Part of USS Jaxartes: Start-Up Problems

Picking up the ship.

Deep Space 17
August 2393
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The station was no joke. It was very modern and up to date with the latest tech. Deep Space 17 was an impressive piece of technical wonder. However, Sazra noticed it was also very crowded in the docking area as many travelers, traders, and Starfleet personnel were walking around, and she felt a bit out of place. She took a deep breath and looked at her PADD again. “The corridor left and report to logistics” she looked around and noticed the sign that stated logistic and smiled, walking quickly to it. 

She noticed a lot of people standing in rows at different desks. She looked down at her PADD again. “Take yourself in the line of the red desk,” Sazra muttered to herself as she followed the guidance and waited in the line. There were many people here for various reasons, but her motivation was to pick up her ship. I thought Starfleet didn’t inform her what kind of ship she would get. She could only hope that it was something big, not like a Galaxy-class or so. That wouldn’t make much sense to give that to an Ensign, right? She dozes off in her thoughts.

“Next” “NEXT” 

The second time Sazra snapped out of it and walked to the desk, placing the order down. “Sorry for that” She quickly apologized and placed her hands in front of her as If she was a kid that just did a big no-no. 

The man slid the order to himself and looked at it. “Mmm, Ensign Praugol?”

“Yes, sir” She formally replied to him quickly and awkwardly.

“Right…” He looked into the console and hummed to himself, “Follow me” He then bluntly stated and started walking somewhere.

“Hm, yes…wait” Sazra passed a few other people in line. “Excuse me” She looked at one. “So sorry, pardon me,” She stated and continued her walk to finally catch up with the man that walked out of the office. She remained relatively quiet for the duration of the walk.

“So Starfleet gives out commands to Ensigns these days? You most likely made one heck of an excuse to get this sorted out” He didn’t even pay attention to her.

Sazra shrugs a bit. “Well, actually, it is the results of my scie….” But, unfortunately, she got interrupted by the man.

“Look, I don’t care what you did to get this done, but there she is” He had stopped and pointed out the window towards the docks. 

Following the man’s finger to where he was pointing, she looked at a Steamrunner-class. “Wow….that is quite the ship that  I get, I mean, I don’t complain about the size, but it would help a lot in my research,” She said with a small smile.

The man looked in the same direction and shrugged. “No, you….Ensign, your ship is below that….the USS Jaxartes” He points to a smaller ship that was at least 3x times smaller than the other ship “A Raven-class, you might need to find some crew yourself and especially an Engineer.”

Looking to the other ship “Ah…well ….thats my ship? I expected something” Sazra gestures with her hands a more significant size. “Bigger? I will travel to the Typhon Frontier, and I need a stable ship.” 

The man blinked and made her hands go closer to each other “This is what you get, Ensign. Take it up with your Task Force staff if you disagree with the choice” He started to go back to his desk.

Sazra looked at her hands as small as the Raven and shrugged. “By the way, what did you mean I need an Engineer?”

“Take a look, Ensign, and you will soon understand. Good luck!” He waved his hand, not turning back to give her the attention again. 

“I think I need more than that” Sazra looks back at the Jaxartes and sighs. 


  • Here we have an electric introduction to Sazra Praugol! I really enjoyed the duality of the character: on one hand we have the lofty confidence, idly wondering on the off-chance she might be offered command of a Galaxy-class or steam runner starship as an ensign. On the other hand, waiting in an administrative queue has her presenting diffident body language and over-apologising to everyone she sees, belying how out-of-place she feels. You've done a compelling job of layering plot hooks that have me anxious for more too! What is this scientific research that earned Sazra a crew of her own?? And what engineering terrors await her aboard the Jaxartes?? I cannot wait to find out.

    August 22, 2022