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Part of USS Heracles (Archive): The Golden Years of Vausees “Vax” Ves


Starfleet Academy - San Francisco
MD - Aug 2388
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Vausees rounds a corner and her eyes widen at the sight before her. Klair lay on the ground with blood flowing from her mouth. Rushing to her side Vausees kneels down next to her and places a hand on her shoulder, “Klair!”, she yells out. She opens her eyes and looks at Vausees with tears in her eyes. “Baby what happened?” she asks as she gently pulls her into her arms. Klair remains silent as she lays in Vausees arms.

Reaching up Vausees taps the badge on her chest. “This is Cadet Vax, I am near the Alpha Barracks please send a medical team to my position. I have a fellow Cadet that has been injured.”

Holding Klair she gently starts to rock in place as three blue tunic Officers rush up to her. Klair looks from Vausees to the Officer and closes her eyes. She softly whispers, “I was jumped.”, and then passes out.

Vausees’ eyes glue onto the closed eyes of Klair as she hears her love say this. Anger envelopes her as Klair is lifted from her arms. Blood is seen on her grey uniform and one of the Medical Officers places a hand on her shoulder and asks if she is okay. She almost doesn’t hear the female Officer’s voice asking her if she was okay. In a state of numbness she nods her head as she sees Klairs blood on her own tunic. “Someone will pay,” she thinks to herself as she remains on her knees with the Medical Officer’s hand on her shoulder.

Vausees had heard about how other Cadets from the other barracks disliked how Klair and Vausees act around each other and some even knew about how the two of them were in a relationship. She never thought a physical altercation would take place, but now she knew that if the instructors wouldn’t do anything about it after the report that she would place, then she would.

Standing outside of the Office that belonged to the Chief of Security she waits to be escorted in to file her report of the harassment that she and Klair have been subjectacted to. She knew that this was the correct action to take, but she was prepared if necessary to take matters into her own hands if something was not done.

“Enter,” she hears from the other side of the closed door. As she turns towards the door it opens and sitting behind the desk is a stocky man dressed in a gold tunic. She moves towards the desk and comes to attention in front of the Officer.

“Cadet Vax, here to place a report, Sir!” she states as she stands there at attention.

“At ease Cadet.” The Chief of Security states as he looks at her. Vausees slides her feet apart and places her hands in the small of her back. “Report,” he says to her.

Vausees relays how her and Klair have been harassed by several Cadets over the three months since they entered into a relationship. The Chief nods his head as he listens to her. He then looks at the recording and then to Vausees. “Cadet you do know that it is not against the rules to date a fellow Cadet, but I do believe that you both being of the same sex is why you are being targeted.” Vausees nods in confirmations to this. “Yes, Sir,” she states as she stands there. “We have made sure and taken precautions to not be around others or to limit the affection that we show in public, Sir.” The Chief nods once more and looks at the names that she has given. “These are some serious accusations you have leveled on these Cadets, Cadet Vax.” he states as he looks back at her. She nods her head at the Chief, “I wouldn’t have stated any names that I was not 100% certain had any sort of participation in the attack on Cadet Valdez, Sir.” Her voice was calm and collected as she spoke to the Chief. “I will perform an investigation on yours and Klairs behalf, Cadet Vax. However if there is not enough evidence to support these accusations I will have no choice but to dismiss this report,” he warns her. He looks over at the console that is recording the conversations and back at Vausees and sees the anger in her eyes. “If that is all Cadet then this report is concluded at this time.” He then presses an icon on the console and looks back on Vausees who has turned to exit the office

“Cadet.” He looks at Vausees. Who turns her head towards the Chief. “I did not tell you to do this but should I have to close this report and dismiss your accusations I will pretend to not notice if a couple of these Cadets end up in the Medical bay of this Academy,” he states as she turns her head back towards the door, a smile crosses her lips as she exits.

Sitting in the Medical bay next to Klair, she had her fingers interlaced with Klairs and her thumb gently caressing as she held hers, she thinks about the way she looked laying there helpless and she closes her eyes and fights the anger that she feels. Part of her hopes that she gets the chance to enact her anger on the Cadets responsible and the other part hopes that they get punished for this unprovoked attack.

A soft moan brings Vausees back to reality as Klair opens her partly swollen eye. Leaning over Vausees kisses her forehead. “Relax and lay still,” she whispers into Klairs’ forehead.

A nurse walks in and checks Klair’s injuries and Vausees holds her hand. “How is she, nurse?” she asks. The nurse looks at Vausees and smiles. “She will recover but for right now she has to remain here for a couple of days. Don’t worry she is safe, Cadet Vax.” A smile crosses the nurse’s lips as she looks from Vausees to Klair. She then whispers, “I can see the love you two have,” and she then leaves the two alone.

When the door closes Vausees smiles at Klair and lays there with tears in her eyes. Reaching over she gently wiped them away. “I love you Klair and I promise this is being taken care of. Just relax now and get well so that I can take you back to our room.” She then gently places a kiss on Klair’s hand and sits back. Her mind retreats as she thinks about how much she has been hurt by this attack on Klair.