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Back Where I Belong

May 2400
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Izi stopped and smiled at the sound of the familiar voice. Turning to her left, the young Andorian security officer walked to the kiosk.


“Iziraa, I missed you. It’s good to see you again.”


“You warm my heart, Gren.” Izi smiled, her antennae leaning slightly toward the Ferengi.


“So where were you? With so many people being transferred to the new Ravens, I thought you were one of them.”


Izi chuckled. “Gren, you know more about what’s happening on the promenade than anyone I know. Besides, I couldn’t leave without saying good-bye first.”


“You’re right,” said Gren. “You were temporarily assigned to a different level to fill in for another officer that was transferred to the Sitacus. I’m just surprised they didn’t offer it to you.”


“What makes you think they didn’t?” said Izi.


“You turned it down? Why?”


“I like it here,” said Izi.


“But it’s a ship. A small one, but it could lead to something better.”


“I know, but for now, this is where I’m supposed to be,” said Izi.


Gren shrugged his shoulders and sighed. “To each his own. So, do you need an update on what you missed? Twenty percent off my usual fee for the next five minutes.”


“Why so generous?” said Izi. She was curious, as Gren always had a reason for everything he did.


“It’s a welcome back gift for my Iziraa.”


Izi patted Gren on the arm. “Maybe next time.”


“Hmph,” said Gren.


Izi was about to say something, but she heard what sounded like an argument. Even through the din of the activity on the promenade, it was easy to hear the booming voice of a Klingon.


“That’s Klagh,” said Gren. “His Bird of Prey arrived while you were gone. With the Romulan situation, things have been tense sometimes.”


Klagh was easily eight inches taller and one hundred pounds heavier than Izi. All she had with her to deal with him was a phaser on her right hip and a stun baton on her left. Hand cuffs were clipped to the back of her belt.


“Excuse me, sir, but you need to tone it down,” said Izi.


Klagh, who was loudly arguing with two Bolians about so many Romulans coming to the station, was initially surprised that someone dared interrupt him. When he saw who it was, he scoffed and turned back to the Bolians.


“Sir, I’m talking to you,” said Izi in a firm tone. Her antennae were pointing towards the Klingon.


“Go away, little girl, before I squash you,” said Klagh.


“You will behave appropriately or I’ll arrest you for disorderly conduct.”


At this, Klagh fully faced Izi, a scowl on his face. Bystanders scurried away.


Before Klagh could speak, Izi held up her right hand, her index finger pointing upwards. “I’m a fully trained and experienced Starfleet security officer. I know nineteen ways to kill you with this finger.” Her eyes were fixed on him.


For several tense seconds that seemed longer, there was a stare down. Izi was ready, but she didn’t expect what happened next.


Klagh let loose with a huge and hearty laugh. “You have ghojmoH, little girl.” Still laughing, he walked away.


“Sorry we took so long. Are you okay?”


Two other security officers had arrived.


Izi chuckled. “Yes, thanks.”


“That was one of the most amazing things I’ve seen since I came here,” said Gren once Izi had rejoined him. “I thought he was going to break you in half.”


“Nah, I had it under control the whole time. Thanks for calling for back up.”


Gren nodded. “It wouldn’t be the same without you.”