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Part of USS Jaxartes: Start-Up Problems

So I can play now?

Deep Space 17
December 2393
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Walking to the office of the Chief Operation, which overlooked most operations on the station and those indirectly tied to its functions, was by far the longest walk Sazra ever made. She was escorted by a Security Officer who didn’t say a word but guided her into the office. A young Lieutenant Commander was sitting at the desk filling in reports and ignored the people who entered the office.

“Stay here,” The Security Officer requested of Sazra as she nodded while he made his exit. The door slid close as the room was quiet in its way. Shuffling through paper and PADDs made it sound like this was a functional office. This is weird, but not every officer takes their job seriously to commit their full attention to their work. The man behind the desk ignored Sazra for five minutes as Sazra started to wonder if she needed to say something but chose not to.

“Ensign Praugol,” A voice came from the man that put down the last PADD as his eyes looked at her.

Sazra snaps to attention. “Sir, yes, sir” she quickly spoke.

He took a deep breath and leaned backward. “You know why you are here, right?”

She honestly had a wild guess but took the safe route. “Because of the fight my crew caused in that bar, though I am surprised to be standing before you, sir” Sazra stated, still at attention.

“Why is that?” He replied curiously as to why the Ensign thought that.

“Because it was Security that deals with fights upon the promenade and not Operation” It confuses her to be standing in this office before him.

The man nodded slightly. “If it were Security dealing with this issue right now, you and your crew would be on the non-active status and enjoy the view of the brig for the coming month,” The man honestly spoke as he didn’t look away “However, The Jaxartes is required to go out and do this mission, for that it needs its crew” He leans then forward again “You all made it possible to rebuild her, to get her going and if my reports state well…you can explain what happened in that bar right?”

Sazra was unsure what to say. “We… were there to celebrate our completion of the ship. Then a group of enlisted started to seek trouble, and before I knew it, we were in a fight, sir.” 

“Partly correct, it is in finer details that make a person shine brighter” The Commander spoke, “You stopped your Security Officer, you distracted your Medical Officer and having them both in your hands” He put up his own hands. “You were unable to stop your Engineering Officer who was pushed too much by those enlisted” He puts his hands down and points at the PADD on his table. “That’s what the reports state agitation by others, push too far that was on the breaking point of the outcome that happened afterward.” 

Looking surprised at the man, Sazra nodded to him, “Yes, sir,” to confirm the story,

“Then it just goes into your record, but you are still free to launch your ship Ensign,” The Commander said with a soft smile.

No idea how to react, respond or think about this all. “Yes, sir, thank you, sir” She spoke.

“Go to your ship. Your crew will follow” He spoke as Sazra nodded again and made her way. The door slides to a close “Operations to the brig.”

“Sir? Brig here”

“Let the Jaxartes crew go. No questions asked” He demanded as the Brig Officer confirmed as he looked outside.