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July 2400
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1800 – Briefing room Juliet Bravo 2


Kr’Antren stiff in front of the door to the briefing room he had been called to. He felt across the front of his Tunic making sure everything was in order and it was laying correctly. “We’ll here we go.” Said to himself as he chimed to let those inside know someone was at the door.




“Ahhhh LT Kr’Antren, welcome to Task Force 47 and Deep Space 47. I’m Captain T’Nak. This is Commanders Stevenson and Zittia . Please have a seat so we can brief you on the latest news and intelligence from around the Thomar Expanse. We have received and reviewed your after action reports from your mission concerning Alth’Ndor IV. Unless there is anything you would like to add we will consider those reports and that mission closed. “


“No ma’am I have nothing to add.” as he nodded to the two other officers sitting at the table and took his seat.


For the next 60 minutes or so he was given a “welcome to Task Force 47” briefing which included the task forces policies and guidelines, the Rules of Engagement (ROE) for any interactions with possible adversarial persons/ships. This also included the latest intelligence on potential locations for pirates, the cardassian border, tzenkthi border and the Breen.


“Now Lt, I’m sure you’re wondering about your next mission. Yes, we have decided to keep your crew together along with the new additions you have recently requested and a couple that we recently received but feel,looking through your reports, should make good fits to your crew. First we have to take care of some business.” The captain reached down and picked  something up, looked at it real quick and slid it across the table to Kr’Antren. “Commander Stevenson, what do the regulations say is the penalty for a StarFleet officer being out of uniform.” 


Commander Stevenson starts to chuckle “Hmmm, We’ll know, on a ship it would be the first round of drinks from the officer at the lounge. But on a station, that’s another story, I would have to remember exactly how it’s worded but I believe it something along the lines of “the officer in question shall be required to open a tab at a drinking establishment of their choice for no more than a predetermined amount of time set by the stations command.” Which I believe for DS47 in this instance it would be for 30 minutes.” The three officers faced Kr’Antren and Captain T’Nak raised an eyebrow.


Kr’Antren quickly picked up the box from in front of him, seeing the silver enclosed pip representing his second full one and the rank of Lieutenant. He quickly looked up at the officers reaching to his neck area where his rank pips sat, unlatched the one silver ring and replaced it with the fully filled in pip. 


The three officers gave a quick nod, Commander Stevenson looked across the table to Commander   

Zittia “ Not sure I’ve seen an officer catch on and move so quick, have you?” Commander Zittia’s antenna twitched and twirled around as she looked at Kr’Antren. “Nor have I, but he is caitian and they are known for having quick reflexes. And knowing who his parents are I’m sure he is not what you would call dumb or slow.” Chuckling as she said this. 


Kr’Antren’s ears perked up at the mention of his parents, and looked at the Andorian Commander again trying to picture her face in his memories of his parents’ various staff and acquaintances. Shook his head slightly as he was not able to place her face or name.


At this time a side door opened behind the captain and another LT entered the briefing room carrying a tray with several Padds stacked on it and a few boxes like the one he just received stacked on it placing it beside her on the table. He could only guess that this was the captain’s aide. He also bent down and whispered something to the Captain. “Thankyou Lt. Rockwell.”As she held up a finger, the Lieutenant nodded in acknowledgement and exited the room


“Those boxes are based on your requests and recommendations. This PADD” she slides one across the table “is rather interesting in what it holds. The PADD holds two letters of appreciation, one from the Klingon high council and one from the newly formed government of Alth’Ndor IV. Those name both the crew of the Rhyndacus and yourself. It also contains a letter of commendation for Dr. M’Gok, Ensign Tazzeth, LTjg Talibah and yourself from the senate of Alth’Ndor IV. Now this one “slides the next one to him “holds two  letters of commendation for you. One from Colonel M’Gok of the Klingon Imperial Navy and the seat of House M’Gok. The second is from Commander Nijeer of the Romulan Republic Navy.”



Kr’Antren took the PADDS, looked them over quickly confirming the contents and set them to the side. Captain T’Nak stands and approaches the windows overlooking one of the docking arms of DS47. 


“Commander Stevenson, can you take it from here?” 


“Yes, ma’am.” As he stands and begins to walk in front of the viewscreen, then walks over beside Kr’Antren. “Lieutenant, now we have a new issue and concern. You see we can’t have a Raven class ship undertaking missions in the Thomar Expanse especially considering a couple of our neighbors are not too happy we are here. So what do we do about this? “ 


Kr’Antren looks at him, then at the Captain then back at the commander. “Sir, the obvious answer would be to keep the Rhyndacus assigned to missions relatively close to the station or” looks back at the captain 


“Commander, I think he may be catching .” Commander Stevenson started to chuckle “I think your right ma’am”


Captain T’Nak reached up and taped her combadge one time. “Lieutenant, join me over here please.”


