Part of Endeavour: Where Angels Fear To Tread

Even Miracles Take A Little Time

Poseidon NP-01, docked at Starbase One, Berengaria System
Wednesday 11th May, 2157
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Walking into the emergency triage room, Rear Admiral Diane Paulsen looked around the almost empty room before finding the person she was searching for. Though this area had originally been one of Poseidon’s cargo bays, it now had a clinical feel. When they had designated it as an extra space for sickbay to use at the start of the war, they had put up a series of foldup beds. They weren’t meant to be there for long-term use; however, the war had changed things. Now they had set up proper side-beds that were typically used in sickbay. Not only had the ship taken on board their own injured but those of colleagues from fallen ships. Paulsen had never understood why Starfleet had made their sickbays so small and their medical department so tiny compared to others. After becoming an admiral, she had pulled a few strings. She had been able to expand her medical staff to include another doctor, two more nurses and several more healthcare assistants. She was looking for her second medical officer and had found out that he was in the process of reviewing the supplies in the triage room. Though she was bitter about what she was going to chat to him about, she knew it would make his day. 

“Edward, are you free?” She called out to him. 

Turning around to face the tall, slim woman approaching him, Lieutenant Edward Branson stopped what he was doing after hearing the admiral’s voice. “Aye, ma’am,” He answered instantly in his thick Scottish accent. “Are you okay?” He wondered if she was coming to him with a health concern. 

Raising one hand to shake off his concern, she stopped just before him. Edward Branson was a tall, muscular man. He stood at almost five foot eleven inches and had dark sandy-coloured hair. His pale blue eyes twinkled against the floodlights hanging from the cargo bay’s ceiling.  “I’m fine, thanks, Ed. I’ve got some news for you.”

“Oh?” He asked, intrigued to know more. 

She passed the data tablet to him and clarified what it was. “Your days shadowing an experienced chief medical officer are now over; Starfleet has authorised you to take on your own sickbay.”

Surprised at hearing that news, the young doctor first looked down at the tablet and then back to his superior. “I dunno what to say, ma’am.” He shook his head. “I cannae believe it.”

“Believe it, doctor, you’ll be leaving us to join my old first officer on his ship,” Paulsen stated. “Plus, you’ll get to wear two full silver pips on that shoulder.” She said, indicating to his right shoulder. 

“Thank you, ma’am,” Branson said with a proud smile. “When do I report to Captain Campbell?”

Endeavour is on its way back from Earth; we’ll be leaving Starbase One tonight after picking up a few more personnel and supplies before rendezvousing with them tomorrow.” Paulsen smiled at him. “Edward, you’re ready for this, and I know when you join Ollie’s ship, you’ll be right at home.”

“I appreciate the opportunity, ma’am; I promise not to let you down.” He stated.

“See that you don’t!” She teased with a wink before leaving him. 

After the admiral left, he checked the cargo bay to ensure he was alone. Immediately he jumped up in the air and celebrated with a cheer. He was finally getting his own sickbay, and he couldn’t wait.

Stepping into the starboard armoury, Paulsen found the next person she was searching for. “Lieutenant Gasset, a moment, please.” She said to the second armoury officer.

Standing up from the deck plating, where she was sitting while conducting maintenance to one of the torpedo launchers, Lieutenant Gasset smiled sweetly at her superior. “Admiral, this is a pleasure. How can I assist you?” Gasset’s tightly curled black hair sat around her head close and didn’t move as she got up. She placed her tools down on the side and wiped her hands down her jumpsuit before approaching the admiral. 

 “Monica, I’ve got some news about your transfer request,” Paulsen said before passing a tablet to her. 

Amazed at that news, Gasset took the tablet. “Ma’am, I only put it in last week after I saw that Starfleet was requesting for more officers to offer elsewhere in the fleet.”

Smirking at how Gasset was trying to avoid hurting her superior’s feelings, Paulsen placed a reassuring hand on the armoury officer’s shoulder. “Monica, you’ve got nothing to be worried about. I am gutted we are losing you, but this transfer is one I am more than happy to stomach.”

“Oh?” Gasset wondered. “Is it a good one? Am I allowed to ask that?”

Chuckling somewhat, Paulsen nodded. “I can promise you now, it is. I know the captain extremely well, and I am certain you will be pleased.” 

Looking at the tablet, Gasset’s eyes got bigger at seeing it. “Oh my, there must be some mistake here.”

“No mistake,” Paulsen assured her. 

“Chief Armoury Officer on the Endeavour?” Gasset questioned. “Really?”

“Really!” Paulsen repeated with an affirmative nod.

“I am shocked,” Gasset commented. “I never thought I’d be given such a posting.”

“Captain Campbell requires a few good people to help him out,” Paulsen stated, “Your record with us on Poseidon has been nothing but excellent. I won’t lie when I say we will miss you, but you’ve got this, Monica.”

“Thank you, ma’am, just thank you!” Gasset replied with a huge smile. “May I give you a hug?”

Laughing at that request, Paulsen nodded, and within a second of allowing it, Gasset jumped up in the air somewhat as she embraced the flag officer. 

In the private confines of her office, the intercom went off, interrupting Admiral Paulsen as she sipped on her mug of coffee while working. “Bridge to Admiral Paulsen,” spoke her first officer and communications officer. 

Placing her mug down, she tapped on the nearby communications panel. “Go ahead, Austin.”

“Ma’am, I’ve finally been able to get in range of Endeavour. I’ve got Captain Campbell for you on subspace.” Commander Austin Schott reported.

“Pipe him down here.” She ordered. 

Seconds later, her desktop console came to life, and the image of her former first officer filled it. “Rear Admiral Paulsen, what a delight.”

“Captain Campbell, the same can be said right back at you,” Paulsen said in a cheerful tone.

“Austin said it was important you spoke to me,” Campbell stated. “Is everything okay?” 

“All is well,” She confirmed with a nod before carrying on. “I wanted to tell you the news that we’ll be rendezvousing with you tomorrow.”

“That’s unexpected, ma’am. May I ask how comes?”

“Your fairy godmother has fulfilled your request for new senior officers.” She said, pulling a wry smile at that last phrase. “I’m reassigning two of my officers to the Endeavour, and I’ve got someone from the Atlantis for you.”

“Wow, thank you, ma’am. That’s great to hear.” Campbell said with an appreciative tone. “What will it cost me?”

“Nothing…for now.” She answered with a cheeky wink. “How about a decent dinner with your senior staff and that gorgeous husband of yours to help welcome your new additions, and we’ll call it evens?”

“That I can do.” 

“Excellent, see you tomorrow evening then. Paulsen out.” She tapped the nearby keyboard and closed the channel before picking up her mug of coffee, happy that she could sort out one ship in the fleet before she had to get back to solving more problems across the vessels in her command.