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Night shift

USS Jaxartes - Bridge
September 2400
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Rubbing her eyes as she sat in the Captain’s chair, Silina was tired and ready to get to bed if she didn’t have the night shift. She leans backward in the chair, seeing only Rami looking through the system on his console. “What do you make of this mission?” She asked, looking back at the screen, where their Romulan buddies were.

“The escort mission?” Rami rephrase the question, “Well, it is a pain in the ass for sure, especially after everything we have seen and done for Starfleet. They hook us up with an Ensign mission. I would surely be thrilled if I got this mission at my Ensign.” 

Nodding to that, “But Task Force 17 additional information states the sensitivity of this diplomatic escort mission. We need to stay on their good side and not screw this up,” Silina points out while rubbing the side of her template. “I need to get that extra cup of coffee to survive this shift”

Rami looked at Silinia from his eye corner and then back at his console. “Well, from what I have heard, they cornered our Captain to accept this. Saying that all the big ships that were supposed to do these escort missions were too busy already with their assignment,” He stops for a moment with his work. “Makes you wonder why they send a Raven-class ship into the wild of the Typhon Frontier. Yes, we are in Federation space, but we both know how unpractical this part of space is” 

“Don’t remind me; I still have to give Adrián the monthly burn therapy he received from one of our missions. But they gave it to the first black sheep available in the docks and unlucky for us,” She points at herself. “That was us.”

“What is a black sheep?” Rami was still unfamiliar with all the animals that Silina and Adrián kept referencing.

She looked over her shoulder at Rami. “Uhmmm…. it is a furry animal that was used back in the Earth days to gain material for clothing material. The term black sheep is associated with bad luck most of the time” Silian scratched behind her ear for a moment, thinking about what she just said, and just looked back at the screen.

Nodding to the explanation, “Mmm, I will look it up. Sounds like an interesting creature” Rami looked back down on the console and nodded. “Lieutenant, we are arriving at our designation within a day or two” Seeing Silina waved the approval hand up.

“Alright, I am going to get some coffee” She slides off her chair and walks to the back of the bridge. “Keep an eye out while I am gone,” Walking away from the bridge.