“Yes ma’am” he stood and approached the viewing windows beside the captain. She pointed towards the docking arm as a ship was starting to be pulled in by the tractor beams, no running lights were on and the engine nacelles showed no sign of life suggesting that the ship had been brought in by tugs and tractor beams


Kr’Antren stood with his hands behind his back. When he started to recognize the ship being brought in, a look of confusion crossed his face, as he turned his head and looked at the captain the confusion mixed with a hint of surprise showed on his face. “Ma’am,  that’s a Reliant class frigate.” He looked on with awe as the ship was brought in for docking, admiring the beauty of her lines knowing that she was the next generation ship in a long line of ships based on the workhorse Miranda class. 


The captain started to chuckle “Why yes, I do believe it is a reliant class Lieutenant. Do you think your crew and you could handle her?” A smile starts to crack her face. 


A smile started to break across Kr’Antrens face as he let out a low whistle. “Yes ma’am. We can handle her. We can definitely handle her. Though I think we’ll need some more crew, there’s only 12 of us right .” He turned and watched as the bridge area and the topside arch came into view and the ship came to a complete stop as the docking procedures finished. 


Captain T’Nak hands the last PADD to him “Lt Kr’Antren, please read the first paragraph aloud.”


Kr’Antren took the PADD from the captain and turned it on, looking over the mentioned paragraph. “I Lieutenant Kr’Antren hereby take command of the USS Osiris (NCC-86401). I assume all duties and responsibilities inherent with that role.“ 


“Command has been given to LT Kr’Antren. All command authorizations have been transferred.” Came the computer’s voice through the PADD.


A small round of applause follows the computer’s acknowledgement of a new commander.  “Lieutenant the PADD holds all of your command information along with the status of the crew. Most are arriving over the next day or two as we receive station and starship personnel.”


Kr’Antren nods at the captain, and takes a deep breath. “Ma’am I need to relay a quick message to the bridge staff. If I may.” He received a nod in the affirmative. He tapped his combadge “Number one, I’m going to need the bridge crew and department heads to stand by.” 


Captain T’Nak looked at the two commanders with a raised eyebrow, received a nod from both and turned back to Lt. Kr’Antren. She looks out at the newly crewed USS Osiris than out amongst the stars in the distance. “I have one more piece of business Lieutenant. Lieutenant Kr’Antren what I did not inform you of was that included in the last two letters of commendation were two letters or recommendation. It seems you made an impression, albeit a quick one, but nonetheless an impression of what the future holds for Star Fleet, Fourth Fleet, Bravo Fleet and this Task Force. To receive a letter from both a Klingon Colonel and a Romulan Republic Commander says something about your character, your leadership abilities and yourself. On top of those recommendations we feel that it does not behoove us to send one of the newest ships of the line into an area that is still truthfully being contested by no less than three other factions under the command of a Lieutenant, just won’t send the right picture to those we are trying to work with. So… Lieutenant Kr’Antren I have decided with the powers granted to me by Starfleet command and fourth fleet to hereby acknowledge those recommendations. I hereby promote you to the rank of LT. Commander with all privileges and responsibilities inherent with that rank.” She reached up and attached the third silvered ring pip to his collar. “Besides we couldn’t have a new Captain hold the same rank as his First officer, as she nodded  to the boxes on the table, now could we?”


A louder round of applause could be heard in the room now as he turned and noticed several  more commanders and Lt. Commanders have entered the briefing room. 


Lt. Cmdr Kr’Antren takes a step back as he starts accepting the line of officers passing by him offering him congratulations on the new command and the promotion. After the other officers have left he turns to the Captain. “Ma’am, is it possible to have the room for the next hour or two. I believe I have some business of my own to take care of.” As he looked over at the stack of boxes on the table and then at the USS Osiris behind him. 


The Captain let’s put a slight laugh and a smile “Yes, I guess you do, don’t you. The room is yours as long as you need it.She hands him a small remote, once to black out the panels, the next one returns them to normal and gives him a side wink as she also exited  the room. 


Kr’Antren took the remote and put it in his pocket and tapped his combadge “Number one, have all bridge staff and department heads meet me in briefing room Juliet Bravo Two as soon as possible. Don’t want to take up too much of your leave time.”


“On our way sir.”


A few minutes later in Briefing Room Juliet Bravo Two


Please take a seat, I’m finishing up a few things from Command, I’ll be in there in a minute” Kr’Antren said from the side room. 


The bridge staff and department heads, minus the Chief of Engineering, Chief Flight Control Officer and the Chief of Strategic Operations, each took a seat around the briefing table and  the conversations started to die down as they waited for their captain to finish. 


As Kr’Antren was entering the room the doors opened and a Tellarite strolled into the room slapping a swagger stick against his leg. “Excuse me, I was told by Commander Stevenson that this is the meeting place for the USS Rhyndacus staff. Where is that wet behind the ears blasted god son of mine. Here kitty kitty kitty.” Everyone turned in their seats and looked in amazement at this Lt who just walked in. Chief Kaha let out a squeak and tried to hide.  LTJg Skagath looked over at the sound and noticed Chief Kaha trying to hide her face. “ Do I know you, lass?”


