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Tazzeths idea

12 june 2400
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After the all hands meeting Tazzeth was actually able to sit down at his new console for the first time. Tentatively touching and swiping his fingers over the console he brings it life..

Taking a deep breath. Ok well here we go. Let’s start by running diagnostics of the sensors, both long and short range. Tazzeth starts to tentatively and carefully type commands into the console looking at the information that starts to come up over the various screens.

Ensign Tazzeth, believe me you’re not going to break it. it’s your station. If you’re heavy handed on the typing it’s fine, worst case chief will just have to replace it whenever we get orders for new assignments. The first officer states as she walks around taking in the various stations getting a feel for the layouts and the personnel..

Thinking about the request from the captain for ideas on how to approach this mission and the possible blockade at the destination Tazzeth had an idea to start with. Computer, can we pull all data concerning scans both long and short range of the _____ system. Let’s go back to a few days before the star empire’s current issues. Key in on any information pertaining to what may look like something that has a possible schedule. Please send the data to this console.

Affirmative Ensign Tazzeth, would you like it sent as the information is found or as one package at the end.

Send it as it comes in so that we can complile the information. Can we plot the information on a map of the planet showing routes inbound and outbound including launch, destination, times and ship types.


Nervously starts tapping on the console, not on anything particular, just a blank spot on the console command area. Quickly glancing between the screens watching the information coming, from both the information he asked for and the results from the diagnostics that he started.

Computer when our long range scan start picking up the destination. Compile those results with known tracking results of cloaked Romulan ships. Let’s see if we can find these Romulans and start tracking them before we get there.

Affirmative, would you like that information added to the system history map.

Yes, let’s compile all of it on the one map..

Tazzeth sits forward in his chair glancing quickly between screens tapping on the spot he found on the console that was blank for the moment..