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Part of USS Jaxartes: Administration & Maintenance Logs

After report Storm breaker / AU-24-JAX

Deep Space 17 - USS Jaxartes
August - 2400
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“Computer start after report Jaxartes, month august under the command of Praugol”

The computer made the recognizable beep that confirmed its command and started recording the session of what Praugol wanted to do.

“Operation Stormbreaker was, on our part, a curious contribution. Because of our size, we were useless in search and rescue operations and needed to redefine our orders to be useful for these people. So for those purposes, we were seeing the action on a later date” Sarza took a deep breath looking out of the window “The records and history of our vessel made us useful in the field of gathering data on the nature of the storm and thus our adventure began to focus on this. We followed the protocol as well as possible to stay safe but still gather the information that was seen as vital for us to be able to understand the storm.”

She put her hands together and continued, “The initial scan and results indicate a violent behavior of subspace rifts opening up across the Paulson Nebula. We were almost caught in one of these ourselves if it was not for the quick reflection of our helmsman. Further information indicates the increased radiation emanating from the other side that had agitated the nebula’s particles. We sent the data to Starfleet as requested, and they were able to send stronger ships which could close those sub rifts.”

Looking outside, seeing the docking crew work on the hull of her ship, “Thought we are now in docks of Deep Space 17 to repair our hull. Even though we could stay safe, the storm did a number on us. After repairs are done, we will resume our operational duty within the Typhon Frontier. Starfleet increased its presence in that area after the Free State was seen operating there. Starfleet warned us to stay on high alert and avoid contacting their vessels. End log”