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Part of USS Saratoga: Reunion

Chapter 1 – Reunion

Rhijun / USS Saratoga
July 2400
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Negotiations between the Romulan Republic and the people of Rhijun have been very productive and going in what seemed like the right direction. The last day of the diplomatic conference was held on the planet below so anyone in the colony could attend and voice their concerns about possibly joining the Republic. Captain Azras Dex and a few trusted members of her team were there as neutral parties overseeing as well as making sure there were no incidents.

Things were beginning to wrap up, and now they were turning things over for questions. Azras sat there watching, wondering how the residents would respond. They have been through a lot over the years and she knew what their fears would be. She didn’t have to be a telepath to know what they could be thinking and feeling.

“How can we be sure that we won’t just end up where we were before?” One resident asked looking at the representatives. Knowing very little about the Republic, the Star Empire had always painted a very bad picture of the Republic or any other faction for that matter.

R’Vek looked at the young Reman with a reassuring smile, “we value everyone including our Reman brothers and sisters who share our world in peace.” R’Vek replied as he continued to answer his question.

“Any other questions?” Latana asked looking around the room.

“What about trade routes? We have minerals here on Rhijun that we would like to continue trade,” Javik asked as he spoke up from his seat. That was one lingering question that had been brought up well before the meeting by some residents who didn’t feel comfortable asking questions.

“We would help establish trade with other regions,” Latana replied. They both looked around the room and when no one else had anything Latana turned toward Javik. “We have come to the end of this conference,” she began. “We will be in the next room until you need us again,” Latana said as both Republic and Starfleet stood up and headed out of the room.

Now they waited while they deliberate amongst each other, in the adjoining room just south of the large meeting room was lined with chairs for them to sit and wait. Azras had been quiet for most of the time, only chiming in when she felt it was necessary. She pondered everything that has happened over the last few weeks. 

Looking around she noticed that Ritru was off near the corner talking with R’Vek, while Mezril was having a little chat with Latana. T’Prel had chosen to stand next to where Azras was sitting just observing everything with her hands behind her back.

“What are you thinking about?” T’Prel asked as she stood there looking at her.

Looking over at T’Prel letting out a soft sigh, “just thinking about everything that has happened during our time here.” Azras replied as she stood up from the chair that she was sitting in. Pressing her lips together, “it makes me wonder how these negotiations will end. Will they join the Republic or decide to remain independent.” Azras said as she turned to look back at T’Prel.

T’Prel had opened her mouth to speak when their attention was drawn towards the doors opening. Turning their heads to see the colonists begin to leave, which indicated that deliberations and voting had finished. The others in their group had joined the two officers that were standing there waiting for those to leave.

Once everyone had left Javik motioned for them to enter, Azras had turned her head towards the others for a brief moment to exchange looks before they all headed back into the room and took their seats. Thoughts began to run through her mind wondering what they had decided, though whatever they did decide they would be supportive either way.

Javik looked at the Republic representatives before turning his attention to the rest of the group. “We have made a decision,” Javik began as there was a pause which caused some anticipation of what that decision was with the others. “While being independent was our goal, we feel that the benefits of joining the Republic outweigh that.” He began as he sat there. “What I am saying is, that we have decided to join the Republic.” Javik replied as Navik and Ovisek nodded in agreement.

“Wonderful,” R’Vek replied with Latana nodding in agreement.

Latana was hoping that they would choose to join the Republic so she already had everything drawn up on a padd. “I got everything ready,” Latana said as she placed the padd on the table. “I would need signatures from each of you,” she began before looking at Azras. “I would also need a signature from you and Commander Zelar as witnesses,” she said.

Azras nodded as everyone began to sign the document, once that was finished Azras looked at Javik. “Looks like our work here is done, we will be departing tomorrow morning.” She said looking at them.

“Captain, I have a request that I would like to ask.” Javik replied.

Azras raised an eyebrow, “what’s that?” She asked as she adjusted in her chair.

Javik passed Azras a padd with the majority of the information, “we believe that our captors poisoned our fields. We are unable to figure out how to fix it or even have the capabilities for that matter.” Javik said looking at her, “I know you already helped us a lot over the last few weeks and we appreciate that assistance.” Javik added before he finished.

Azras began to read the information on the padd, they were scheduled to head towards the Thomar Expanse and Deep Space 47. That would have to wait as they needed to have a way to grow food. “I will get with my science team to figure out what’s exactly happening and if there is a way to repair the damage.” Azras finally spoke after a few minutes of silence looking up from the padd.

“Wonderful,” Javik replied with a smile before turning his attention to everyone else. “I believe this meeting has come to an end,” Javik added as everyone got up from their seats and headed out of the room.

Ritru walked up to the Captain, “Sir do you mind if I stay back for a while?” Ritru asked looking at the Captain.

“Of course,” Azras said with a smile as she knew that she wanted to spend some time with her father.

“Thank you, sir,” Ritru responded as she walked away to join R’Vek.

Azras and the others walked out of the palace without saying much of anything, tapping her commbadge, “three to beam up.” Azras said as a moment later they began to disappear from the planet and materialized on board the ship a few moments later.

Once they reached the bridge she looked at T’Prel, “you have the bridge I have some work to get caught up on before turning in for the night.” Azras replied as T’Prel just nodded before Azras made her way towards her ready room.

Rubbing her face letting out a sigh as it had been a long day and she was exhausted. Walking over to the replicator and ordered herself a strong cup of coffee as she still had about a couple of hours of work to finish before turning in for the night. After taking the cup from the replicator, she made her way over to her desk.

Taking a sip of her coffee, and closing her eyes thoughts ran through her mind over the events of the last few weeks. Letting out another sigh she opened her eyes, turning on the computer screen she made the call to Captain Imya Jori back on the USS Noble.

After a few moments the computer changed from the normal Federation symbol to the face of Captain Jori, “this is a surprise, is everything alright?” Jori asked as she was calling later on in the afternoon.

Azras nodded, “I am just calling to let you know that we will be delayed another week or so.” She said looking at Jori looking visibly tired.

“Oh, how come?” Jori asked as she could tell that she was exhausted.

“They have asked us for additional assistance in figuring out how to treat their fields, which they believe have been poisoned,” Azras said as she took another sip of her coffee.

Jori nodded, “understood.” Jori replied, “we will see you when you arrive.” Jori added with a soft smile.

“Thank you, Captain,” Azras replied before the comm channel had ended with the screen turning back to the normal view. Looking at the padds that were laying on her desk, letting out another sigh she began to work on catching up on many different reports before she would turn in for the night.


  • A nice little capstone for the FA and bridging piece to the next story. I'm looking forward to seeing more focus on Ritru and her getting some details and answers about her past and those she thought gone. Hopefully we'll see some deep Ritru coverage soon and she how she handles the revelations to come. Nice touch points to other goings on woven in as well. Looking forward to seeing more.

    July 25, 2022
  • I'm also pleased to read these kinds of ripples and echoes of the fleet action. You had put so many plots into motion, it's satisfying to read how Azras is sticking around to put things right. It's not like the end of a TNG episode where they would just fly off into the unknown. I thought the people of Rhijun's concerns with the Romulan Republic were very natural; I didn't expect them to be immediately welcomed with open arms. You made a good point that they wouldn't have had access to much free information about the republic. It would be hard to know who to trust. After everything, I just hope that their joining the republic will be beneficial. ONCE Azras is able to support their food production now too!

    August 18, 2022