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Part of USS Edinburgh: Mission 2 – Wings of a Phoenix and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

Alive Inside

Pasari Moon
June 18, 2400
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Pasari Moon  – 2230

They had spent an hour working on the station and its systems.  Harris had called Chief Katsumi over to help them work on restarting the power to the base in order to restore the planet’s ecosystem to its original settings.  She’d went to work in engineering while he’d returned to the command center with several generators and his science officer.  While Okada worked in the depths, they worked on the base computer to export any and all data they could.  It had been a challenge given the archaic nature of the ancient computer systems the Romulans had never upgraded.  

Sadie Fowler had found it rewarding – part of what she had focused on in the Academy had been the various technologies of the past with various alien species.  Her fellow students had dismissed her interests and even made fun of her on occasion.  There was a familiarity with the consoles and how they worked. Ever since she’d stepped on board the Edinburgh it had felt overwhelming – so much to learn, so much to know, and so much to figure out as she was on the move constantly – her friendships with other graduates hadn’t been strong.  She’d been looking for those connections since she’d been assigned to The Tower stations on the bridge but most of her fellow crew had retained those connections from the academy.  She tapped the last switch and watched as the information began to transfer to the external unit she’d attached.  Harris was working on the station next to her.  She turned to him, “Sir…what do you think you will do with the assistant chief positions?”

Ambrose turned to face her question and leaned back in the chair, “Well, I don’t have much to do with it, honestly.  Each Chief holds an open application process and then they evaluate each applicant on talent, skill, performance, and everything else.”  He glanced at his console as the transfer continued.  They were still wearing their suits and he was ready for the life support systems to return to normal.  “You thinking of applying for Assistant Chief Science Officer, Ensign Fowler?”

She glanced away from the commander and focused on her console in an attempt to slow her stress at being asked such a direct question.  She replied, “I’ve found being on this away team mission…that I really do enjoy science, sir.”  She turned back to him, a look of concern on her face, “But I’m not sure I’m good enough…sir.  There are plenty of talented officers in the science department.  Sir.”

Harris chuckled quietly, “You don’t have to sir as much, Ensign.”  He thought for a moment, “I asked you to take over for your chief on the bridge because I thought you would be good in the chair.  That you were good enough.  Surely that has to mean something to you?”

She looked at him dumbly for a long moment.  Her mind moved to catch up and she sat up in the chair as she made the realization, “You…were purposeful.”

The CO frowned at her, “You thought I was just reaching into the pile of science officers and grabbing whatever one I got my hands on first?”

Fowler shrugged meekly, her face reddening as she admitted, “I…may have been mistaken.”   She swallowed, “I don’t think I’ve known you as a commander long enough to…know that, sir.  Chief Thasaz and the rest of the command crew…they work with you every day…I’m just on the sidelines or in the backfield…or whatever sports metaphor works for you….sir.”

Ambrose leaned forward in his bulky suit, “If there’s one thing you can take from this conversation, Ensign Fowler…it is that I am intentional in everything I do.  Some commanders and captains are brash…cowboys…or they rush in without waiting to ask the important questions…”, he sat up, “There’s nothing wrong with that kind of command officer…but I made a decision when I made Chief Engineer the first time – I needed to decide what kind of command officer I was going to be – Chief, Commander, or even Captain.  I’m a thinker…a questioner…I’m always asking the questions before I leap where angels fear to tread.”  He nodded awkwardly in his helmet to Fowler, “You’ll have to start thinking about that as you climb the ladders through science…or wherever else you study as you go.”

Sadie felt, for the first time, that a command officer was talking to her…instead of yelling at her.  All through the academy, she’d endured it.  This ship had been different.  Her chief was intense.  And now her CO was revealing himself to be a steadfast rock standing tall in the choppy seas.  She looked him in the eye, “Thank you, sir.  I needed that today.”

“Anytime, Ensign Fowler.”

=^=Chief to Commander Harris=^=

“Go ahead, Chief.”

=^=I’ve managed to cobble together a reactor that’ll work with their power systems.  We’ll need to recharge it every month until we find a more permanent solution, but I’m ready to engage the system on your command=^=

“Let’s power up the moon, Chief.”  There was a shudder deep within the base as the reactor kicked on.  Lights began to flicker as consoles began to power slowly but surely.  A few alarms started ringing out as each respective system powered up and began to once more do the work it needed.  Harris and Fowler watched as the command center soon returned to functional and the view screen flickered on with a view of the planet.  Harris checked the console, “Life support is coming online.  Wait for it…”, he tapped at the aging console switches until the screen displayed a green status, “We’re clear to change.”  He popped off the helmet and breathed in the fresh air as Sadie did the same, her smile revealing her relief.  They removed the suits and went from station to station to ensure the systems were working once more.

Fowler leaned over the main console that controlled the climate and weather operations, “Commander, I’m engaging the control systems.”  She flicked the switches back to online and waited as a deep rumble echoed through the station until there was a consistent thrumming beneath their feet.  Checking the screens confirmed it, “Control systems are nominal.”

=^=Edinburgh to Commander Harris=^=  The voice of Lieutenant Commander Courte spoke from his communications badge.

“Go ahead, Edinburgh.”

=^=We’re showing a power surge in the station…and a transmission of…energy now being sent to the planet?=^=

“We’ve got the base up and running.  Have our teams analyze the transmission from top to bottom.  Any word from the away team?”

=^=Last report was that the medical situation was dangerous and that our crew was feeling the impact from whatever was going on, sir.  Given the restoration of the moon, this may soon be alleviated.=^=

Harris glanced at Fowler, “I’m coming back to the ship…I’m leaving Ensign Fowler and the Chief here to continue ensuring the station is operating.  Signal the planet away team that I’m on my way to explain.”  She confirmed and closed the channel.  He picked up his suit and helmet, “You know what you’re doing Ensign Fowler.  Connect with the Chief – when we leave here eventually we need to make sure this place will support them until we get back here with a power solution.”

Sadie stepped forward and extended her hand to shake his and he responded in kind, “Thank you, Commander…for having the faith in me.  I think I got assigned to the right place.”

He stepped back and sent a message for transport, “I think so too, Ensign.”  He vanished in the bright beam of the transporter and she turned to the empty but alive station.  She quickly moved off to find the Chief.