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Part of USS Heracles (Archive): The Golden Years of Vausees “Vax” Ves


Starfleet Academy - San Francisco
MD - Aug 2388
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Klair looked into the mirror at the scar next to her eye. It had been three weeks since she was released from medical, and had requested that they not remove it. She wanted it to remind her of the actions that others had taken on her and Vausees. She closed her eyes when she felt Vausees place her hand on her waist. She heard a soft sob from her. “It will be ok honey,” she told her as she turned around and looked into her eyes.

Vausees looked a Klair, her eyes were bloodshot from the tears that had fallen from them. “I should have been there. I should have protected you.”, her voice cracked as she spoke.

Klair pushed aside the stray hairs from Vausees face and kissed her forehead. “I don’t blame you,” she stated. “They will get what is coming to them.”

A soft chime at their door announced that someone was at their door.

“Enter,” Vausees stated as she straightened up her appearance.

A soft hiss announced as it opened. There stood the Chief of Security, “Cadet Vausees, Cadet Klair.”

Both Vausees and Klair looked at the Chief. He looked back at them with a look of regret on his face, “I am here personally to inform both of you that no punishment will be given to the cadets that you, Cadet Vausees, gave me.” He looked from Vausees to Klair as he stated this to them.

The Chief apologized to them and then he turned about and departed from their room. Klair closed her eyes and bowed her head. Vausees’ eyes narrowed as she knew then what she was going to have to do.

“Klair, stay here.” Vausees voice had a softer than normal tone to it as she spoke to her.

Klair opened her eyes and looked up to Vausees. She heard a difference in her voice and as she looked at Vausees she could see a difference as well in her eyes.


Vausees looked at Klair as she stood there. “I have to take care of this,” she stated as she moved towards the door. A hand grasped her arm and she stopped. She looked back at Klair.

“Don’t do this,” she stated as she held onto her arm.

“It has to be done.” She shook off Klair’s hand and exited the room.

Two minutes later she stood outside of the room of a Senior Cadet. “Jones!!” She yells out.

The door to the Jones room opens and Vausees made her move and lunges at the other. As she crossed the threshold into his room she landed an elbow straight into his gut. A loud grunt escaped his lips as he crumpled to the ground. Vausees stood over the man, her bright blue eyes looked down at him. She then knelt down over him.

Vausees reached down and grabbed the man’s tunic and brought her up close to her face. “You will admit to the assault that you did to Klair. Or…” She slammed the man down hard.

A sudden gasp caused Vausees to look away from Jones and at a young woman who then turned and bolted away. “Damn,” she stated as she released Jones.

As she stood up two Security Officer’s entered the room and arrested her. “Cadet you are under arrest for assaulting another cadet,” one of the officers stated as she was escorted.

A moment later she stood before the Commandant. “Cadet Vausees Vax, you are here for assault on another cadet. I sympathize with you on behalf of the assault on Cadet Klair Valdez but you taking the law into your own hands was not the best course of action. As a result, you will be sent to solitary confinement for one month,” she stated.

Vausees held her head up as the sentence was given. She knew that her actions would have consequences and she accepted them. As she stood there in front of the Commandant a soft chime sounded off behind her.

“Enter.” the Commandant said out loud.

The door opened and the Chief entered. “Ma’am, permission to speak?”, he asked the Commandant.

Admiral Childs looked from Vausees to the Chief. “Granted.”

The Chief looked from the Admiral to Vausees and moved over to the woman. “I fear that this is my doing,” he stated as he looked down at her. Vausees looked at the Chief for a moment before she returned her attention forward.

The Commandant nodded her head as she continued to look at Cadet Vausees. “Chief, I see you have an influence over this young Cadet,” she stated, “ As a result, I am placing her under your mentoring,” she continued, and then turned her attention to the Chief. She then returned her attention to Vausees. “I am placing you under academic report. This will be placed on your record. You will report to the Chief weekly until I feel you have learned your lesson on taking the law into your own hands. Is that understood?”, she asked Vausees.

Vausees still stood at attention as she acknowledged the Commandant. “Yes, ma’am.”

Childs nodded and turned her attention to the Chief. “Chief please escort this Cadet to her room.”

The Chief nodded his head and looked at Vausees. She turned and looked at the Chief and exited out of the Commandant’s office. As the two of them walked towards Vausees quarters he stopped her. “What were you thinking?”, he asked her. She stood there for a moment before she answered.

“I felt that justice needed to be done,” she stated as she looked at the Chief. He looked at Vausees and his eyes narrowed. “Next time do not attempt to take justice as you put it into your own hands, Cadet,” he stated with slight anger to his voice. She nodded to him and they continued on towards her room.

As the door opened Klair looked at Vausees and the Chief. Her eyes narrowed at Vausees, “Was it worth it?” She asked. Vausees goes to open her mouth to speak but is cut off. “Chief is she in some kind of trouble?” The Chief looked at Vausees for a moment. “She is on the academic report and has to report to me weekly,” she stated to Klair. “Do me a favor Klair,” he turned to look at her. “Keep her out of trouble.” Klair nodded to the Chief and took Vausees by her hand. “You can count on it Chief,” she stated.

The Chief nodded and departed. As soon as the door hissed shut Klair turned and looked at Vausees. Anger reflected in her eyes. “I told you not to, and yet you did it anyway.” She turned away and stormed off. Vausees stood there for a moment, her eyes looked down as Klair spoke to her. She then walked over to the angered woman. “Klair, I had to do what I felt was necessary.” Klair placed her hands on the table with her eyes closed. She then turned about and looked at Vausees. She takes a deep breath before she would speak. “Do..Not..Ever..Do..That..Again,” she spoke each and every word emphasizing them as she spoke.

Vausees stood there and nodded her head to each word. “I promise.”

Klair would nod at Vausees as she stood there with her back to her. “I will hold you to that,” she stated.