seen any Free States around yet, they being held up or what??” Adrián spoke, shooting another blast at the IRF soldiers.

“They have been in constant communication with me. They are indeed being held back by the IRF soldiers that beamed in. We have to make progress forward and get that back up,” Sazra pointed out as they both shot at the same IRF soldier that got vaporized, “Nice shot” She complimented him.

Giving a solution to his captain, “You as well sir” Adrián spoke with a grin on his face. They both started to move forward, entering the main area of the outpost. But when entering, they both had to dive for cover as the enemy was already there. “Damn it….what is their obsession with a simple research station” Adrián shook his head and fired back.

Sazra looked to the soldiers that were holding their location as she noticed a person at the console typing quickly onto the console as she fired at him. He took a hit as four others fired back at Sazra. “They are definitely here with a purpose. Research my ass. This smells like something more than just research” Sazra shook her head, disappointed by the mere obvious fact that Romulans are not trustworthy, to begin with. 

“This….rtes….Sha…. ields dow….” Static communication came over on their devices as they both looked at each other and then a loud bang came from the outside as they looked outside seeing the Sha’Rem drifting with a broken engine in space as the lights went out. “Frak, they lost all power and are disabled!” Sazra growls at what she sees and hears the IRF soldiers cheer.

Adrián shrugs, “What is your order?” He stated, wondering what to do next.

Looking back at her engineer officer, Sazra took a deep breath and looked at the console that they were busy at and nodded to herself, “Free state has no ability to give support, the IRF can keep pouring troops into the station. Soo….” She shrugs and taps her comm badge, “Praugol to Jaxartes

“This is Ruslanovna?” Hearing Silina voice.

“Listen to me carefully…” Sazra spoke seriously, looking at Adrián. “Transport Adrián out of her back to the ship, send a message to the Sha’Rem you have to retreat and go on maximum warp back to Deep Space 17. When out of reach of the enemy vessel start the SOS broadcasting” 

“Alright, locking on you both” Silina spoke as a confirmation.

“No…” Adrián’s eyes blinked a few times as Sazra smiled softly, “I will be staying behind, I need to hold them back…stop the operation whatever they are doing. This is not a debate but a direct order. Get out of here, Lieutenant” 

Adrián wanted to protest as he got beamed out, “You sure about this…” Silina said with sadness in her voice.

Looking up at the Jaxartes flying outside, “Yes, go….get back up! I will be safe” The enemy ship tried to get a few shots on the Jaxartes, but it was too quick and jumped to warp. The reflection of the warp jump was seen on Sazra eyes as she focused back on the enemy. Firing a few times at the enemy, she moved forward, safely hiding behind a console to the next.

7 minutes later

A squad of Romulans transported into the main room, seeing a tied down Starfleet officer in her EVA suit. The Sub-Lieutenant kneeled before her and looked at the blown console, “You caused quite some trouble….we needed that” He spoke with annoyance.

“The research data or the coordination of an unknown location” Sazra spoke, not looking up.

The man looked back at her. “What is the coordination…” as he slammed a fist right into her stomach letting her fall forward to the ground. 

“You….didn’t ask nicely” Sazra laughed in a broken voice. “But don’t worry Starfleet will come to answer that question” 

“Starfleet” He repeated and looked at his side, seeing another soldier nodding after checking records. “Mmm well we will take you with us, let us have some fun shall we” He stood up and nodded to a few. “U’ras we are ready to get beamed out, take the Starfleet officer with us” The IRF soldiers beam out of the station as Sazra disappears with them. The U’ras jumps into warp while it cloaks. 


  • After all the caterwauling about the Jaxartes being sent on a simple escort mission —beneath their expertise— the situation sure has eroded into chaos and terror very quickly!! You’ve done a compelling job here, conveying the claustrophobic base under siege. I can feel Sazra and Adrián wanting to keep on the move, but running out of places to run on a humble research outpost. The staticky communication was really effective too; it's creepy as a reader to feel left out of the story, and not have all hate information. I knew Sazra might be stubborn, but I didn't expect her to be quite so reckless as to put the mission above herself (if not her crew). Now more than ever the central question remains: what's so important about this research outpost? Do the RFS and the IRF both want it for the same reasons? Did Starfleet know its true value?

    September 8, 2022