Chief Kaha straightened up, stood and faced the LT. “Class 2386-4 Delta flight, sir.”


Lt Skagath looked at her face, scratched the side of his head. “Recruit Kaha, yes I remember you.” Gives her a sideways glance and a wink. He then walked and took one of the empty seats. “Mind like a steel trap.” As he tapped his head with his swagger stick.


“Lieutenant, who are you and what are you doing in our meeting?” Number One asked as she looked at him.


“Number one, he would be LTJg Skagath, our new Chief of Strategic Operations and Security. Also, sometimes I wonder why mom and dad chose him, he is my godfather.” Kr’Antren said as he walked in carrying the tray from the earlier briefing now with a simple cloth over the top covering the contents. He took a spot a the head of the table. Lt Skagath looks Kr’Antren over and notices something different. Something that was there during their video conference. 


“Hold on lad, how come I wasn’t told or invited.” He points out the Lieutenant Commander pips now on Kr’Antrens collar with the swagger stick. “When did that happen?” Everyone else at the table stares at Kr’Antren and a loud round of applause along with some overly loud congratulatory yelling from the rest of the staff


Kr’Antren shakes his head and allows it to go on for a minute. “That happened a few minutes ago, Lieutenant.” Gives Skagath a wink “Well thanks for the lieutenants

 keen sense of observation I might as well change up the script I had laid out.”


“Pathfinders are those whom are selected to be the guiding light that others follow into the unknown. We lay the groundwork that others build upon, building relationships with friends old and new so that those that follow can build upon the friendships started or renewed. We are the light, we are the tip of the spear. Follow us, trust in our light to guide you into new possibilities. That ladies and gentleman is our basic mission statement. We will lead and light the path for others to follow. Sounds simple enough but in reality it will not be so simple or easy. We do not know what lays ahead of us or who we can count on but we do know we have each other. Now many of you I’m sure are asking yourselves the same question I was about 45 minutes ago.  The Rhyndacus is not a ship that says “guiding light”” he lets out a deep breath.” Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new beacon for others to follow. We are no longer the crew of the USS Rhyndacus.” He pushes the remote hidden in his palm with his thumb. As the panels change from black to clear and the lights come on to reveal the docked ship. “We are now the crew of the Reliant class, USS Osiris. Do you guys think we can be the light for others to follow in her?” The bridge staff get up and run to the window panels as one, letting out another round of congratulatory yells and hugsThey all turn one by one and answer his last question “Yes, sir”


“Good, please take your seats, we shouldn’t be much longer. The rest of the command staff and the crew should be reporting in over the next couple days. I for one have decided to cancel my leave plans so I can get myself up to speed on the Osiris and the Reliant class. She is a new ship so we are her first crew. The rest of you have the option if you so choose. You don’t have to tell me now what you want to do, just pass a message to myself or Number one. We do not have our official orders yet, I figure they will give us a few days to get everyone on board and get her supplied and ready.”


“Now onto the next piece of business.” He pulls the cloth from the tray. “ I have some promotions to take care of, I see. “ looks down at the tray. “I’m not going to waste your leave time by going through everyone one of these individually and reading them off. Some of these were recommended by myself, some are from higher due to service time or other qualifications.Normally, I Would be doing this as part of a ceremony in front of the whole crew, but as you know on the Rhyndacus this is just a few people shy of the full crew. So this will be quick and simple.”


“LTJg Talibah, and LTJg M’Gok  I hereby promote you both to the rank of Lieutenant with all duties, responsibilities and privileges inherent with that rank.” He slides the box to her on his right and across to his CMO.


“Ensign Tazzeth, I hereby promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade with all duties, responsibilities and privileges inherent with that rank.” Passes the box over to his Chief of Science.


He sets a box to the side.


“Chief Kahakuloa Alamea, the Chief Petty Officer board has deemed that you are worthy of promotion to the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer with all duties, responsibilities and privileges inherent with that rank.” Slides the box over to her.


“Petty Officer Stimeck, the Chief Petty Officer board has deemed that you are worthy of promotion to the rank of Chief Petty Officer with all duties, responsibilities and privileges inherent with that rank.” slides the rank of to him.


“Also two letters of commendation have been added to everyone’s dossiers , please pass this on to your departments” 


“If you would like for me to pin those ranks on you versus you doing it yourselves please stay behind. We will reconvene in 48 hours onboard the Osiris. One suggestion: during that time, you may want to move yourselves into your new quarters. Your room assignments should be in your mail folders in the next couple hours. You are dismissed.”


Unbelievably the entire bridge crew stayed to receive their rank officially from their captain. Kr’Antren pinned each of the newly promoted crew and spent a moment giving each one a personal congratulations on their promotion. 


After everyone had left except for Skagath. “Well old man, do you need a box to stand to look at her? She is a thing of beauty is she not.” 


“Aye lad, she is at that. She is indeed.”


“Well, what do you say? Want to join me on my first walk through?”


“What are we waiting for sir, Let’s go look at what this new ship of ours has.”