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Part of USS Rhyndacus: Are we there yet

Arrival at DS47

USS Rhyndacus
June 2400
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“Deep space 47 flight control this is the USS Rhyndacus requesting docking instructions, holding at the outer marker for further instructions.” Number one stated from her position. 


“USS Rhyndacus permission to dock has been granted. Deep Space 47 welcomes you to the Thomar Expanse. All Facilities and are open and available to the crew. Let us know if we can be of any assistance during your stay. DS47 flight control out.”


“Sir, we have received vectoring instructions for our assigned dock.”


Take us in helm ¼ impulse and watch the paint job.” Kr’Antrem states from his center chair. As the bridge crew watched the Narendra class station fill their view screen.


“Would you look at that beauty? Now that’s a starship.” Ensign Yiv said as they passed a berthed sovereign class ship. “I thought there were only a few of those deployed, hard to believe one would be out here. Fourth Fleet and Bravo Fleet must be real serious about the Thomar expanse to assign one of those babies out here.”


Kr’Antrem looked at the information on his  armrest console “ That’s the Atlantis, and yes she has been assigned to Task Force 47. So I’m sure we will be seeing more of her in due time. Helm. Please keep your eyes where we are going and stop drooling all over your console. Besides, you’re on your way to an Akira class to be back in a fighter seat.”


“True sir, but you have to admit they are a thing of beauty.”


Kr’Antren nodded his head in agreement. 


“Sir, we are making final approach” they felt a jolt on each side of the ship “those would be the tractor beams bringing us in.”


“”Number one, make the ship ready to Dock.”


“Sir the port side docking ring has locked on and reports green, all umbilicals have been attached and are showing green across the board. Sir, the Rhyndacus has docked.” Number one said from her position, as she now got up and walked over to stand beside the center chair. “ Well, sir, we made it to our new home.”


Kr’Antren stood up from his chair and looked over the bridge crew. “Yes, we have. Chief Kaha open internal comms “


“Comms are open sir.”


“Rhyndacus, this is Lt Kr’Antren. We have docked at DS47. Department heads have the leave and duty schedules. 48 hours shore leave will commence at 2000 hours, giving us plenty of time to make sure the ship is situated and everything is locked down for station procedures. Those of you that will not be staying with us, just in case I do not get to you on a personal level before you leave, I wish to be the first to say Thank you and it has been a pleasure serving with you. Lt. Kr’Antren out.”


“Bridge to engineering”




“Chief being the warp core to station levels, unless we hear otherwise.”


“Already started the procedures sir, warp core should be at safe levels for station life at 1900 hours.”


“Thank you Chief”


“Number one, I’ve just received a message earlier from Task Force command that they want a briefing with me at 1800 hours. “ looks at the chrono on the view screen. “Gives us a couple hours to finalize the mission reports before I sign off on them. “ 


“Command staff, I know you all want to start your shore leave just as much as anyone else. I will ask though please wait for my return from the briefing with command just in case they have a new mission for us, if nothing new comes to me during the brief I’ll pass the word to Number one.”


Kr’Antren looked around the bridge and received nodded heads from those that were busy with docking procedures or affirmatives from those that were not .


“Chief Kaha, please make sure that gets passed to Doc and Chief Ruz. Number one, let’s go over these final reports and get them to command before the briefing.