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Part of USS Heracles (Archive): The Golden Years of Vausees “Vax” Ves

Chapter Two : Alpha Barracks – Freshmen Year

Starfleet Academy - San Francisco
MD - Aug 2388
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Klair leans against the doorframe as Vausees finishes unpacking her bag. “Penny for those thoughts?” she asks as she looks at the woman that is now sitting on the bed next to her’s. Vausees looks up from the grey cotton blanket into the dark brown eyes of the woman that she was falling head of heels for. “Just excited to be here and..” she pauses for a moment as she continues to look at Klair. “Glad to have a partner that I care about in more ways than I should,” she states as she stands up and moves over next to Klair who steps away from the door which closes shut behind her.

“I am so glad to hear you say that Vax.” she states using her Symbiont last name instead of Vausees first name. Upon hearing this Vausees stumbles and is caught by Klair. Who has a sudden look of worry on her face.

Vausees smiles and gently squeezes her forearm. “It’s ok Klair you just caught me off guard by calling me Vax.” She smiles and gently kisses Klair before wrapping her up in her arms.

“You hungry?” Vausees asks Klair as she continues to hold her. “I could order something for us to eat before we turn in for the night,” she states as she places her chin on top of Klairs head.

Klair turns her face up to Vausees’s and kisses her softly, “That would be wonderful.” She then slips from Vausees grasp and moves over to the small table that they would be sharing during their time together. Vausees moves with her but instead of heading to the table she presses a button on the console on her desk and orders dinner for the two of them.

After a wonderful meal the two of them shared together, Klair stood up and began to clear the table. As she moves around Vausees to the replicator she feels a hand on her forearm. “I know this is a bit soon and I want us to get to know each other further but I just want you to know that I care for you deeply Klair Valdez and I am very happy to be your partner.” A smile crosses Klairs lips as she hears Vausees voice. “Vax just say it,” she teases as she gently slips from Vausees grasp, “Just say that you love me,” she states as she places the dishes into the replicator.

She then turns and leans up against the wall next to the replicator. “Because Vax I know we just met but I am in love with you. This time however I am not intoxicated, but I am sober and can see you for who you really are,” she pauses for a second as she looks at Vausees, “A loving and caring woman that I love and care for deeply.” her voice has a slight catch to it as she confesses her feelings for Vausees. “I did not plan on falling in love with anyone, but I can say with a doubt that you Vausees Vax, daughter of Valul and Vera Ves, have captured my heart like no other has before and like no other will ever.”

She moves from her spot over to the chair opposite of Vausees and moves it over next to her. She takes Vausees hand in hers and looks into her eyes. Vausees returns the look and smiles as she fights to hold back the tears in her eyes. She closes her eyes as she feels Klair gently wipe away a tear that had fallen from her eye. “Tears of joy,” she states as she sits there. “I know.” Klair replies as she feathers her thumb over her cheek.

Standing up Vausees takes Klair in here arms and lifts her up and over to the her bed. She kisses her as she cuddles up next to her. “I promise to be the best woman for you,” she declares as she closes her eyes and falls asleep. Klair smiles at this statement and closes her own eyes. “Computer set the alarm for 0630 and shut off the lights.” A soft beep confirms the request and the lights shut off. Klair holds Vausees in her arms and the two women fall asleep in each other’s arms.