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Part of USS Edinburgh: Mission 2 – Wings of a Phoenix and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

Taking Care of Business

USS Edinburgh
June 30, 2400
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USS Edinburgh- Briefing Room – 0800

The command crew sat around the table catching up with each other.  The repairs on the Edinburgh had taken longer to complete after the damage to the decks had been fully examined and Okada’s concerns about long-term stability were taken into account.  They had each found things to do both off duty and on duty.  Reid had volunteered to work with the medical side of things while Thasaz had taken a few days to help with refugees.  Kondo had pulled his tactical and security team to do drills and team building in the various holo decks.  Juliet had met with her new counseling team and they’d made a plan to begin seeing crew and scheduling off-time activities.  Okada had remained on the ship to assist in the continued repairs and to get a better understanding of her first officer duties.

The door opened and their commanding officer stepped into the room and took a seat at the front of the table, “Good morning, everyone.  We’ve got our orders…and we’ll be departing shortly after I brief you all.”  He stood and tapped at the screen, “We’re returning to the Kaseas Colony.  It’s not the moon that’s cause for concern this time…it’s the sun.”  He tapped at the screen, “Starfleet sent a science vessel to do a routine scan of the system after we left and at first…things seemed stable.  As they circled through the area, they detected something from the sun…Jasaw, I believe is the name.”  He moved to the next image, “Jasaw is experiencing a renewing of it’s power.  The USS Potena reports they’re seeing energy spikes beyond what would normally be expected from the sun.  Part of the reason why the moon and its base exist was to balance out the environment and the influence that the sun throws at the planet.  However – the Potena science crew is worried that even if we installed a warp core…or even a Romulan core in it…it’s not going to be able to keep up with the sun.  There’s concern the sun could go supernova in six months to a year.  The Potena is staying on-site and will be assisting us with figuring out just what we can do.”

Thasaz stared at the screen, “Commander…has the possibility that this particular phase of the sun may not be a natural part of its process been discussed?”

Harris replied, “It’s been discussed…and there’s not enough evidence to say either way.  Part of why we’re involved is your experience within your former group’s study of stars and suns.”  He handed her a PADD, “Starfleet has asked for you to identify twenty of your crew that you would trust to come along – they would operate under your command as guests on the Edinburgh.”

She felt a quiet smile slip across her lips as she quietly accepted the PADD, “Thank you, sir.”

He turned to the rest of the crew, “We depart within the hour.  We’ll need three-man teams from engineering, operations, and counseling ready to go down with the away team.  Science and medical will be sending most of their crew along with our security teams to assist.  Dismissed.”  The crew cleared out until it was just him and Jordan Reid.  He gathered his PADDs and slipped them into a bag, “You stuck around for a reason, Jord?”

She had stayed in her seat, “You didn’t stay long in the bed this week…you were out the door by eight am.”

He paused in his packing up, “I have responsibilities, Jord.  Sometimes those get in the way of us…I’m sorry that’s the case….but I can’t do anything about it.  I was honest about wanting to get that captain rank pip.  That takes work…and time.”

She sighed and pushed out of the chair, “I know…you’ve always been honest about this thing.”  She grumbled, “Doesn’t mean I have to like it, ‘Brose.”  She reached out and fixed the collar of his uniform, “I’m gonna have feelings about this…I was honest about that, wasn’t I?”

Ambrose reached out and put his fingers over hers, “You were.  Remember what I told you?”

Another grumble, “Your feelings aren’t wrong…what you do with them…that’s what matters.”  She clasped her hands in his, “I want this to keep working, ‘Brose.”

He kissed her fingers, “I do too, Jord.  We’ve got a balancing act to keep learning as we go.”  He kissed her forehead and pulled away, finishing his packing, “Speaking of going…we’ve an hour before The Eddie’s on the next mission.  I’ve got a bridge to command…”

Reid smiled a little, “…and I have a sickbay to run.  Fine.  Let’s get to work.”  They both left out the door of the briefing room a little lighter than when they entered.

USS Edinburgh- The Castle (bridge) – 0915

Harris sat in his command chair.  The bridge was back in order.  They’d installed a few more lights to brighten up the corners and some of the consoles sported new improved control interfaces.  He tapped at his console until his helm officer entered the bridge. “Mr. Prentice, a moment before you take your station.”  He stood from his chair and handed Prentice a PADD for him to sign, “Based on your valiant efforts onboard the USS Edinburgh and your incredible exhibition of both talent and professionalism within the helm department, I am promoting you to Chief Helm Officer of the USS Edinburgh.  The department is yours, Ensign.”

Prentice was speechless as the others around the bridge turned and applauded – some even cheering!  He accepted the PADD and signed it, shakily.  He shook his CO’s hand, “Thank you, Commander…I’m very…humbled.”

“You earned it, Ensign.”  

Prentice slid into his chair and took a few breaths.  Chief Helm Officer!  He’d have to write home about that, for sure.  He went through his status reports quickly.  “All stations report ready for departure.  Our science guests have been welcomed aboard and are secured in quarters.”  Another tap on the console, “Course laid in for Kaseas Colony.”

Harris sat back down in his chair, “Make it happen, Ensign Prentice…let’s get on our way.”  The Edinburgh flew into the unknown.