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Part of USS Galileo (Archive): Shoreleave

Late Night, Coffee, and Promenades

Captain's Quarters, USS Galileo
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The sound of silence was interrupted by the chirp of the comm channel. Naris rolled over onto her pillow, covering the rest of her face. She had only been away from the bridge for a few hours. The sector was safe, the Romulans dealt with, and there was no way anything important…

The comm channel sounded once again.

Naris sighed as she reached over, slapping the comm badge, “I swear this better be something seriously important.” 

“Sorry to bother you, Captain, but you asked us to call you when we were ready to dock….”

The communication was interrupted by the sound of Grace squealing and running into her mother’s room, “are we at the station yet? Can we go to the Promenade?”

Naris tapped her comm badge again, “standard docking procedure, Lieutenant; I’ll be up there in a bit.”  She turned and looked at her daughter, who was now lying on the edge of the bed, “You realize that we only left dry dock like two weeks ago?”

Grace said, “two weeks, that’s like a lifetime at my age. You command a tin can in space. Couldn’t you have fought for something bigger?” Her eyes got big, “you need a Ross-class, or Inquiry…

“That’s enough of that,” Naris laughed, “I am not asking for a bigger ship. Besides, it doesn’t work quite like that.” 

“You need to befriend an Admiral or something,” Grace added, “at least on a Ross, there would be something to do.” 

Naris smirked, “there is plenty to do here.”

“So,” Grace rolled over, tucking a pillow under her arms as she leaned on her elbows. “You going to take Eli with you to the station.” 

When she heard that comment, Naris had been attempting to get out of bed but damn near fell on the floor in shock.  “Grace Marie Segarra, are you… I mean, what would make you… what?”

“Oh, don’t play dumb mother,” she grinned, “I saw you taking a second look at him the other day. You obviously care for him,” she winked, “and I know your past with him.” 

Naris grabbed her robe and tied it around her waist, “I have no idea what you are talking about, Eli,” she paused, “Captain Bates and I are colleagues who work together, nothing more.”

“Right, keep telling yourself that, Captain.”

“Go to bed,” Naris ordered. 

“But, I wanna see the station,” Grace followed her mother out of the bedroom. “I will go to bed right after that. I promise.” 

Naris sighed, “I need coffee.”

“Is that a yes?”

“No, it was a request for something to drink,” Naris sarcastically rolled her eyes.

“Mother,” Grace looked at her, batting her eyes, pleading.

“Fine,” Naris replied, “just one quick trip.” 

“Hopefully, you don’t cave with the crew this easy, Captain,” Grace took an extra step forward before her mother could move. “I mean, I didn’t even have to cry or anything. You’re slipping.” 

Naris swung her hand, making contact with Grace’s butt, “get moving, young lady, before I change my mind.” 

“Hey,” Grace looked at her mother, but she could see that flicker in her eyes and knew she’d better drop it. “Yes, Ma’am,” she hugged her mother. “Next stop, the Promenade.” 

“Next stop, coffee,” Naris demanded.

“Can I have some?” Grace asked, running off to her room. 


“Whatever, I won,” Grace smiled as she ran off.

Naris just shook her head, “god help me.”