Part of USS Rhyndacus: Are we there yet

Entering the expanse

USS Rhyndacus
June 2400
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“Incoming transmission sir, says it’s for you from DS9.”


“Send it to my ready room” As he got up from his chair,straightened his tunic and made his way to his ready room.


“Ahhhh me’boy, there you are.So mom and dad let you out of the nursery did they? “ as the figure of a tellarite in tactical Red wearing the pip’s of a LTJG filled the screen.


“Uncle Skaagrath  I see you still need the box to stand on to see over the desk.”


“Your getting out of practice Kr’Antren gotta do better than that against one like me. You have used that one too many times.” Bellowing laughter erupted from the view screen.” Maybe, I should come over to your little toy you call a star ship and give you a few lessons in how to properly give an insult that a tellarite would be proud of.”


Kr’Antren lets out a slight chuckle “Accept my offer and you could teach me all you want old man.”


Lt. Skaagath looks into the view screen and gives his chin a good scratch through his quite prominent and full beard. “I’m thinking it over boy’o, I hate to leave this nice station, after all I only got here a few months ago. and they do have such nice establishments.” Gave a wink at the screen.


“Uncle, we all know you hate station life. So don’t try to go there. Did you read the reports and the other information I sent you?”


“Yes,yes,yes. Read it all. I just don’t know though the Ravens are awfully small. You know I need some room.”


Kr’Antren slightly almost comically covers his mouth.”Not me fault your as wide as a house.”


“What, what did you say? I heard that, thought you’d sneak one in did ya. Haaaa gotta be better than that.” Scratches his chin again.


“Haaaa I know you’re considering it, you always scratch your chin like that when you are thinking positively about something. Dad said he would bet that we wouldn’t be in the Rhyndacus much longer, that the Ravens aren’t really meant for the type of missions we will be seeing in the Thomar Expanse.”


“He’s right, you know, they’re not. Been reading up on that area since I got your first message last night. Lots of rough folk out in them parts, plus the borders with the Cardassians, tzenkethi and the Breen will make for some interesting times.” Looks into the view screen 


“Ugh you’re going to make me say it aren’t you. All right, all right. LTJg Skaagath would you please consider joining the crew of the Rhyndacus and/or any assigned ship that we get as the Chief of Strategic Operations and security. There I said it ol’man.” Chuckles into the screen.


All you had to do was ask nicely, sir. Ugh I can’t believe I called you, a wet behind the ears kitten” winks “ sir. Can I bring Betsy? Can’t just leave her here you know. And what about the crew? Do I get a say in my crew? And my quarters I want my choice in quarters you know I’m picky about them. “


“You brought Betsy with you? Well right now you have two security crewmen, one will have to be brought in after the events on Alth’Ndor IV. However if things change as you and dad think they will then yes your input would be sought for the personnel in your departments. As far as quarters” let’s out a chuckle “not much we can do about them on the Rhyndacus but if things change then yes. “


Skaagath holds up a Tortoise about a foot to a foot and a half in length and about that wide. “Yep, Betsy is right here. Best birthday gift an uncle could ask for. I guess I can agree to all of that. Let me turn in the papers and I’ll be out that way as soon as I can hitch a ride.” 


Kr’Antren types a few things on the PADD in front of him “I just sent the paperwork to DS9 command. And yes, you can bring Betsy, but she stays in your quarters.”


Skaagath held Betsy so she faced him. “You hear that lady, we got ourselves a new home. Guess we better start packing.“ placed  Betsy back on the floor and he then pulled out the swagger stick that has become such a part of his persona that seeing him without it would be like seeing someone you have known all your life after having an arm or leg amputated. As he started to tap it against his leg.  “Ok then Captain ” shakes his head after saying that. “Sorry, that’s  going to take some getting used to calling you Captain when I used to bounce you on my knee and read you bedtime stories. I’ll be there as soon as I can.”


“Uncle, those stories can stay between us. Right?”


“Oh sure, sure they can. Well until someone buys a me a few drinks one night than wellll who knows what will come out. So many stories to tell” let out another bellowing laugh as he ended the transmission.


Kr’Antren shook his head and headed out of the ready room, in some ways fascinated by the idea having LTJg Skaagath as his Strat ops chief and In other ways he dreaded the other idea.


“Well, number one we have a new Chief of Strategic Operations and Security. No I’m not letting that proverbial cat out of the bag on just who it is.”


LTJg Talibah, Number one, raised an eyebrow as he said this and stood up from the center chair and took her place on the bridge.


“Captain, we should be exiting Red Route one, right about now!” They watched as the cascading view of Warp slowed to show them their new home, the Region of the alpha Quadrant known as the Thomar Expanse. 


Kr’Antren shook his head at Ensign Yiv’s poor excuse for aiding a movie line “That’s what we get for letting you pick the movie last night. “


“Well sir, you have to admit it fits what we were doing.”


Kr’Antrem nodded “True” Chief Kaha. Please inform Deep Space 47 and Task Force 47 Command that we have arrived in the Thomar Expanse and are making way to DS47. Arrival should be in.”checks the info on his armrest console.” 24 hours.”


Chief kaha checks over a few things on her console, nodding as she relays the message. A couple minutes later she hits the intercom button so that all can hear. A dry male voice, slightly on the baritone side but speaking as if reading from a script comes over the channel. “USS Rhyndacus, From the commander of Task Force 47 and her staff we would like to welcome you to the Thomar Expanse home of Task Force 47. Deep Space 47 will be expecting you. Inform Deep Space 47 flight control when you’re a couple hours out so preparations can be made for your arrival. Deep Space 47, out


Kr’Antren looked over the bridge “Well you heard the man, welcome to our new home. Number one,  work with the department heads to prepare those that are transferring to other locations to get set up for departure. I’m going to grant 48 hours shore leave, which means no leaving the station, on a rotational basis so I will need a leave roster and a duty roster on my desk  before our final approach to Deep Space 47. Helm plot a course for Deep Space 47, warp 6. Watch out for traffic. I don’t want to hit a freighter or a crew transport on our way in.”


“Course plotted sir, taking us to warp 6.”


“Chief Kaha, Ensign Tazzeth let’s record all sensor sweeps both long and short. Never know what we will pick up that the folks in command might find useful.”


“Helm make sure you have that course plotted and in your report. Other crews may find it useful versus going through the badlands. Oh and if I may make a suggestion. I would think of a different name for it.”


Ensign Yiv let out a chuckle. “Yes sir, it will be in my report new name and all.”


“Number one, I’ll be in my ready room going over those final after action reports from Alth’Ndor IV, also need to finish going through the crew requests.”


“Yes captain.”


“Number one you have the conn.”


“I have the conn”


Kr’Antrem exited the bridge and entered his ready room. Knowing he had some decisions to make and a report to finalize before they reached Deep Space 47.