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Part of USS Rhyndacus: Blockaded Dilithium and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

Promotion, new FO and first mission given

USS rhyndacus ready room and bridge
11 June 2400
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The command group enters the bridge of the USS Rhyndacus, S’Atilen stays hidden behind the group as to not draw attention and possibly let the surprise out of the bag.

Ensign Kr’Antren fron and center! All eyes immediately turn to the command group and then looks towards Kr’Antren as Kr’Antren comes to stand before the commander immediately in front of the view screen.

Lieutenant, publish the orders!


Ensign S’Atilen, put those boxes down and would you like to do the honor of pinning your brothers new Pip on his collar.

S’Atilen steps forward with a smirk on his face approaches his brother and adds the pip to Kr’Antrens collar. Congratulations little brother.

The command crew and the Rhyndacus crew file past Kr’Antren to congratulate the newly promoted LTjg.

One last bit Lt. I hear you are in need of a First officer; this is LTjg Talibah. All tall athletically fir human female steps forward. It will be my pleasure to serve with you on the Rhyndacus lieutenant. I approached the commander this morning when I was reporting for my assignment as I did not have a final posting yet. Guess they weren’t sure if they should send me to security due to my back ground or to science due to my education. The lieutenant (nods towards the commander’s aide) reminded the commander that you had a spot open for a first officer and I volunteered. That is if you will have me. (Hands her PADD to Kr’Antren)

Can we have a few minutes and we can talk in my ready room, let me read through your files and recommendations.

That will work Lieutenant, that will work just fine. Can you give me five minutes and meet me in the ready room?

Will do.

S’Atilen please join me in my quarters and bring those two boxes, I believe, I know what one of them is. Hopefully you got he right stuff this time unlike the last bet you had to pay off.
.Kr’antren leads S’Atilen into his quarters.S’Atilen places the boxes on the table in front of the couch and takes a seat. Kr’Antren reads the PADD that LTjg. Talibah had handed him
Yep, Saurian Brandy just as you asked for if you won the bet, the box also includes four glasses that the merchant said are meant to be used when drinking it. The other box was/is a gift from me on the new command and I guess now for you promotion. It is supposed to be from the mountains of Virginia. Tennessee and North Carolina what used to be called the Appalachia area. Its called Corn Liqueur also known in that region as Moonshine. Take it slowly with that stuff it’s strong.

I was just coming down with Ensign Tazzeth as he was my roommate and I wanted to give him a hand with his stuff plus give you that (motions towards the tables) and see you both off. Looks like you have a busy next couple hours so let me get out of your hair, don’t want to delay you from your meeting with the LT. Which I would guess your going to accept her as your First Officer by the way you’re reading and studying that PADD, plus to tell the truth she is not bad on the eye’s either. (Slight chuckle)

Ensign that is Not why I’m going to accept her, she definitely has the education and the experience for such a role. Reading this it looks like we should mesh pretty well and she has some strong points in areas where I know I have weak ones and vice versa. Should be a good command team.

S’Atilen stands up offers his hand to his brother. Yaaa ok, plus she is not bad on the eyes, I saw the look. I’ve seen it before, what was her name Tina at the academy and who was the other one or two from high school. Shakes his brother’s hand and see’s his way out, Kr’Antren follows and makes his way to the ready room and the waiting LT.
Enters the ready room and see;s the LT standing by the small port window looking out over the dock.Kr’Antren looks over his shoulder to see if chief Kaha is at her seat or not. (Under his breath) Have to admit S’Atilen is right she is not bad on the eyes.

Ok LT Talibah, one question. Why us? Why a star ship especially a raven class when it looks like you could have had it made taking a posting with security?

Not going to lie Lt I was just asking myself the same question as you were walking in, I expected it would be one of the first ones you asked. The truth is I’m not sure, it just felt right. My whole career so far has been around police wortk and while yes it would be easy to take a posting there it’s the same thing, I’ve done all my life. I want something more; I want to experience new things. Why else would I have left my life behind in Cairo with my family and friends all there? Why join star fleet, why yes originally it was for a guy but I could have easily puuled my papers and just went home. It’s the sense of duty, helping with those that need help and all that.

Kr’Antren nods his head as she goes on, only half hearing the rest of it as he looks at her PADD and taps on the accept button. Hands the PADD back to the Lt.

LTjg Talibah I hope you’re sure as I have accepted your offer and the paperwork for transfer has been posted. Since we are the command team, we can go around saying LT all the time how should we do this. I’m fine with my name when it is applicable or captain otherwise.

Well captain I’m fine with Number one, as that seems to be the “thing” for first officers or Tali. Same concerns in that regard on their use in the situation.
Right, well look over this info really quick, turns the console towards her it is our first mission orders came through while we were heading here from the Devron Fleet yards. The short notes are that we have a Romulan planet whom over threw the star empire leadership during this whole situation and now they want our help, down side supposedly there is a Romulan Star empire fleet or force blockading the system. We depart as soon as we finish up this meeting with the crew in a few minutes.

Looks at the console on the table, looks like quarters 4R or 1L are still open. I’m in 1R. which one do you want.

