Part of USS Osiris: No such thing as routine

No such thing as routine. Chap 5

USS Osiris - Bridge / Ready Room
Aug 2400
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0730 – USS Osiris – Bridge


Kr’Antren smiled and let out a slight chuckle as he noticed that overnight the engineering crew had changed the area he had been touching at the start of each shift the last couple of days was now a bronze cartouche shaped panel etched in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs . “I’ll have to ask Talibah what it says” as he paused and touched it for a couple of seconds


“Morning ladies and gentleman.”

“Morning sir” his number one said from her customary seat to the right of the captain’s chair, Kr’Antren raised an eyebrow at this. “Didn’t seem right this morning sir, taking her out for the first time and all that.” he nodded at this. He glanced around and noticed the full command staff was here, nodding to those that were here to watch the first departure of the Osiris as a fully operational member of TF47. Kr’Antren took his seat in the command chair and sat back, letting out a sigh of mixed emotions he pushed the internal comms button on his arrest.


The whistle signaling an announcement from the captain rings out across the ship. “ Osiris today we join the fleet as an operational member, today we start to write our story, our legacy. Today we become the beacon for others to follow.  Trust your fellow crew members, trust your NCO’s, trust your leaders and most of all trust the Osiris to bring you home. All departments make ready for departure, Number one take us to blue alert.”


The lights go to blue across the ship as a low tone, reminiscent of a fog horn, plays across the ship.


“Ship as blue alert,sir

“Lt Darame, notify DS47 that we are requesting to depart.”

“Lt Mathisson, bring her to life” a dull throbbing slowly reverberates through the ship and then slowly mellows out.

“Sir, warp core is operational and showing green across the board.”

“Sir, DS47 has acknowledged the departure request and permission to depart has been confirmed when we are ready, they report no traffic in the area. “

Kr’Antren nodded and looked over at his Number one.

“Sir. Docking rings have been released, all mooring beams are showing as  released. Ready when you are captain.”

“Departments go/no go for departure”

“Helm and flight control are a go sir.”

“Operations are a go”

“Communications are a go” 

“Science is a go captain”

“Tactical is a go, let’s get this bird moving” LT Skagath chuckles afterwards.

“Engineering Is a go and I for one second Skagaths sentiment.”

“Not that you need it from us sir, but medical is a go.

“Captain, all departments are go for departure.” Lt. Talibah said from her seat as she watched the view screen on her small console.

“Lt. Darame, maneuvering thrusters only let’s take her out.”

“Aye sir”


The bridge staff watched as DS47 slowly moved away from the Osiris, once the saucer section was clear the ship started to turn towards starboard as the view screen slowly filled with the blackness of space.


“Bring us out past the initial safety markers Darame then go to ¼ impulse till we are out of the stations shipping lanes.”

“Aye sir.”


Kr’Antren looked over at the counselor seated to his left, gave her a nod and then toward his number one. “Well number one, are we ready?”


“Captain, all departments are reporting green across the board, all systems seem to be operating as expected. I would say it’s time to write our story sir.”


Kr’Antren nodded, ran his fingers through his beard and smiled. “Darame, set our course for the Badlands. Let’s warm her up slowly so how about warp 7.”

“Course laid in, warp 7 Captain in 3, 2, 1.”


The viewscreen went to the light and had streaked view that members of StarFleet have become accustomed to. 


“Sir, incoming message from Task Force command, requesting a secure conference.”

Kr’Antren looked over at his number one with a raised eyebrow. “ We barely left.”

“Send it to my ready room chief. Number one, Skagath with me.” He looked around the bridge and smiled. “Doc, you have the conn”

Doctor M’Gok let out a sigh. “Why me? I’m a doctor!”

“Because you’re the only one not otherwise engaged on the bridge.” Kr’Antren said as he stood from the center chair. 

“Better make it quick captain. I have the conn, I guess.” as she took the center seat.


