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No such thing as routine.. chap 3

USS Osiris
July 2400
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Lt. Talibah had spent most of the night studying and researching all that she could on the Reliant class ship and since they were based off of them the Miranda Class of ships. Paying special attention to anything she could find that would give them a leg up on operating the Osiris, taking notes on interesting points from Miranda crews about the various differences that they found with operating the unique impulse engine system. She had also read up on the sovereign and her systems since many of the systems on the reliant class were borrowed from the sovereign class. She was currently sitting at the Bistro Beyond. Quite surprised at not only the coffee they offered but the pastries and the specialty sandwiches that were also on the menu


Looking up from her PADD and with a cup of coffee halfway to her mouth she noticed the Doctor, walking on the promenade looking at the various store fronts. “Hey doc, how was your night?”


“Not too bad Tali, how was yours? Or did you sleep at all?” noticing the PADDS spread out in front of the Lieutenant


“ I was  able to get a good night’s rest, doc. Only so much reading and note taking to do before one’s mind starts to wander off. Have a seat. You should try the coffee here. It sure beats that replicator coffee and may give Cosmos Coffee on Bravo a run for their money. I overheard some others while I was waiting say that their Raktajino was better than what Cosmos Coffee served. “ 


Dr. M’Gok looked at the quaint little menu on the table and then raised a hand to get one of the serving staff’s attention. “To tell the truth I could go for one of your Turkish coffees extra strong. Trying to figure out a staff for two medical offices has not been easy, more about finding another Medical Officer I can trust to do the job so I don’t have to keep running between the two.” She shakes her head at the thought of having to do just that. Holds up a hand to stop the question she knew was coming next. “Yes, the staff has been assigned already or soon will be, however if I can have a say on who they assign as my other doctor then I’m going to do all I can to get one that is at least somewhat confident and has some experience beyond medschool.”


Lt. Talibah lets out a slight laugh at this statement “I agree with that one.” 


For the next hour or so the two of them sit at the table enjoying their coffees and make small talk about life in general, trying to get to know each other in a different setting. During that time several members of the Osiris staff stopped and said Hi. 


“You know Doc, I think the captain has the right idea. New ship, new crew probably would be smart to get on board and get ourselves situated before the rest of the crew starts showing up. I’m sure some will be arriving today. And besides, wouldn’t you like to see your new medical offices?”


“ I was just thinking the same thing, plenty to do on the ship to get everything in ship shape and besides it’s not like we have been out that long. Though I do want to stop at a couple stores that I saw. Wanted to get some things for the new quarters, make them feel more like home versus a room on a ship. If you know what I mean. “


Lt. Talibah laughs at this as she finishes her cup of Turkish coffee. “I do indeed, so what do you say shopping spree then we go see our new home.”




LTJg Shrybaaas stands before one of the panels on deck six, running his fingers along lighted paths on the ships layouts. “Hmmm ok, so my quarters are on deck four, the quickest way to the turbo lift is to come out of my quarters and turn left. Than  to get from the turbolift to the mess hall.”


“Oh, excuse me sir. Just coming on board. Where are the turbo lifts at?”


“Yes, from here go forward past two intersections then turn right and they should be there. I’m new onboard myself. Just figuring out where everything is right now. I’m LTJg Shrybaas the new Chief of Operations.”


“Senior Chief Kaha, sir. She extends a hand. Glad to meet you. It seems like we will be working together. I’m your communications chief and the boatswain. I was the chief of operations when we were on the Rhyndacus. But the new ship required some changes so the captain offered me this position.”


Lt Shrybaas turns towards her and accepts the hand shake but makes it very short, all the while his antennae are actively twisting and turning, sensing his surroundings. “Ah yes. I hope we will make a good team Chief. I’ll meet with you later , on the bridge so we can give over the crew roster and assignments and what I expect from you in your various roles and duties.”


Chief Kaha thinks to herself. “Oh great he is going to be one of those.” As she sensed some uneasiness mixed with some not being sure of the new surroundings and/or people around him, upon feeling that she looked around and realized it was about her as there was no one else around at the moment. “Sir, I could wait and go up with you, if you would like to chat now. Maybe we could at least get started on getting to know each other a bit.”