Well, Ill take 1L than, doesn’t make sense for both of us to be on the same side of the ship if something were to happen.

That’s what I would have said and chosen for myself if the roles where reversed. To tell the truth. Looks like we are on the same page, so far.

Hits the intercom button on his place at the table. All Hands meeting in the ready room now. Let’s get the day moving.

Watches over the next several minutes as everyone enters the ready room. File on in here folks its going to be cozy but this is probably one of the largest spaces besides the bridge for us all to fit into.
Ok I’m not going to get into the long speech I had prepared. This here sweeps his arm around the crew and room is who we got, this is our crew and, on a ship, this size it’s our family. We need to watch out for everyone. In case you didn’t meet her in my ceremony this here it LTjg Talibah she just accepted the First Officer position nods towards Tali. If it comes from her it comes from me. Loyalty, Duty, Honor, Trust and Family is what this crew will live and work by, simple enough, I think.

Next order of business. Couple changes to how things will work. Chief Kaha I want one security crewman posted on the bridge at all times, especially after your arrival chuckles heard around the room, Also I requested and got assigned an extra security crewman she will be bunking with the nurse. We are going to run two shifts sooo that means that Chief Ruz and Kaha and Ensign Tazzeth you will need to figure out a schedule for your people. The ship does have an emergency command/medical holograph so we need to figure out how to program her, yes, I said her as I see her as being the ship itself, any suggestions, ideas on that please let myself or number one know, as a side note the ECH will have the conn during beta shift.

Computer dim the lights please, ok folks here we go. Here is our first mission. Goes through the entire mission as laid out in the orders while a holo of a distant planet spinning in the middle of the table. Sooo as I see it right off, we have several things to look at 1. Where is the blockade located? And how many ships are in it? 2. How will those ships they handle a federation vessel arriving? 3. How do we get past the blockade? 4. How much help and what type of help are the folks on the planet wanting or needing? We took on full loads in the two lower bays mainly consisting of medical and housing equipment and lots of meds and food. But what else do they need from the federation? 5. How the hell do we get out?
Most of these have smaller areas of consideration with in them but for the most part that kind of sums it all up. Any questions? Looks around the room for some odd reason I doubt that you don’t. I’ve sent the briefs and the mission parameters to all of your PADDS and consoles. Look folks there are less than 20 of us on this ship, most of us are new and not that experienced in the wider scope of things dealing with what is out there the only way we accomplish our goals and missions is if we all work together as one team. The rule is there are no stupid questions or stupid ideas if you have a question or an idea bring it up either to your department head, the FO or myself. Everything will be listened to and considered, if you have more information or can give us the details on your idea/suggestion all the better. I believe for now that is all I have. Number one?
I’m good captain, I think you summed it up pretty well.

Ok folks let get moving. Ensign Yiv request departure as soon as possible and lay in a course at best possible speed for the Alth’ndor System. Let’s not break her getting there butt the sooner the better. Chief Kaha lets make sure the we have everything ready when we get there in case, we get a welcoming party. Ensign Tazzeth, I want long sensor scans as we get closer, I want to know what is out there before we end up in the middle of something we are not ready for.


Chief Kaha hang back a moment please.

Yes sir. I know what you’re going to ask sir Kr’Antren raises an eyebrow at that the only thing I felt was a lot of anticipation and nervousness from most of the crew. They are just eager to show star fleet and Bravo fleet and you what they can do sir.

Kr’Antren nods his head and looks at Tali, Chief, I’m not going to ask that of you to often but sometimes in situations like this we need to know if there are any major doubts or personnel issues that may arise.

I appreciate that sir, I here to help in any way I can.

Lead the way Chief Kr’antren motions towards the bridge door.

Sir, Departure clearance has been given from Bravo and they wish us good luck and gods speed.

Number one, choose a seat that’s not taken. As you can see its cozy in here.

Chief Ruz is she ready?

Yes sir

Good let’s see what she’s got

Ensign Yiv, I’m going to go with help for now on if its ok with you. Take us out at ¼ impulse. And don’t scratch the paint it’s crowded out there.
Yes sir. 1/4 impulse.
A few minutes of watching the crowded docking areas of star base bravo flow past the view screen.

Sir, we are out of the Bravo control area.

Thank you helm, set a route to the Alth’ndor System best possible speed without crippling us.

Yes sir, setting route now warp 6 looking at 72 hours sir.

Good enough. Helm, Let’s roll.

Kr’Antren sits back in his chair. Well folks we have three days let’s put out thinking caps on if you have something let’s hear it.


  • Really do like the story elements you've got brewing here Sean. The young, untested crew comes together, outlines the mission plan and what they need to know and account for going forth, each taking their respective parts of the puzzle away to work on. The start of a grand adventure here. I did find it difficult however to follow when someone was or wasn't talking however without the use of quotation marks and did have to reread some sections a few times to try and parse things out via context. You've got a good start here and I'm keen to see these characters grow and develop more going forth and to see how the crew of the Rhyndacus handle their assigned mission and the obstacles they'll no doubt encounter!

    June 18, 2022