Skagath looked at the captain and winked then looked back at the Doc in the center seat. “Ummm Doc, you did touch the plate right?” Everyone turned in their seats and looked at her. She put her head down in her hands and let out a groan. “Yes, I touched the plate. I’m not going to tempt fate on our first day, Skagath.” The bridge crew all smiled and turned back to their consoles. Skagath chuckled out loud.  


Captain’s Ready Room


-^- computer on view screen-^-


An image of the Red shirted commander appears on the screen. “Captain Kr’antren” as the commander looks around the room and notices the two Lieutenants also present.


“Commander this is my first officer Lt. Talibah and my Chief of Strategic Operations and Security Lt. Skagath. Seeing as we just left Deep Space 47 this must be something hot off the presses.”


The commander nods at the two lieutenants and then brings up a split screen with a map of the Badlands on half and him on the other half. “Captain, we are going to add something to your mission. Currently the USS Edinburgh is investigating a ship called the SS Heru which according to our records is a member of the Palasa Transport Group.“ He brings up the information on the Palasa Transport Group on the other half of the screen. “as you can see nothing too much beyond the ordinary for these contractor groups that operate in the region. However this next bit is what brought the SS Heru to the USS Edinburgh’s attention and to ours.” 


A video of the recent encounter plays. Obviously, this was recorded from the Edinburgh’s view screen as they could hear the conversation but saw nothing but what was on the viewscreen. “I’m sending you the sensor readings and information that Edinburgh was able to get.” 


Kr’antrens PADD start to flash he looked at the information, raised an eyebrow and than sent the information to his number one’s and Skagaths PADDS, a low whistle from the number one is followed by “See captain, I told you there was no such thing as a routine mission.” 


“Captain, we want the Osiris to stick around the edge of the Badlands. For now you can use the Task Forces information gathering  priority mission as a cover should anyone from the area ask, as you will be relatively close to an area of that region that while under our purview  still has a heavy Cardassian presence. Make contact with Edinburgh upon your arrival and offer any and all assistance that they may need or ask for. Captain Fontana will have the lead on this mission.”


Kr’antren nodded at this. “We should be there in 24 hours or less.” He held up a finger as if asking for one moment as he muted the connection. “Chief Mathisson, we need to add some wood to the fire, taking us to Warp 8.” “ Helm, take us to Warp 8.” as he unmuted the connection. “Sorry about that sir, I just told my chief engineer and helm to put the proverbial pedal to the metal.”


The commander nodded. “ I figured that was what you were doing. As soon as we end this conversation I’ll be contacting the EdinBurgh to let them know you are on your way. Any further questions?”


Kr’antren looked at the two officers in the room who both shook their heads. “No, sir, not at this time. Going to have my crew start looking at those scans and readings and see if they come up with anything different than what the Edinburgh does.”


The commander nodded at this. “ Ok then, I’ll let them know you are on the way and should be on “our” side of the Badlands in roughly 24 hours.” The viewscreen cuts off and then shows the Starfleet and Task Force Logos. 


“Well I guess this is our welcome to the Thomar Expanse mission.” Raised an eyebrow at the two officers, Number one touches her PADD and pulls up the sensor logs from the encounter. “Captain, that ship was awfully fast pullin up shields and charging up weapons,” she zoomed in on the scans focusing on weapons and the power allocation for them. “Skagath, I’m seeing this right. Right? Those are Cardassian based weapons.” 

“Aye, they are based off of Cardassian plans but they look to have a few differences. I would guess they had to change a few things due to their power core or they weren’t able to get their hands on the right parts.“ let out a whistle himself “Captain, if contractors in the expanse are able to get their hands on equipment like that.”


Kr’antren nodded, stood and ran his hands through his beard, a sign that the crew has taken to mean that he is thinking of something. He reached down and hit a button on his desk. “I need all command staff to meet us in the Bridge briefing room in five minutes. Doc, give the Conn to Chief Stimeck, we won’t be far if he needs us.”