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Chapter 3 – Reunion

New Romulus
June 2400
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Chief Communication Officers log Stardate 77536.54


What a whirlwind the last couple of days had been, sitting here on the Oneida heading to New Romulus within the Romulan Republic. Who would have thought I would be here, I long ago denounced my people, hoping never to step foot within the Empire again. With the Star Empire in shambles, worlds that had broken away to either being independent or joining the Republic. Learning that after fifteen years my father who I had believed was killed at the hands of my uncle, was still alive. 


We have so much to catch up on, and Captain Dex graciously granted me some leave to spend time with him while they finish their work on Rhijun. To say that I am nervous would be an understatement, I feel like I am an outsider even though I am a Romulan just like everyone else.


To make things crazier, T’Prel who I have been with for the last three years proposed to me yesterday. I wasn’t expecting that, don’t get me wrong I couldn’t see my life without her in it. It wasn’t something we ever really talked about, we just were happy with how things have been. One thing I was worried about was how my father would take our relationship, though he was happy for us which had made things less awkward.

Emily Sato was sitting on the bridge when the ship dropped out of warp, coming to a complete stop next to the R.R.W. Illaesa. “Sir, we have reached New Romulus,” Sato replied just as Ritru walked out of the ready room. “We have clearance for standard orbit,” Sato replied as she looked up from her screen to the Commander.

Taking a seat looking out the viewscreen at the planet below, mixed emotions filled her mind as Sato looked at her waiting orders. “Sir?” Sato asked as she waited for a response.

Shaking her head snapping back to reality, “begin standard orbit.” Ritru replied looking at Sato.

Sato nodded, tapping a few buttons on her console the Oneida began moving into standard orbit of the planet. The planet looked beautiful from the viewscreen point of view, beginning to wonder how it was planetside. “We have established standard orbit, you are free to depart at your leisure,” Sato replied as they knew that they would be staying onboard for this trip.

Ritru sat there for a moment, she had planned to beam aboard the Illaesa before beaming down to the planet. Anxiety started to set in at the prospect of being amongst her people again, as it had been over fifteen years. After a few more minutes, Ritru finally stood from the chair she was sitting in and looked at Sato. “You have the bridge until I return in a couple of days,” Ritru replied before heading off the bridge into the turbolift that would lead to the transporter room.

After a while, Ritru appeared onboard the Illaesa where she was greeted by her father. “welcome aboard,” R’Vek said. He could tell something was bothering her even though she was trying to hide it not to worry him. “Is everything alright?” He asked as he tilted his head.

Looking at him for a moment before looking at the other person in the room, the officer left so they could chat alone for a moment. “I am just nervous, it’s been fifteen years since I been amongst my people.” She replied looking at him with a sigh.

R’Vek nodded, “that is understandable and I’ll be right by your side.” He replied trying to be reassuring as possible. “I think you will find New Romulus just as beautiful,” R’Vek said before the officer who had previously walked out to give them some time alone returned.

Ritru nodded with a soft smile trying to be positive as they both stepped up on the transporter padd. R’Vek gave a nod and a few seconds later they begin to disappear from the transporter room of the Illaesa, before appearing on the surface. Taking a moment to look around getting her bearings.

People were walking about to and from the area around where they were, nodding and greeting them as they moved along their way. Things seemed different here compared to their home that was destroyed by the supernova. They were free to live their lives without worrying about the Star Empire or even the Tal Shiar interfering.

They began to make their way down the street toward where R’Vek’s home was located. “What do you think?” R’Vek asked as they walked.

“It is beautiful,” Ritru replied.

R’Vek smiled as they rounded the corner and arrived at their destination. “Well, this is home.” He replied as he opened the door before the two of them walked inside.

Looking around she couldn’t help but smile, finding pictures of them as a family had tears ran down her face. They would spend the next couple of days together catching up on lost time and exploring New Romulus together.

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