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Part of USS Sitacus (Archive): Changing Times and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

Finding the Crew

Starbase 93
May 2400
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Commander Matt Kirby sat in his office, bleary eyes staring at two stacks of PADDs.  To his right were files of people he was considering choosing to be senior officers on the Sitacus.  The PADDs to the left were people he wouldn’t select.  The problem was, the yes group was too big.  Matt was having a hard time eliminating anyone.

So many qualified and not enough positions to fill.

Matt was realizing, that if he couldn’t come to a decision on his department heads, how could he come close to being the successful CO of a ship responsible for his people, someone his crew trusted with their lives?

There was one name that had risen to the top of the list.  Lieutenant Commander Sorek, a Vulcan security officer.  The man had recently transferred to Starbase 93 after serving on a ship.  He was experienced and had an excellent record.  He would be perfect for chief of security.  Matt would probably name him as XO as well.

“That’s one,” said Matt, setting Sorek’s file onto a table next to his desk.

Hours Later

With a large sigh, Matt rubbed his eyes.  He had finished.  He had his command crew.  Now it was time to contact each of them and tell them the good news.

Matt paused.  What if one of them declined the offer?  The positions on the Sitacus weren’t orders, but optional.  Maybe someone he picked wanted to remain on the base?

Matt needed to stop.  If there was a no thanks, he would find another.  The first thing to do was to reach out to each person’s immediate superior, letting them know he wanted one of their people.  He needed to stretch his legs, so standing up, he grabbed the PADDs and began his trek.