He looks back at the panel, and nods. “I think I have some idea of how to get from point A to point B. Need to figure out the most efficient routes to get to the various departments I’m in charge of. But yes, we can walk and talk, as they say, as we both are heading in the same direction. I’m gathering you will also be staying on deck four.”


Yes sir, from what we noticed the captain has assigned all command / bridge staff to quarters on deck four. Guess it makes sense to have us somewhat close if anything happens and we need to get to the bridge fast.”


“Oh and Chief, I am not one of those. What I am though is a LTjg that needs to prove himself to his new captain and his staff. I also realize that you were the person in the spot I’m in now and that for the time being as we start this new journey I will be compared to you and how you operated. I hope we will make a good team chief but I may need some time to loosen up as I have a bit of time to prove myself  to the captain, the staff, to myself and in my mind to you. “


“Sir, all I ask is honesty, truthfulness and an open mind. Listen when others give advice or even criticism and learn from it. Proving yourself will come with time. Don’t worry about that, I’m pretty sure in this region of space it won’t take long. If you don’t mind me saying, I think we just took the first steps in making a good team. So let’s go check in and see what this ship holds for operations so we can put it all together.”


Lt. Shrybaas offers a slight chuckle. “ Chief, I think, no, I believe we will make a great team. Let’s go introduce me, to the captain shall we.”


Chief Kaha laughs at that last bit.


The LT and Chief make there way to the turbolift, using the time to walk and talk and trying to get a feeling for where each of them come from and what led them to this point. 




“Hey hey hey, hold the door.” As a smallish tellarite comes charging towards the turbolift, swagger stick tucked under his arm. “You guys going up, on the way to the bridge myself.” noticing the Chief and a LTJg whom he has not met yet.


“So Chief, who’s the new light blue guy. Gotta be careful around them you know they say they are meaner than the regular blue skins.”


Oh, what’s that smell, did someone let the farm animals in Chief or did we hold the door for a tellarite, can never tell the two apart you know.” As LT Shrybaas Looks down at LT Skagath.”Remeber little man, it takes two to make a sport out of it. I for one have always found this sport of the tellarite one of the best things to come from your planet.”


Chief Kaha let out a loud laugh as the two LT’s look at each other as broad smiles start to appear on their mouths. “ See Chief what did I tell ya, nothing like a an Aenar to get the blood pumping.” Extends a hand out to LT Shrybaas. “LTJg Skagath Chief of strategic operations.”


Lt Shrybaas takes the LT’s hand and gives it a firm shake “ LTJg Shrybaas Chief of operations. Guess you already know my communications Chief?”


Skagath let out a loud bellow.  “I should trained her. Boy, could I tell you some stories.” He looked over at Chief, who was starting to turn a shade darker than usual. “ but I won’t, unless I need to.” Looked at her again.


“You trained her, I’m not sure I understand.”


“Sir, Lt Skagath was enlisted at one time, he is what they used to call a mustang officer. He was my training instructor for Star fleet basic training many years ago.”


Shrybaas’s antennae twirl around at this “Interesting” as the doors to the bridge opened on the turbolift. The bridge was dead silent still waiting for it’s crew, which  Lt Shrybaas and the Chief to their new home. 


“Different from the Akira class, smaller . I guess that’s a given but it also feels different.” As Lt Shrybaas made his way around the bridge taking it in ending up in the alcove leading to the captain’s ready room.


Lt. Shrybaas took a sec straightened out his tunic and hit the chime.




“Sir, LTjg Shrybaas reporting for duty.” Presented his PADD to LT cadre Kr’Antren.


“At ease LT, relax. I’ve heard a lot about you, well more like read.” As he hands the PADD back to the Aenar. “Did anyone else come up with you?”


“Chief Kaha and LT Skagath, sir” 


“Take a seat Shrybaas.” Taps his combadge “Chief Kaha and Lt Skagath you can join us if you want.” They both after getting the message. 


“Morning sir” as chief kaha took a seat

Morning” as Skagath goes to the replicator and asks for a Raktajino


“Chief wasn’t expecting anyone to be this early, I thought you all would take at least half the day to make your way over.” As he went and ordered  a Chai coffee with an extra shot of espresso from the replicator  and then went back to his desk. 


