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Is Now the Time?

USS Heracles, Ready room
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Aimee approached the ready room door of the USS Heracles and pressed the door chime.  She glanced around the bridge feeling self-conscious like all eyes were on her. Though,  to be honest she did stick out.  She wasn’t part of that crew. 

Debrah looked at Aimee as she stood outside of the ready room door. She cocked her head to the side as she stepped away from the tactical console and walked over to her.

“Aimee, is it?” She asked as she looked the woman over. Her light emerald eyes held a slight curiousness to them as she looked.

She nodded, “It is.”

“Is there something that I can help you with?” She asks standing next to the tactical console. She was still curious about why someone not of her crew was standing outside her Captain’s ready room.

“Umm… I don’t think so. Unless you are a captain,” she replied. 

“No, well not on this ship anyway, but I am the Captain’s fiance, and currently the officer in charge, while the Captain and First Officer are busy with discussions of what to do next.”

Aimee shrugged,  “Very well, I’ll come back later.”  She turned and started for the turbo-lift. 

Debrah shrugged as she watched Aimee head for the turbo-lift. She made a mental note to inform Vausees of this when she was able to.


Zebulon Pike…

Aimee and Dougal sat next to each other in the aft crew lounge facing the picture windows looking to the stars beyond.  “So lass, did you get Vax to agree?” Dougal asked.

Aimee shook her head.  “Apperntly she was busy. I guess we can ask Ethan,  but it’s weird to have my brother perform the ceremony isn’t it?”

“Aye, I can see that to be sure,” he agreed looking meditatively into the void of space.  “You ken we can wait for us to return to our reality?”

Aimee considered it and finally shook her head, “No.  For one we don’t know if we will get home,  and secondly there’s no guarantee we will both survive to make it home.  No, this is the best course even if it’s a bit rushed.”

Dougal chuckled,  “I’ve heard of people who dated less time.  No, I love you and I ken this is the right decision.   Even if you are a sassanach.”

Aimee shook her head and smirked at what would normally be a term of derision,  but in this case seemed romantic… well as romantic as this Scottish lunk would likely be.