Part of USS Jaxartes: Into the heart of the Storm

Well, is it bad?

USS Jaxartes - Bridge
January - 2394
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Walking onto the bridge as the ship had jumped out of warp already 20 minutes, “Well?” Sazra asked, looking at everyone, “What is the verdict?” She was nervous, not knowing how much of a delay she would get from these pretesting. Yes, they were suitable to perform but still.

T’Path looked at her Captain, “We are still doing long-range scanners of the nebula, sir. So the ship is at risk if we come closer to it” She painfully pointed it out, seeing her Captain shrug.“But if we get a longer time to prepare the approach, we can lower the danger level for this ship and its crew.” 

“Right….so how long do you need?” Sazra carefully asked.

“As long as we need to confirm that we can get into the safe distance,” Adrián replied, looking at her. “Look, I understand that you are excited to get closer to this beast, but I tend not to have the hull’s paint burn away to please your curiosity, Captain.” 

“Besides, knowing what we are dealing with, as said by my fellow officers, is the best course of action. Furthermore, the latest data helps adapt the shields to the potential incoming danger Rami also pointed out to her.

“Oh no, you too?” Sazra said with a disappointing look “Alright, fine, I will wait for now. Get me some data asap” She spoke frustrated as she left the bridge, letting the other officers get back to work again. The calm returned to the bridge for a moment.

Rami looked at Adrián. “So, how long do we keep this up?” He looked a bit puzzled about the whole ordeal. “I mean, the Captain wants to get inside, and we already concluded that it is safe?” 

Adrián looked back at Rami and let out a deep breath, “Mmm, well, the problem is that we want to be sure for 100% because I am not taking any risk. Keep in mind that it is a high voltage plasma storm in front of us, and if we get something wrong, we will be ripped apart, and Starfleet will make a space tombstone saying that we were clumsy for doing this shit too quick” With that said he returns to his work to get things going on his console. Rami looked shocked about the direct answer but just nodded slowly to it, getting back to his work.