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Part of USS Heracles: Call to Arm’s – Sundered Wings and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

Act 2 – Raising Action part 3

Beta Quadrant - Starbase 23, Heracles
MD - June 16th, 2400
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-Report of the Heracles-Acting Captain’s Log:

It has been two days since Captain Vax placed me in command of the Heracles once more. Just like the last time, we were attacked nearly instantly once we departed from the orbit of Proto II. During the time that we have spent at warp eight, I had had time to think about what the captain had said just before we had departed. I still feel confused about the death of my sister and the part that I played in the Archanis Operation. I need to contact our Task Force’s Commanding Officer as soon as I am able to.

Trever walked over to the ready room’s replicator, “Jestral tea and a small potato salad,” he said as he stood there and watched as a small glass mug materialized with the tea. Next to the mug a small bowl appeared, filled with a creamy potato salad.

Reaching in he removed the items and returned to the captains desk. After taking a small sip and a bite of the potato salad he sat there savoring the flavors of the two items as the thought about what else was needed in the log.

Captain Vehl needs to know what has happened in the Velorum Sector. I need also to inform her that Captain Vax stayed behind and has ordered me to make the supply run for the people of the Proteus System. We will arrive at Starbase twenty-three in just under an hour. Computer End Log.

Trever read over the log before he submitted it to the ships memory. A sigh left his lips as he wondered what the captain was doing and if she and the rest of the away team were ok. He shook his head when he realized that there was nothing that he could do about them at this time and that he needed to focus on the mission at hand.

-Starbase 23-Trever sat in the command chair as the Heracles approached the starbase. He kept his eyes on the structure as they approached. It amazed him how much it looked different from the command chair. Granted he had seen the base from the helm station, closer to the viewscreen, but this view gave him shivers.

“Helms contact station control and advise them that we are here to load supplies for Proto II,” he ordered the helms officer that had replaced him for the time being.

“Yes, Captain,” the helmsman said as his fingers flew over the console.

“Ops, set the ship to condition blue once we have the coordinates for the loading docks,” Trever said to Jonton, as he waited for station control to reply.

“We have instructions to proceed to docking bay delta 4,” Helms said as they looked back at Trever.

“Make it so, helms. Nice and steady.”

“Copy, Captain.”

Jonton’s fingers flew over the operations console as he set the ship to, ‘condition blue’. As the command was given then lighting on the bridge shifted from its yellow, white-ish hues to a light blue hue.

“Condition set, Captain,” Jonton informed Trever as he looked up at the other ships on the viewscreen as they passed them by on their way to the delta side of the Starbase.

Moments later the delta 4 dock came into view and the Heracles slowed down further as the nose approached the docking clamps. A gentle thud was heard, followed by an equally gentle shake as the ship came to rest in the docking cradle.

“Ops, ship-wide, please,” Trever asked Jonton.

A signal came over the ship’s intercom, which got everyone’s attention.

“This is Acting Captain Neif, we have docked at Starbase 23 to load up our cargo bays. As well as any open rooms on this ship. Furthermore, I expect us to be back underway in three hours. That is all,” he announced as he stood up from the command chair and headed for the nearest lift that would take him down to the cargo bays.

Moments later Trever stood near the airlock as the station’s umbilical attached to both the starboard and port airlocks on the ship. As the ships scanners indicated that the umbilical was safe, Trever unlocked the hatch and stepped out.

He took the nearest lift to the stations command center near the top of the central spire. As soon as his foot left the lift a Lieutenant walked over to him. “Lieutenant Commander Nief, welcome back to Starbase Twenty-three,” the Lieutenant said as they held out a hand to Trever. “I see that you have requested supplies for the people on Proto II,” the Lieutenant stated as they looked down at a PADD that they had in their hand.

Trever nodded, “I need those supplies yesterday,” he said as he looked the Lieutenant in the eyes.

With a nod the Lieutenant replied, “I have the supply and engineering departments already fulfilling your request. In the meantime our stations scans have detected some minor damage to your main deflector array and dish. I would recommend that while the Heracles is here that the damage be repaired.”

“How long?” Trever asked

“No more then a full day to complete both tasks; the supplies and the repairs,” the Lieutenant stated as they handed over the PADD for Trevers authorization code for both tasks.

He took the PADD and placed his thumb on the scanner and then entered in his code. He haned the PADD back to the Lieutenant and nodded before turning around to head back to the lift and the Officers guest quarters.

Laying in his quarters Trever thought about what the captain and the away teams were up to. His mind drifted to them fighting the Romulans, however, as he thought of this he saw his sister being killed once again. A sigh left his mouth and he opened his eyes to see the bland spartan room.

Sitting up he moved from the bed to the nearby desk.

“Computer, secured channel to Captain Vehl, the Commanding Officer of Task Force 72,” he requested.

A soft beep was heard and then a calm feminine voice was heard, “Channel secured.”

Trever watched as the logo of “SB-23” was replaced with “TF72”. It spun in a slow twisting circle as the connection was being established.

A moment later the logo disappeared and a slightly older Trill woman dressed in command colors appeared on the built-in desk monitor.

‘Lieutenant-Commander Neif.’ the woman paused for a moment before she continued, ‘Where is Captain Vax?’ she asked as she looked at Trever.

He looked back at the Captain. “Captain Vehl, Captain Vax is currently in the Velorum Sector, overlooking the Proto II planet personally.”

‘Why is she not contacting me?’

“She ordered me, from the planet, to return to Starbase Twenty-three to secure machinery and food supplies for the people of Proto II.”

‘Did her First Officer try to stop her from staying behind?’

“Negative, Captain. Commander Bettencourt followed the Captain down to the surface,” Trever stated before he leaned back slightly against the back of the chair he was sitting in. “It was then that a pair of Romulan warships entered the system. I came under fire as soon as I was about to leave orbit,” he said as he looked Vehl in her eyes. “I can only assume that by now a Romulan ground force is on the planet.”

Vehl nodded to Trever. ‘Anything else to report, Commander?’

“Nothing at this time.”

‘Good job, Commander, kept the fleet informed,’ Vehl stated before the connection stopped and the bases logo reappeared.

As he sat there he reached up and tapped his ComBadge, “This is Acting Captain, Neif. We will be departing tomorrow morning at 0600 hours.” He closed the connection to the crew’s Combadges