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Part of USS Jaxartes: Into the heart of the Storm

Finally the frontier!

USS Jaxartes - Conference Room
January - 2394
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The ship’s senior staff had all gathered in the conference room, awaiting Ensign Praugol to explain what was happening. Sazra’s joy on her face was readable by anyone entering the room. It was pretty obvious “Thank you all for coming. We are soon to be arriving at N4-17A” She saw some questionable looks on the statement of the name “Right, sorry, back in the academy, I did a large research of astronomical movements and reactions of chemicals within storms create in space” She explained carefully and slowly “Starfleet was quite impressed with my results and out of the box thinking when it came to an understanding these particularly nebulas that were quite dangerous in the first place.”

“So why the Typhon Frontier? We could have gone to the badlands?”Rami pointed out, crossing his arms over each other, looking slightly confused.

Pointing at Rami while nodding, “Very keen observation and knowing that badlands have a record of these violent storms. There is too much political tension to make a safe journey for a science assignment. Starfleet already has a few vessels in that area conducting their research in the field that can’t be interfered with by us,” She answered truthfully. “Typhon was my first choice anyway, but to come back, why Typhon? It is quite simply that Typhon storms react differently if we compare the data with different nebulas. From what we know, Typhon is more violent, but not everywhere. We are to go towards the locations that are not too violent and investigate what the trigger mechanism is”

Adrián looked a bit puzzled at the explanation. “So, to get it straight, we are going into the heart of the storm to understand what makes it tick?” 

“That is precisely what she is saying, Ensign Valerio. It is the key reason I have come on this journey,” T’Path spoke and overruled Sazra, who shrugged a bit. “The USS Jaxartes is well-equipped and staffed to stay for a longer duration of time within the field. In addition, its long-range sensors can assist in understanding the mind of the so-called beast of Typhon.” 

“Yes….correct what Ensign T’Path said. Everyone here is a key element in making this journey a success. It might take a long time, but in the end, we might be able to contribute to enhancing the safety of our people while they travel near these types of nebulas” Getting excited by the idea, Sazra tried to remain calm. “But we need to stay vigilant as this storm is still an unknown area for us. We don’t know what will lay ahead of us.” 

“I will get the medical bay on standby for any burn injuries,” Silina spoke more professionally and tried to think ahead.

Rami nodded to that. “I will keep sensors in check, we are still in the unknown, so any unwanted surprises are better left knowing rather than unknowing,” he pointed out.

“Alright, thank you all for being with me on this journey. We will arrive at N4-17A within a day. Happy new year, and I look forward to working with you all. Dismissed,” She spoke the final words as everyone resumed their duties.