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USS Jaxartes - Conference Room
August 2400
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The Jaxartes were on the route towards the Sha’Rem and would meet up with them in less than an hour. So it was time to get her crew up to speed on the situation. Sazra walked into the Conference Room while holding a PADD as she looked for a brief moment into the back window that showed the back of the Jaxartes and then made her way to the table where her staff was waiting. 

“So what was the sudden departure, Captain? I have to keep up with my social contacts at Deep Space 17”, Adrián spoke with a growl.

“Social contacts or just your lovers?” Silina winked at him as he gritted his teeth at that comment, “Cat got your tongue, Lieutenant?” He just sighed at that reply and looked at his Commander, who sat down in her chair.

“We are to meet up with the RFS Sha’Rem to escort them to outpost four-seven-one that operated before Romulus sun went supernova. Task Force 17 orders a solid escort of the ship to the outpost, and they shall share their data on spectral phase pulse” Sazra sounded not pleased about the outcome of her conversation with the good Captain.

Rami blinks, “So we are babysitting basically?” 

Sazra, not so amused, looked at her Lieutenant, “Yes, we are babysitting the science vessel till their destination. We are to withdraw from the area if we encounter any weapon fire upon our vessel. I don’t want to repeat any daring moves we had to endure in Typhon Frontier. My head is already in Starfleet Command’s grasp”. 

The pilot and science officer hum a bit. “Still, we will get our hands on spectral phase pulse data, the very thing that has been haunting us in the Frontier. If we get a glimpse of understanding this, we can save lives” The logical voice came from T’Path. After some close encounters, she was fiddling with her fingers as a recurring issue that she got from operating in the Frontier. 

Nodding to T’Path’s reasoning and defend of the mission, “I understand your point of view, and as a scientist myself, I agree that while this diplomatic mission is above our pay grade, we have to do” Sazra spoke in a rather serious tone “But we are not going to risk our lives if something would happen for this data. We have seen the dangers of this Frontier, faced the Romulans before, and we will not risk more until we return to port, am I clear?”

They all nodded to her orders, “Whatever the case is, we will get to this RFS Sha’Rem and get them to their destination. Simple mission in and out” The supportive words came from Silina, who nodded to Sazra. 

“Dismissed,” Sazra spoke as everyone stood up to return to work. This mission was going to be blunt, tedious, and potentially dangerous. Moreover, she didn’t feel comfortable knowing that the drop-off was near the northeast border of the Frontier. It was, by her calculations, too far from the Federation to react appropriately to any SOS calls. But time would tell what would happen next.