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Part of USS Heracles (Archive): The Golden Years of Vausees “Vax” Ves


Starfleet Academy - San Francisco
MD - Aug 2388
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A thumping noise throbs inside of Vausees skull as she lays in bed. A soft groan escapes her lips as she continues to lay there. Suddenly she feels an arm drape over her and her eyes crack open as she turns her head and follows the arm to the body that it is attached to. A smile creeps over her mouth once more as she sees the soft smooth skin of Klairs. Leaning over she gently peeks her on the lips and whispers, “Morning sweetie.” The sound of her own voice causes the throbbing in her own head to slightly intensify.

Throwing her legs over the edge of the bed she peers up at the console next to the bed and sees that it is 0630. A smile crosses her lips as she leans over and whispers softly, “Wake up sleepy head or we’re going to be late for the Academy.” She once more gently kisses Klairs lips before slipping from the bed and heading to the bathroom.

Klair smiles at the attention that she was getting from Vausees and goes to grab her but comes up short. Her eyes crack open as she sees the fleeting image of the woman that she fell for last night. A soft groan escapes her lips as she sits up in bed. Rolling her shoulders and slips from the bed and joins Vausees in the bathroom

A half an hour later both of them are dressed in their Cadet Greys. Vausees looks Klair over double checking that her uniform is immaculate as Klair does the same for Vausees. Satisfied that they both look perfect they head down the corridor to the lift that takes them down to the lobby. Once there they are greeted by the other Cadets, some of them they had seen at the club and some who they were just meeting for the first time.

As Vausees and Klair chat with some of the Cadets an older woman stands up in front of them.

“ATTENTION!!” is heard booming over the shipyard as a man dressed in grey stands next to the woman dressed in all red. All of the Cadets suddenly stop what they are doing and snap to attention. They then turn their attention to the woman that is standing before them.

“I am the Commandant for Starfleet, Admiral Renee Childs and I will be overseeing your education while you are here in San Francisco. I expect you to hold yourself and your fellow classmates to a standard that is becoming-of-an Officer of our grand Federation of Planets.”

Though her voice sounded soft it held a might to it that told all that heard it that she knew how to manage and lead those that stood with her. “Before I leave you to board the shuttles that are scheduled to depart to the Academy. I have one message for you all. Learn what you can from your instructors and learn who you are from those around you, whether they are your enemies or your friends.”

With that she turns about and disappears into a shuttle that lifts off into the air and banks off towards the Academy. A man dressed in grey steps forwards and looks at the Cadets that are still standing at attention.

“At ease Cadets,” he speaks out to the group. “My name is Master Chief Watson, I am your lead instructor for Combat Survival Training. I am here because the Commandant asked me to be here. Why, you might ask yourself? Because she knows that I am a man that will put the fear of God into you if you step out of line while in my class and also because I am known to see who will succeed and who will fail prior to you even entering onto the Academy grounds.”

As he spoke Vausees could tell that this man meant business and that they would more than likely butt heads from time to time because of her prior training from her own parents. She knew then and there that she would look up to this man and would do whatever it took to learn from him. She also hopes that he might learn something from her as well.

Klair looks at Vausees out of the corner of her eye as she listens to the Master Chief. She could see the look on her face and wondered what it meant. Returning her attention fully to the man before them she made a mental note to ask her if she was ok when they had a moment alone.

“When I say move you board these shuttles as part of your squad, do you understand!” his eyes move from Cadet to Cadet as he speaks.

Everyone acknowledges him as they stand there, “YES CHIEF!!!”, echoes loudly over the shipyard.

He nods and turns to board one of the shuttles. Two Lieutenants turn and face the group, “Well you heard him, move your asses!!”, they bark off to the Cadets.

Vausees and Klair run up into the same shuttle, they had been lucky to have the honor of being part of Alpha Squad. Taking a seat next to each other, Klair turns to Vausees, “Vax, I saw a look on your face a moment ago. Are you ok?”, she asks her.

Vausees turns and looks Klair in the eyes. “I am perfectly fine. I just have a feeling that me and the Master Chief are not going to see eye to eye,” she states as she takes hold of Klair’s hand. “Trust me sweetie I will always tell you how I am and what is bothering me, but right now and here is not the place.” She smiles softly at Klair who returns the smile and nods. Klair then lips out, “tonight then.”, and Vausees, nods and lips back “Promise.”