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Part of USS Denver: The Fujiwhara Effect and USS Denver: Eye of the Storm


Viscountcy of Verona, Hylon Territories
April 1, 2400 16:00
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The vast ocean stretched off into the horizon with waves crashing along the shore.  The twin suns were low in the sky setting the sky ablaze in yellows and oranges.  Audren Swiftblade stood on the front stone veranda wind whipping at her loose white hair and tugging at her light dress.

In her hand was a horn of spring wine.  The very wine made not one-hundred meters from her door.  She was home, and for the first time for as long as she could remember her people were at peace.  Thanks to trade with the Federation and their replicators the famine was subsiding.  Her people were rebuilding their society and one day, hopefully sooner than later the Narlin Empire would take its place amongst the Federation.  Audren had said as much in her last report while they were heading for Starbase Bravo aboard the Heracles. 

Despite the hope, and promise of a better tomorrow  there was a sadness in her heart. The USS Zebulon Pike had been the place she had lived the longest.  Yeah, Uchelcastel Manor was her ancestral home, but had never lived her that long.  As child she went to boarding schools, and as an adult she went straight in to the military and shortly after married her late husband. 

Then there were the friends she had made. She probably wouldn’t see them again.  That was a whole new sadness as that realization crept in.  She hoped Jolie, Mikeala,  and Carolyn were doing fine.  Ethan had a family so he probably wasn’t even thinking of them at this moment. 

“My Lady, you have a visitor,”  her butler announced. 

She glanced at the aging Hylon who had been employed by the family for as long as she could remember.   “Direct them here.”

The butler bowed, “Very good my lady.”

After a few minutes a female voice spoke behind her, “Lady Audren,  my name is Livvy Sandoval.”

Audren turned to face the woman.  A human in a Starfleet uniform.  With red hair and familiar features she could only be Aimee Sandoval’s twin sister.  “It is a pleasure to meet you Lieutenant.  How is your sister?”

“Aimee?” Livvy asked surprised.  “She got a posting to the USS Mercy as the chief medical officer and her husband followed her.”

“Good, I liked Dougal and they were good together. What can I do for you?” Audren asked.

Livvy nodded, “I have been assigned to this planet as part of the Federation’s humanitarian relief program.   I am over seeing the soil reclamation teams.”

Audren nodded, “It is needed for Narlins to be truly independent again.”

Livvy nodded, “Yeah, well my brother wanted me to check up on you and see how you were doing and if you needed anything.”

Audren smirked, “Ethan’s still trying to take care of his crew. If he could just get in line with Starfleet he could have made captain by now and commanding a starship.”

“You know Ethan, he’s a cowby,” Livvy replied. 

“That he is,” Audren agreed.   “As for your quest. I  well here. The Emperor was plased with my service and I am comfortable here. I do not require anything. However,  you are welcome to stay here for as long as you wish.”

Livvy looked around,  “Yeah. I might just take you up on that offer. I have been billeted in base housing in the capital.”

Audren smiled, “I have stayed in them.  You will be far more comfortable here.   I will get you a room set up, and tonight over dinner we can discuss your mission.”

Livvy smiled,  “Thank you Lady Audren.”

“Any friends and family of Ethan Talon are my friends.  You may simply call me Audren.”

Livvy smiled, thanked her host and was lead into the house by the butler to get her settled into her accommodations.   Audren returned to her sunset, but now it was almost gone.  Only a thin line of orange on the far horizon giving way to the creeping night.  Audren knew she was finally home.