“Well sir, I figured I’d come over first and then go look around. I’d expect the rest of the group to be over this way sometime soon. At least the XO and Doc as I ran into them outside the Bistro Beyond an hour or so ago. But I think Doc said she saw a few things she wanted to go look at first.”


Kr’Antren nods at this as he sips his coffee. “I believe we should start seeing the first members of the crew arrive later today. Chief, I am going to make a change. I’m changing your position from Boatswain to Chief of the boat. I need someone I can trust to help me get the crew up to speed quickly. You’ll still work the communications console on the bridge but you’ll have less to do with OPs and more to do with helping run the boat. I know it’s a big step but I wouldn’t make the change if I didn’t think you could handle it. “


“Yes sir, glad to take it on.” 


“Good to hear. Oh I do have another question for you all. What do you think of “the Oasis” as the Forward lounge’s name? It is one of the items on my to- do list. “ he laughed. “Not a big one and not near the top, but I’d feel good if I could completely check something off.”


“It works sir, kind of sticks to the whole desert / ancient Egyptian theme of the ship’s name.” Shrybaas said as he looked up from his PADD. “Been reading up on earth history from that period, very interesting. “


Chief Kaha and Skagath both nod in the affirmative. “ Good then it’s decided, the 

Forward lounge will now be called “The Oasis”. He typed something on his PADD. “ There now all of the maps on board have been updated with the name and I sent a request to make some sort of a sign up for outside the lounge entrance.”


“Lt. Shrybaas, one of the first things you may want to look at is cargo operations. I’m not sure what the orders are going to be but it looks like we will be taking on some medical supplies, engineering equipment, and the like. Probably for taking to planets that have already reached out to give their support to the federation being in the area, but I want to keep some part of it aside for helping us get over any diplomatic hurdles we may face. But I want it all organized and stored, not just thrown into any corner in the cargo bay.”


“Roger sir, as soon as my folks start reporting in I’ll get them on it. “


“Which reminds me, I want to talk to the Task Force command about getting us a Runabout assigned to the ship, which may come in useful. Versus just the shuttles we already have assigned.” Kr’Antren starts to look something up on his PADD and starts to enter information


“Oh this is an informal meeting, if you want to go look around the ship, find your quarters or whatever you can go whenever you want. If not, you’re more than welcome to stay and chat with me as I work through some more of this” holds up his PADD. “ Oh chief, before I forget you’ll have an office with the new position. Not that I expect you’ll see it much but you’ll have one. I’ll send you a list of the offices that I think would work best. You can choose which you want. Any of them will work just fine with me.”


For the next couple hours Chief Kaha and the two Lieutenants come and go as needed. Sometime in the early afternoon hours LT’s Talibah and M’Gok report on board and join in on the informal meeting in the Captain’s ready room. 


Kr’Antren puts down his PADD and looks around the room. “Well folks if been cooed up in here for the last few hours I’m going to stretch my legs and look around the Osiris some, whose with me?”


Lt. Talibah and Chief Kaha put down their PADDS too. Look at each other and start to laugh. “ Well sir, looks like we had the same thought as each other, well come with. “


Dr. M’Gok stood up and gathered her PADD. “If you don’t mind, I’ll pass this time. I need to find my main sick bay, check out my offices and see how everything is set up. Plus I need to find the sick bay back by engineering and check it out also.”


“That’s fine Doc, sounds like a good idea to me, I know Lt Shrybaas is doing the same thing as we speak, though he does a few more spaces to find and check out than most. And I believe LT Skagath did the same last night and this morning. Oh that reminds me, our Chief engineer LT Mathisson and our Chief flight control officer LT Darame are already on board, they helped bring the Osiris tonDS47. You can’t miss LT Darame “chuckles “besides his height. Doc have you ever checked on an Edosian before?”


Dr. M’Gok shook her head. “No I can’t say I have but I’ve been sitting here for the last hour or so looking them up medically speaking once I saw we had one on the crew.”


“Doc, join us in the main crew mess for dinner. I’m thinking about instituting a couple new traditions on the Osiris.  We are going to test one tonight. Let’s say 1900 hours. “


“1900, dinner, main crew mess hall. Got it sir.” As she exited  his ready room.


