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Welcome to the Thomar Expanse…

USS Nobel, along the Cardassian border, Thomar Expanse
Stardate 77559.4
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The benefit to having USS Nobel as Task Force 47’s flagship, a now Fleet Captain Alexandra Sudari-Kravchik thought to herself, was that the ship’s expansive facilities accommodated the option and capacity for flag offices far more comfortably than any other ship in the current Starfleet inventory outside of the Odyssey-class ships, in her opinion. While Nobel sacrificed some of her scientific lab space for the flag offices, it wasn’t like the ship lacked any afterwards in the grand scheme.

Starboard compartments on deck ten had been given over to house the office space that was required to manage a task force, but the true luxury of compartments with windows had been set aside for two purposes – her own office and the task force conference room. Converted quarters, it was difficult to see them as such now.

“Ah, Captain Jori, please, sit,” she stated as her executive officer stepped into her office, past her yeoman who was at work in the outer office. “We are finally starting to see the ships of our task force arrive in the Thomar Expanse.” She indicated the large display on the wall opposite the windows which showed a brief status display of the ships assigned, at least administratively so far, to Task Force 47. “A few have arrived at DS47 and are partaking in leave before continuing into the Expanse.”

Looking at the newly promoted Fleet Captain she nodded as she took the seat that was offered, crossing her leg over her other leg she looked at the display as Sudari-Kravchik spoke. “After the events with the situation in the Romulan Star Empire and the Velorum Sector it’s good to see they get some much-needed leave,” Jori said as she looked back at the Captain. 

“Indeed so. I am however gratified to see the ships and personnel we were promised finally arriving in our theatre of operations.” Sudari-Kravchik slid a padd across her desk. “A draft of our briefing packets for the command crews of every ship that will be working throughout the Expanse.” She’d been working on it primarily herself but the helping hand of her intelligence chief was obvious upon reading. “I would appreciate your taking the time to fully review the document and come back to me with your thoughts so that we might distribute it as soon as possible.”

“Understood sir,” Jori replied as she made a mental note to do that once they finished this meeting.

“In the meantime, I shall be issuing generalised orders to all crews. Survey and exploratory work along multiple vectors across the Expanse will take quite some time to complete and likely be extended with each new discovery.” Sudari-Kravchik tapped a button and the monitor on the wall shifted to a star map. “I will also be issuing general guidance on interstellar relations, particularly with our nominal Cardassian allies. Nobel is due to rendezvous with the Mertec in a few days, and we will meet with a Gul Tresh to discuss some of the factionalism within the Cardassian border forces. No doubt we’ll be able to provide some further intelligence to our ship captains following that.”

Jori had listened to what was being said. “The meeting with the Cardassians should prove interesting. From what I understand they didn’t quite like the idea of Starfleet moving into this area of space,” Jori responded. “I hope we can smooth over relations between us and them.” She added as she adjusted in her seat while looking at the star map that was brought up.

“That would be nice. I will settle for Gul Tresh at least giving us a list of other Guls on border patrols that we should inform our people to be cautious of. Of concern is possible Tzenkethi and Breen provocations.” Sudari-Kravchik stood and approached the map, a hand rising to highlight the border regions. “I have decided to issue orders at this time to avoid direct engagements with either power if at all possible. I have no doubt something will occur in the future but I would prefer it to be the result of someone else deciding to start a conflict.”

“Yes, we don’t need any incidents with either of those powers.” Jori replied, “though we will want to keep an eye on the Breen. With their attack on Guardian Station, they are worthy of watching to make sure nothing like that will happen again.” Jori commented as she hadn’t been there, but read it in reports from the aftermath of that situation. “The Tzenkethi have been pretty quiet from my understanding,” Jori added.

“They will not stay that way I fear. Another Galaxy-class, a Sovereign-class, and an Odyssey-class when it gets out here, as well as a handful of lighter vessels, means that the Thomar Expanse is going to become rather busy with Starfleet ships. The diplomats can confess the truth of simple exploration as much as they want, many will not buy it.” With another tap on the map, Sudari-Kravchik highlighted dozens of star systems in the Expanse. “Territorial claims, counter-claims, counter-counter claims, suspicions between the Cardassians and the Breen since the end of the Dominion War, some rightly so, the Tzenkethi’s generalised xenophobia – all of this makes the Thomar Expanse a terribly interesting place to be.”

She traced a finger parallel to the Breen border, but well away from it. “Survey work along this arc here would give us a chance to establish sensor buoys to monitor Breen activity within the Expanse. Mark 8s should be sufficient, their range short enough to mollify any concerns about spying into Breen territory as well. We can then make overtures to the Union for shared maintenance of the array.” She turned back to Jori. “Draw up a deployment plan. We will not rush it, but notify all ships so if they are in the specified regions they can make efforts.”

Taking note again of what was being asked of her, “Understood.” Jori replied adjusting in her chair ever so slightly, “I just received word from Captain Dex of the Saratoga. They are being delayed within the Velorum Sector finishing up some humanitarian aid, it would be another week or so before they will be able to head to Deep Space 47.” Jori commented as Sudari-Kravchik had mentioned an Odyssey class arriving within the Expanse. 

“You can get back to Captain Dex and let her know to take as much time as she needs.” Her tone had come across harsher than she wanted, so remedying what was said was for the best. “I mean to say, inform her to take as much time as she needs to remedy the situation in the Republic to the best interest of all before she departs. With what we have already present or soon to be, I am sure we can make due. As long as we do not lose her and her ship to the Republic efforts long term.”

Jori nodded in agreement, “Understood. I will relay the message.” Jori replied, looking at her padd for a moment before looking up. “Anything else I need to be aware of?” She asked looking at the woman in front of her as she couldn’t think of anything else that wasn’t already covered.

“Just that our days of little paperwork and reports are at an end.” Sudari-Kravchik tapped once more on the wall panel and it showed estimated tracking lines for the task force’s ships and then coloured bands over the Expanse with stardate ranges, all radiating outwards from DS47. “It is, I hope, going to become quite busy in the near future.”