Part of USS Jaxartes: Start-Up Problems

Perfect teamwork, right?

Deep Space 17 - USS Jaxartes
November 2393
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With a loud click, the panel shoves into place as two heavy-breathing women take their time to catch up their breath “Well, Adrián? Is it done…” A woman spoke with long black hair was leaning against the wall to gather whatever energy she had left in her body.

Adrián Looked at the console and tapped it a few times on it as he looked down at the circuit and nodded to himself. “I think it should be moved to the left” He looked at the woman placing his fingers close to each other “Like a few inches” He grins.

“Inches? I think you need to go smaller if you compare it with down below” She laughs, “Your medical file states so on the record.”

“You know that the nature of those files is confidential per Starfleet regulations? So you make a worse doctor already, Silina, or was it, nurse?” Adrián bites back at her remarks and shakes his head.

“Adrián, does it work?” Sazra finally said when she caught up on her lack of physical strength.

The man mutters and looks at Sazra as he presses a button on the screen. The system around the bridge lights up as many of the systems get activated. “Of course, I know what I am doing, and hey, with the given time I got, it was a miracle by itself that I got it operational,” He complaints waving his hand in the air out of slight frustration.

But Sazra looked around, ignoring the complaints, and slightly smiled as she received a path on the shoulder that made her look in the direction of the person that did that. “You got your ship, Captain” Silina smiled at her, “and you got your sickbay doctor. A deal is a deal. Thanks again for everything you have done for this ship.” Sazra confirmed with a soft smile on her face.

“What about me? Engineering is my baby now, I fix this ship, and I have every right to be its Engineering Officer!” Adrián spoke pointing at Sazra.

“Mmm, what do you think, doc?” Sazra looked at Adrián a bit teasingly.

Silina leaned on Sazra’s shoulder, looking at Adrián. “I don’t know, Captain, he has been quite….the pain in the ass. Remember I had to fix his ass because he was so smart to sit on a torch?” Silina laughs again, remembering that incident and seeing Adrián shrug. “Oh, don’t be like that, Adrián. You will do fine as its Engineer,” the good doctor pointed out.

“I tend to agree. Without your help, without any of your help, I would not be in the position to get this ship out of the docks on such short notice” Sazra looked at the door as a man walked in. “Well, there is our other heavy lifter” She said with sarcasm. “Thanks for the help we needed ten minutes ago Rami”

The Bajoran blinks a few times as he places a box down, looking around. “Well, you guys didn’t need my help after all in the last few wrap-ups. Security and tactical systems look decent. But, of course, the base doesn’t want to hear another request from me …again” Rami shrugs, looking at them. 

“They banned you from the logistics, right?” Adrián pointed out bluntly, looking dry at him.

Silina followed. “Additionally. They warned you that they would throw you into the brig if you come again?”

“And I have to report to the docking chief again because you went there without telling me to get those upgrades. So how far are we off right now, Rami?” Sazra spoke as last.

Rami scratched behind his ear and looked a bit innocent away. “I didn’t get banned. I got a three months ban! Huge difference, I have to say….they will not throw me into the brig. What the hell?” Rami shrugs and looks at Sazra. “And yes, Lieutenant Orgal wishes to speak to you.” 

The three looked at each other as both Sazra and Adrián pointed an open hand to Silina, who shrugged and grabbed some coins out of her side pocket that could be used at the trading market on the base. “Pfff, I was close,” She complained as the two put it in their pocket. “Not close enough, loser” Adrián put an L on his forehead and walked away.

“Guys, you gambled on my behavior?” Rami shook his head. “I am so disappointed in this behavior. We are the shining examples of Starfleet, and gambling is below us” He tries his best to lecture them.

The doctor smirks, walking to the door “What a bright light you are then, Rami. You going for a homerun on those regulation breakings?” She said, exiting the bridge as Rami stood there looking at the doctor while the door closed behind her. “It is not about me…”

“It kinda is….you got yourself into this position, now to spare me some more paperwork. Please stay on the ship?” Sazra spoke with a shrug as she saw Rami nod to her “Good, I have a call with the logistics to do” She crossed her fingers, exiting the bridge.

“You got this!” Adrián spoke from behind the console to Sazra as he looked at Rami over his shoulder. “Don’t touch anything. I just fixed it” He looked back at the console as Rami wanted to move. “Could you not move the likelihood that something breaks are very much present.”

Rami shrugs. “Should I stop breathing also?” He said sarcastically.

“Is that a possible request you could do? It would be very much appreciated” He smiled, looking at Rami.

“And you wonder why people hate you?” Rami shrugs, walking to his new console that now was functional, gathering the latest diagnostic information on the security systems.