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News That Was Thought To Never Come

Quantum Café, Earth
August 22, 2394
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Michael had been given some leave from Jupiter Station and had taken the opportunity to go to earth. He needed to check on some family matters, but also to meet an old friend. The plan was to meet at the Quantum Cafe and that was precisely where Michael sat waiting. The smells of fresh food through his olfactory sense were making his stomach growl. ‘What is taking him so long? I am about to die from lack of food.’ Michael was about to give up and order something when the man walked in wearing a Captain’s uniform.

Michael stood with a smile and greeted him “Glad you made it Hank I am starving.” The man laughed heartedly “Sorry about that Michael, I was just in a briefing and got some news that we didn’t expect.” Hank stated as he sat down. Michael sat down and ordered a drink “What’s going on? If I have the ability to ask that.” He smirked slightly knowing that Hank was in the Intelligence branch of Starfleet. The two were interrupted by the waitress where they both ordered a bacon cheeseburger and some fries, a favorite for both of them. The meal came back quickly and they began to eat before the conversation resumed.

Hank looked around before he began to talk in a somewhat hushed tone “We just heard that Voyager is in the sol system.” Michaels’s eyes got wide and the whole room froze as if time had stopped. He took a minute to make again sure he had heard his old friend right. “Wait are you serious? Should you be here eating food with me or up in your office if that’s the case?” Hank laughed “You forget I have people to monitor things, plus I told them I would only be gone for a short time.” 

Michael shook his head it was just like Hank to do something like that “Sometimes I am not sure how you made Captain.” He laughed “So this is huge news I am surprised more people here…” He couldn’t finish the sentence when a junior officer came in and yelled “VOYAGER IS BACK!” The entire room erupted in cheers and the majority of people left the café looking upwards trying to see the ship in the sky. Michael laughed as he hadn’t even finished his sentence and what he was saying happened. He looked at Hank and shook his head “Looks like its not a secret anymore. It may be time for you to get back to the office and make sure nothing crazy happens. It was good seeing you sorry our meeting got cut short by the news.” 

Hank smiled “It was good to see you, Michael! As always we never seem to get longer than an hour to catch up.” He waved as the final part of the goodbye. 

Michael pulled him in for a hug. “Well, this news warrants a disruption.” He let go of him and waved as Hank walked towards headquarters. 

  • Michael Ryder

    Division Executive Officer and Commanding Officer