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Part of USS Sitacus: Changing Times and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

We’re Out There Now

May 2400
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Commander Matt Kirby, the new CO of the USS Sitacus, sat proudly in the command chair on the bridge.  It was the day the ship left Starbase Bravo to help in the Velorum sector and Kirby couldn’t be more excited.  The process to head out had taken time; there were briefings and intelligence reports to study, crew interviews, and learning the schematics and layout of the ship.  All necessary preparations, but now the real adventure was before them.

Looking at the senior staff, Kirby could feel their excitement as well.  At least all of them except for his XO and chief of security, Lieutenant Commander Sorek.  The man was Vulcan, someone Kirby felt he needed to keep him balanced.  The day they met, after accepting the transfer to the Sitacus, they worked together to fill the senior staff positions.  It also began the process of creating a chemistry between them.

In many ways, Sorek was a typical Vulcan.  After working together, Kirby got the impression Sorek had an underlying humor.  Dry, and most likely unintentional, but it was present.

The first person they chose was the chief medical officer.  The candidate that would fit the best was Doctor Lori Weaver.  A Human woman, she specialized in emergency medicine.  The Raven ship class wasn’t designed for long-term missions, so that specialty was most important.  Weaver had an outgoing personality, with a no-nonsense attitude, but she also knew when it was time to relax and unwind.

Nick Saunders was the chief engineer.  Good at his work, innovative, but a jokester sense of humor.  He was the person that would keep everyone laughing.

Haia Ohtani was the pilot, and in fact the helm department head.  Fresh out of the academy, Haia couldn’t believe Kirby offered her the position.  With so many people needed to help, officers were being given assignment sooner than they should, but she was one of the highest rated pilots in her class.  Kirby felt lucky to get her.

Though not a department head, Ensign Roger Allen came on board.  He spent several months on Starbase Bravo and was on one mission with another Raven, so Kirby was grateful for any experienced personnel available.

Fourteen enlisted were added to fill the roster.  All twenty on board had skills, but each was new to what they were facing now.  They would do their best, and in the end, that’s what counted.