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Part of USS Cygnus: A Failure to Communicate

Ready or Not

Science Lab 1, Chief Science Officer's Office
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The Acting Chief Science Officer’s office was situated to the rear of Lab 1. Spangler didn’t particularly care for Lab 1. He considered Lab 2 his home; it’s where the material analysis suite was, and the place where he felt the real Science took place. Mostly because that was where his specialty existed. But as Albert was thrust kicking and screaming into responsibility, or at least shrugging and grumbling, he had to face reality that he could no longer hide behind his chemistry set. 

This represented hour 13 in his office, and he was feeling it more than ever. The encounter with the crystalline bastard was looming ever closer, and he’d spent every moment of the past half day going over every single data point, every record, every bit of calibration record to make sure that at the moment of truth, his department would not leave the Cygnus wanting.

The view screen on his wall was loading the revised mission configuration for short/medium/long range probes, all of which had been adjusted for their practically mythical foe. He stared intently waiting, even as he began mumbling the specifications to himself before they appeared. He’d already unintentionally memorized just about everything, but checking for the possible literally 100th time gave a sense of reassurance he desperately needed. 

The data appeared, and thankfully yet not surprisingly, it was the same as the last time he checked. Spangler sighed, before tapping his comm badge. “Spangler to Captain Plase. Preparations are complete on our end..” He let out a deep breath, “Ready or not, here we come.”


I’m not dead yet;

Ensign Albert Spangler

Acting Chief Science Officer, USS Cygnus