“As for the rest of us, how about we start in the shuttle bay, or should I say the shuttle bays as we have two now. Then we will work our way forward, definitely want to see the main engineering, the transporter room, the diplomatic area as small as it may be and The Oasis before making our way back to the main crew mess hall.”


“Lead the way, Captain.”


Over the course of the next few hours, the three members of the command staff find their way to the various locations that Kr’Antrem had expressed interest in seeing, along with one of the holo decks and the main gym. During their brief stop in the main transporter room they met the incoming transporter chief who had just been reassigned from the DS47. While they did not run into many crew along their way they did see a few coming and going as they made their way onboard and got themselves situated; when they did see new crew members they stopped to take the time to introduce themselves and welcome them onboard. 


At roughly 1900 they made their way to the main crew mess hall, found that Lieutenants Skagath, Shrybaas , Mathisson and Darame were already seated at one of the overly large circular booths. They also saw Dr. M’Gok make her way to the table from the opposite side of the room. While the mess hall was not overly busy there where about 20 to 30 crew members sitting around the hall in various locations, when the boatswain’s whistle sounded everyone stopped what they were doing and waited, it took an elbow in the ribs from LT. Talibah to make Kr’Antren realize they were waiting on him


“Relax and eat, please do not stop on my part.“As he looked around the mess hall. he also noticed something that just felt out of place to him. “Number one, first thing tomorrow please have the word passed that in the mess halls and in the Oasis it is a relaxed atmosphere, if we can let’s see if we can get the whistle to only sound in certain locations or when I deem that it is needed.”


“Roger captain, I’ll get on it first thing.”


“Dr. M’Gok have any of your medical crew arrived yet? “


“Not that I’m aware of sir, why do you ask.”


Kr’Antrens ears twirl at this. “Hmmmm, just wondering as there is an officer wearing the teal of medical in the side tables, she stands out for one because she is sitting buy herself and looks like she has been there a bit and two because she is, while trying to hide it, is watching everybody.”


“Do you want me to introduce myself sir? “


He looks at his number one, then at Skagath and then back at the doctor. “ Not right now, I have a feeling I know who she might be or better yet what she might be. Maybe she hasn’t made up her mind yet, I’m not sure. Let’s just see what happens over the next day or two. But Skagath be aware just in case. “


“Aye captain. “ 


“Ohhhhhh, oh my. Captain, did you know about this? Somebody on the design crew did some homework on Osiris.” As she points out a framed and protected beautifully painted piece of papyrus that is along the main forward wall of the mess hall. 


Kr’Antrem turns around and looks at what she is pointing at as his eyes go wide in appreciation of the craftsmanship and time that went into the piece of artwork. He could tell that this was not from a replicator but had been commissioned probably

before the ship had begun to be built. 


“Captain, if I’m not mistaken this piece is called the “Last judgement of Hunefer” and it comes from the tomb of Hunefer.  That is Osiris sitting in judgement on the far right of the painting.”


As they turn back around to eat and partake in the conversations going on Kr’Antren makes a decision on what he hopes will become one of  the first traditions onboard the Osiris. “Staff, the idea came to me while thinking about some things my parents always drilled into our heads as we grew up, one was that no man is in truth better than another. Sooo with that being said the command staff will have a meal as a group here with the crew. nothing special, no dog and pony show. It will not be scheduled per se but once every couple weeks or so we will take the time to come down and eat with the crew. I hope other officers and departments pick up on this. It will be a time to relax and remind both crew and officers that we are people too. In the same idea, once a month each officer will invite one enlisted member to have a meal in the officers mess. If I figured it out right, we should have the entire crew go through the officers’ mess every few months.Thank you LT Skagath for reminding me last night about those lessons.”


“Sounds like a great idea to me sir. “coming from LT Darame and met with nods from around the table. 


For the next roughly 48 hours the Osiris went through the process of welcoming her crew and the department heads started to build their teams and lay out the policies and procedures that would make the Osiris become what they hoped was one of the best ships in the task force. They started the work of forming this new group of crew members into a team and hopefully into a family.